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Trekking is normally scheduled for May-July to escape the summer warmth, but it will become a much more thrilling and adventurous experience to meet the snow-covered paths of these treks in February. Fortunately, we are lucky to see the powerful Himalayas in the ground with beautiful scenery, dense forests, lush wilderness, steep hills, and narrow paths, all to soothe the hunger for adventure enthusiasts.


Kedarkantha Trek: Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand.


The astounding Kedarkantha trek is in the delightful Govind Public Park and the Untamed life Asylum in Uttarkashi. It takes you through the rich pine backwoods and frozen lakes to the glorious Kedarkantha culmination, which offers amazing 360-degree perspectives on the 13 pinnacles of the Incomparable Himalayan Reach. While in transit to the headquarters, Sankri is perhaps the most beguiling and beautiful course in the lower regions of the Himalayas. You will likewise get an opportunity to ski through the chilly slants and appreciate the exquisite campgrounds embodied with the incredible pine trees. 


Har Ki Dun Trek: Dehradun, Uttarakhand.


The Har Ki Dun journey has the title of “Valley of the Divine beings,” and the travelers follow the very course that the Pandavas took to climb to paradise through Swargarohini, The mountain that overwhelms the valley of the Har Ki Dun. Gladly lying in the Garhwal Himalayas, the Har Ki Dun Trip praises the eyes of adventurers with amazing perspectives on wild orchids and blue poppies, thick pine and rhododendron trees, little villas, and various ice sheets and valleys. Witness the rich knolls and meadows of cows and ponies, just as the brief looks at unprecedented Himalayan untamed life like Panthers, Yelping Deer, Bores, and Langurs. 


Chadar Trek: Leh, Jammu, and Kashmir.


The journey was named after the formation of an ice cover (chadar) over the river Zanskar, due to the extreme drop in temperature from December to February to as low as 35 degrees Celsius. This journey requires a serious level of preparedness in terms of both truth and intellect, as adventurers need to pass through the frozen lake, even ice stones and stones at particularly awkward low temperatures, but alongside their pleasant mountain pinnacles and purplish-blue lakes in transit, Ladakh’s magical and magical landscape makes for the test,


Kuari Pass Trek:  Haridwar, Uttarakhand.


Get completely enchanted by the holiness of nature as the journey goes through the absolute most well-known explorer spots in the Himalayas, like the juncture of Devprayag, Bhagirathi, and Alaknanda, the perspectives on Nanda Devi’s pinnacle, etc. Likewise, experience the absolute most established Himalayan backwoods of Oak and Rhododendron, isolated by lavish glades and obvious path. Appreciate the stunning perspectives on the Powerful Himalayan tops from above Kauri and, as you return, get an opportunity to encounter the adrenaline-siphoning of skiing in a standout amongst other skiing objections, Auli. Every one of these reasons makes this trip perhaps the best journey in February. 


Nag Tibba Trek:  Dehradun, Uttarakhand.


By and large, the beginning of the trip is in February – April, which empowers travelers to appreciate the perspectives on some distant and pleasant towns in transit and to get an opportunity to encounter the way of life of the Garhwali public. Travel through the delightful and superb woods of Deodar and Oak and appreciate the marvelous perspectives on Kedarnath Mountain, Gangotri Pinnacles, and the Doon Valley from the culmination of Bother Tibba. 


Dayara Bugyal Trek: Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand.


The word Bugyal in the nearby lingo signifies “High height glade” which gives a reasonable image of the route ahead. The whole journey includes thick Oak trees, little void towns, and high height green knolls, and it is ideal to visit these trips in February as these glades transform into colorful skiing grounds and are enough safe for skiing as they cover white, gleaming snow and pull in a lot of wayfarers from India and abroad during that long stretch of the year. Catch looks at the Gangotri Reaches, the Srikanth Mountains, Paddypoonch, and Dark Top, and the eminent Barnala Tal, a little gem waterhole flanked by the Bother Devta Sanctuary toward the finish of the trip. 


Brahmatal Trek:  Loharjung, Uttarakhand.


What is unprecedented about this journey is that it is perhaps the best trip in February, when the snow is at its pinnacle and the climate is splendid and sparkling to appreciate the magnificence of the country. Individuals not just pick this trip to observe the magnificence and quietness of the Brahmatal lake at the highest point of the mountain, yet additionally the dazzling setting along the journey. In addition, what adds cherry to the cake is the huge, magnificent mountains lining the territory.

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