Top 5 Affordable Air Conditioner in India

Who doesn’t want a scorching free summer? Everyone at that time went to the market to see and buy which Air Conditioner would be best for their home. If you have a big or a small room that doesn’t matter. Nowadays, all brands manufacture user-friendly ACs. If you are ready to buy an Air Conditioner and are confused about which Air Conditioner you should buy and also you don’t want a hole in your pocket then you are on the right page.  Buying a good Air Conditioner is not rocket science at all. In this article, we will briefly glimpse the best 5 brands of ACs in 2021. You can also check out the best 1.5 ton ACs too. For now, let’s get started with the first one.

Air Conditioner

  1. SAMSUNG 1.5 ton Inverter Air Conditioner

This Air Conditioner comes with 5 stars rating with a 5000 Watt cooling capacity. It has several amazing features like

  • Inverter compressor
  • 5 steps interchangeable cooling 
  • Copper condenser coil
  • Filter drying indicator
  • Dura fin 
  • Auto clean technology
  • Easy filter 
  • Triple protected plus
  • Dehumidifier

There are amazing features but I would like to give information about its two features. The first is Auto clean technology, which starts working after the AC is shut down, and it is amazing. The indoor fans auto clears the filters. This technology is not present in any other Air Conditioner. The second is Triple protected plus technology which prevents PCB from voltage fluctuations. Its shortest noise levels are 24 dB. This is amazing and no other AC has the lowest noise level as this has. It costs INR 41,000 with that you have to pay INR 1500 for installation. It gives you a 1 year warranty on comprehensive along with that 5 years warranty on the condenser, and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

2. Nokia 1.5 ton inverter smart Air Conditioner and Panasonic 1.5 ton Inverter Air Conditioner 

These two amazing ACs are the same because both have the same manufacturer. If you compare Nokia 2021 AC with Panasonic 2021 Air Conditioner then they both possess the same range. They both are 5 stars rated Air Conditioner with a 5150 Watt cooling capacity. Both these acts have the same features with different names. These are the features given below:

  • Inverter compressor
  • It has a Jetstream (cooling with up to 45 feet)
  • Custom-made sleep profile
  • It supports Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 2 stage filtration 
  • Shield blue technology 
  • And it controls Temperature by the app

Air Conditioner

The vital feature is its shield blue technology which is known as ‘bluefin technology’ in Nokia Air Conditioner which boosts the condenser’s life. There is one difference: Panasonic’s AC does not support Alexa and Google Assistant whereas Nokia Air Conditioner supports only Google Assistant. It gives the lowest noise level which is 38 dB. Nokia Air Conditioner costs INR 39,000 plus1600 for installation. And Panasonic Air Conditioner costs INR 44,000. Nokia and Panasonic give you a 1 year comprehensive warranty, 5 years and 10 years warranty on compressors and Panasonic gives 5 years on PCB and outdoor units. The major modification in the 2020’s model to the 2021 model is that it has self-clean technology. As my recommendation, you may choose any Air Conditioner because both are somewhat similar.

3. HISENSE 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Its dual mode 5 stars AC, comes with a 5200w or1.48 Ton cooling capacity. It has many common features like other AC but let’s focus on its two important features. Its health filters work as both air purification and air conditioning. Second is feel technology which inspects room temperature for and automatically modifies the cooling, because of that it saves electricity. It includes some features such as stabilizer free operation

  • 100% copper
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Wi-fi control, smart cooling, and self-clean.
  • It inspects leakage.
  • Consumes 865 units per year.

Its lowest noise levels are 34dB and it costs INR 34,000 for the product and you have to pay INR 1,600 for installation. It gives you a 1 year comprehensive warranty and  5 years warranty on the compressor. If you have its service network in your city then you can consider this AC for your home.

  1. LG 1.5 ton Inverter Air Conditioner

If you have a small room then you can run this AC on low efficiency, this is a 5 in 1 convertible cooling AC. When we talk about its features, It is a dual inverter AC, 1.5-ton inverter comes with 5100w or 1.45-ton cooling capacity. It includes some other features like

  • 100% copper coils with ocean black protection ( black paint on copper ).
  • It detects Low gas.
  • It does Stabilizer free operations.
  • It has a Flexible diagnosis system.
  • It gives 818 units per year.

Air Conditioner

It includes pros like excellent AC for coastal areas, Low noise levels, and low power. Such that it has cons too, it delays installation. LG gives you this AC for INR 42,000 with a one-year comprehensive warranty, 5 years on PCB, and 10 years on compressor.

  1. IFB 1.5-ton Inverter AC

It is a 5 star AC, that comes with a 5200 Watt or 1.48 Ton cooling capacity. When we talk about its features it has two important features one is that it has 7 types of air filters and the second one is Fireproof ECB that includes a small ailment that cools the air all time. This AC also works as an air purifier.

Some more features:

  • Dual inverter technology
  • Dual gold fin
  • Nanotech cooling
  • Consumes electricity (853 units per year)

If you buy this Air Conditioner, you will get a 1 year warranty on the product with that 5 years warranty on ODU PCB and 10 years on the compressor. If you pay INR 900 more, you will get a 4 year super warranty and 3 free services from IFB.

This Air Conditioner will cost you INR 43,000.

These are the top 5 most amazing brands in 2021 with their amazing features that you can consider in your list. while buying Air Conditioner Go through all features and choose Air Conditioner according to your allowance.


Before you buy an Air Conditioner, you need to consider many features. These features include brand value, cost, electricity consumption, effects on the environment, air conditioner repair, maintenance, and other high end features. In this article, I have put forth my opinion on the best Air Conditioners, these are the Top 5 ones you must consider. 

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