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Top 10 Places To Visit In Georgia In 2021

As far as tourism is concerned, Georgia is a nation that does not feature much in the itineraries of most tourists. This silent country located at the lap of the Caucasus Mountains in Eastern Europe provides a plethora of components that rival another famous destination. Tradition and modernity meet here to supply some exciting experiences to people. Georgia has grown to attract over two million tourists per year lately. A significant part of tourists come to invest their time in the gorgeous capital city Tbilisi. However, there are unexplored gems too. In this blog we are going to share best places to visit in Georgia.

Listed below are the top 10 places to visit in Georgia:

  1. Sameba Cathedral

Despite its appearance as a medieval construction, the Sameba Cathedral in Tbilisi is a contemporary creation. Finished in 2004, It’s the sacred place of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Georgia. The construction is a mix of different schools of design, nevertheless sports a traditional appearance. It houses nine chapels, a lot of which are underground. Sameba Cathedral is currently one in case the main destinations within the capital town. Visit Delta flight cancellation for best travel updates and deals to travel in Georgia.

2. Anacopia Fortress

The fortress of Anacopia is an early army citadel dating back to the 2nd century. Situated on the Iberian Mountains in New Athos, it had been built to block the invasion of Islamists then. Even though it lost its strategic significance in later decades, it’s emerged as a substantial cultural icon of the area. From the next century, Leon I of Abkhazia defended the citadel from a siege set by Marwan II of the Umayyad caliphate.

3. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Located in the historic city of Mtskheta close to Tbilisi, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage website. The first church was constructed in the 4th century though it does not exist anymore. The church has withstood various attacks from Persians and Russians over the years. An important monument to the Orthodox Church, it’s among the hottest tourist attractions in Georgia today.

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Best Places For Couples In Georgia

4. Uplistsikhe Cave Town

Meaning the lord’s fortress’, Uplistsikhe is an early city of stones. Built on the banks of the Mtkvari River, many structures of town trace their origin to Iron Age. It was a substantial sign of the Christian civilization in Georgia, though it became abandoned afterward. Even though it isn’t relatively as abundant in decorations compared to other renowned caves, it’s still a brilliant instance of human willpower.

5. Vardzia

Vardzia is a cave monastery situated Erusheti Mountain on the bank of the river Kura. It’s constructed in the 12th century and was left for quite a while. There are several four hundred rooms such as several chapels. There’s also a cemetery and even a protection method.

6. Mount Kazbek

Georgia is located in the lap of the Caucasus range. Mount Kazbek, situated in the northern frontier of the nation, is one of the most significant peaks of this scope. Although not the weakest, the snowy peaks are a favorite of trekkers and climbers. It was first scaled in 1868. It’s also a seminal place in folklore. The region surrounding the mountain are protecting a nature reserve.

7. Narikala Fortress

Located near the Kura river, the Narikala Fortress is the milestone of the capital Tbilisi. It’s a very long history, with its structure dating back to the 4th century. Frequent strikes and natural disasters have led to its erosion; however, many regions of the fort stand there together with many stories to tell. Additionally, it houses the newly revived St. Nicholas church.

Places to visit in Georgia to spend weekend

8. Stepantsminda

Stepantsminda is a gorgeous small city lying in the valley of the Caucasus Mountains. The most well-known landmark of the town is that tourists seek out the Gergeti Trinity Church. It’s situated atop a mountain that can only be attained through a beaten track. Inspired by snowy peaks and more than its neighborhoods, Stepantsminda occasionally reminds you of a tiny Swiss city with its geographical beauty.

9. Lake Ritsa

Lake Ritsa is a developing tourist attraction situated in Abkhazia. It’s the ideal place to go for a picnic. Lovely mountains surround it, and the blue waters of this lake are a mesmerizing view. The property around the lake is deciduous woods and is a part of this Ritsa Nature Reserve.

10. Batumi

Georgia has numerous beachfront towns, and Batumi is the finest one among people. Situated on the Black Sea shore under the Caucasus Mountains, it’s the 2nd biggest city in the nation. A combination of contemporary and traditional architecture can be understood from towns and buildings that were fresh emerging because of the tourism. Today it’s an important tourist destination in the area in the summertime.

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