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Top 7 features of PrognoCIS EHR software

What is an EHR?

An EHR is an acronym used to describe an electronic health record. This is software that is primarily designed to take care of patient records at an independent practice, clinic, or hospital enterprise setting. Nowadays though, EHR comes with a number of other features. PrognoCIS EHR is one such software that is a cloud-based solution for practices that are looking to incorporate documentation, reporting, medication management, and more.

Features of the PrognoCIS EHR 

To learn more about the features available through PrognoCIS, read through the detailed list below. 

Optimized Clinical Documentation

A common issue with the use of EHR can be the lack of flexibility. Which can lead to inaccurate information being gathered. With a customizable EHR like PrognoCIS, you can collect the important data you need without being boxed into a standardized template.

Especially when visualized in the clinical setting, customizability really stands out as an important feature. Dealing with the stressful requirements can be eased with tools that allow you to enter notes without using predetermined templates. 

Use Customizable Solutions

The customizability of PrognoCIS isn’t just restricted to the documentation process. The entire program, the tabs, modules, and the appearance can be customized with the input of the entire practice to making it easier to use and adaptable for the workplace. 

New tabs can also be added to cater to specific areas of the specialty services offered by the clinic. Allowing staff members to locate tools easily. This is essential to manage productivity and improve engagement with the software. 

Remove What You Don’t Need

The greatest thing about using a tool that offers features like PrognoCIS EHR is that you don’t just have the ability to add new things, you can also take out the fields, features, tabs, and tools that you don’t need.

Not only does this aid in making the entire workflow smoother, but it also takes down the chance that a user will click on the wrong tool and send out the wrong information. This is also essential in high-stress or emergency clinics where quick decisions need to be made about where information is placed within the software. 

User-friendly Data Collection

The best thing about using EHR software is that the tedious and boring tasks. That you are tired of doing routinely can be automated or switched to user-friendly processes. This makes things easier for all practitioners and helps the workflow in the office stay efficient. 

With an easy data collection method, you can return to focusing most of your time and energy on your patient care. And take down the time to do paperwork. With the information collected in one place, it is convenient to share notes and important documentation with patients. 

Remember, you also have the option to customize notes. And collect data effectively using only the criteria that you need for your clinic. 

Report Data Effectively

Health Information Exchanges are bodies that require clinicians and practitioners to share. And report data such as health information, any research conducted. And various other health information criteria, using a secure message that complies with privacy guidelines. 

Using PrognoCIS this exchange can be made convenient, paperless, and an integrated part of data collection. This facility is available to both the doctors at your practice and patients to share information. Sharing information like this takes down the cost that it takes to provide patient care. And makes it easier for information to be gathered from various sources. 

With this feature, you will be able to cut down on unnecessary tests, improve the interaction between your practitioners and specialists. They can refer to while they provide patient care. And play a role in the creation of a healthy ecosystem of health data. 

Adhere to Meaningful Use Regulations

It is important for electronic health record software to support the practice. But this support should also provide for the needs of the medical healthcare providers working at each clinic. Dealing with compliance and regulations can take away from the time that practitioners have available to focus on patient care. 

Compliance with rules such as ICD 10 is an important part of running your practice. But the work that is needed to make this happen takes away from time that should be spent on providing appropriate healthcare. 

Using software like PrognoCIS, your doctors can forget about having to deal with the complicated requirements under each of these rules. And automate the entire process. The software can still work on making sure doctors receive all the reimbursements. And incentives they are entitled to because of their work. 

Manage Information About Medications

Medications are an integral part of the management of tools at any clinical practice. The doctors at your practice can provide the best level of care to their patients by having access to their list of medications at any time. And the ability to prescribe medications as needed. 

When you are prescribing controlled substances. The EMR also uses EPCS certified tools to manage opioid prescriptions as well as risk management. And substance abuse management tools to prevent misuse of controlled medications. 

Physicians will constantly have the details of medication history and any allergies they have. While also providing patients with materials to improve awareness about how to best use these medications. 

Is PrognoCIS EHR the Right Tool for Me?

Now that you know all about the features you can get at PrognoCIS, you might be wondering, is PrognoCIS EHR right for me? To get a better idea of the adaptability of this software to your practice, you can read through PrognoCIS EMR reviews. And even request a demo. Once you’ve seen how PrognoCIS performs in real-time, you can make an even more informed decision about how it will perform in the everyday tasks needed at your clinic.

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