Top 10 Reasons Why Credit Cards Are So Popular in the UK

Credit Card: According to APACS, in 2004 we charged just £ 269bn on our plastics. Cash sales for the same period were £ 268bn. For the initial time in the story, credit card sales topped cash deals.

If it was not official before, now it is a way of living in Britain. Credit cards have become so popular in the UK in only one generation.

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Credit Cards Are So Popular in the UK Are:

1. Never living but living for today has become.

Today’s culture is more mobile – both social and economic. We have been hoping that we will have more relationship with tomorrow than today.

Along with this, it comes to know that the loan is less of a shame as it is an advance payment from yesterday’s money.

2. We are richer than ever in credit card history.

It is too early to achieve a culture that fills in part by looking at housing prices while keeping interest rates low. As a result, we are feeling prosperous and are able to take some debt in the interests of living a better life.

3. And then there is American influence.

I have to say. In the mid-90s, American lenders set up shop and started with easy credit terms and quick turn-around on credit card and loan applications.

With the advent of online applications and check scoring, now is the time for minutes.

Okay, you are saying that this has nothing to do with the popularity of credit cards in the UK? In just under a decade, aggressive marketing, more liquid debt and greater opacity have set the stage for credit cards to require a luxury every day rather than a precious, privileged one.

Credit cards provide benefits in so many ways that once they become easy to acquire, we quickly make up for a lost time.

4. Credit card ncrease in purchasing power.

A credit card allows you to shop now instead of waiting until you are saved for it. If you are realistic about what you can do, it is not beyond the means of tapping into your future savings.

5. Ease of Purchase.

A credit card allows you to shop in places where cash is difficult to handle for example tally or online.

6. Protecting your purchase

If your purchase is lost or damaged, you have evidence from your credit record that the purchase was made. It is very easy to get reimbursement with that proof. In addition, many card issuers ensure purchases made on their cards for up to one year.

7. Building your credit history

Using a credit card wisely creates a strong credit history great thing when you go to apply for a mortgage or car loan.

8. Instant Cash for emergencies

Cash advances make it easy to get cash in real emergencies – for relatives without bank loans or begging.

9. Ease of record-keeping

Credit card statements give you an easy record of all your purchases for verification when you need them.

10. Credit card benefits

Cash rewards and cashback and discount programs from various card issuers can save you a good bit.

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