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Top 10 Destination Wedding Places in India

Destination Wedding in India

Getting married without a doubt is the most beautiful day in everyone’s life. This is the time when you and your partner can enjoy a new beginning together. What a perfect way to freeze this special moment at a better time than choosing a new place for your wedding. Let’s check out the top 10 destination wedding places in India.

Places in India for Dream Destination Wedding


At all places in India, which is considered perfect for weddings, Udaipur is always on the top and for good reason. Its clean blue skies, magnificent palaces, and breathtaking lakes make it the most spectacular setting for a grand ceremony. Rest assured your wedding photos will turn out to be super colorful and lovely! After the festival is over, your visitors will have a lot to do after they set out for adventure activities. Udaipur is very popular for weddings, so you have to ensure that Udaipur keeps booking well for some good deals. Ask the best wedding planners in Udaipur to help you in tying knots.


Goa is a perfect blend of blue skies, deep waters, and lush green greenery, and it is no wonder that it is considered by many as the best place for destination marriages. From November to February, the expenses of your destination marriage increase rapidly, while the monsoon season falls from June to September. Therefore, if you plan to enjoy your wedding in a moderate climate, September to October it will be great.


With a calm atmosphere, huge mountains background, and pleasant weather; Shimla has nothing for you. The best thing to do in Shimla is that the cost of a wedding isn’t as high as it can be expected, and with so many resorts in the area that help you get fully prepared for the wedding, you’re ready to enjoy your day stress-free. On the other hand, if you go through the winter, your destination will be less likely to be affected by the wedding budget.


The Lord’s own country is a beautiful wedding spot similar to the miniature of India, with the most beautiful background to make your day as memorable as possible. Kerala is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year, but the best destinations in Kerala take place between the marriages of October and March, as the season is extremely pleasant and great especially for outdoor weddings. After you’ve decided on a wedding in Kerala, you’ll have the option to take your resolutions to the hills, to the beach, to the riverbank, or to the temple where you will have many options to go that day.


As long as there are no roots in your city, Kolkata is the very opposite place for your wedding ceremony. However, Kolkata is a very living city known for its traditions, sports, music, spicy food, and rich culture. The sites and buildings built in the background of the wedding in Kolkata have themselves sufficient reasons to see the city of joy for your special day.


The Neemrana fort has been converted into a heritage hotel and is a place that matches the seven beliefs you’ll take. The fort, for a long time, has been regarded as the perfect place for photography, as it is the cause of fear. The fort has a striking balance on contemporary and historical aspects for which Neemrana is known and is well known as the venue for double the wedding. Keeping in mind its popularity, it is better to see you at the Neemrana destination wedding package where your budget is spent.


Despite being meaningful your destination marriage will be meaningful. The marriage ceremony on the Banks of the holy river could make the Ganges a very interesting experience.


Your marriage can never be more beautiful than Agra – the place known for a monument of love. Taj Mahal has an everlasting imprint of love. With rich Mughal culture, Agra provides the perfect atmosphere during your marriage. Agra, one of the oldest and most historic cities in India, does not need any introduction.


Pushkar is known all over the world for the fair. And one of the places for a budget destination wedding in Pushkar. The small town near Ajmer too is emerging as a very popular destination for marriage. Pushkar will be a great choice for you if you also want to add royalty to people in your ceremony. Know more about planning a royal wedding by the best destination wedding planners in Pushkar.


The Pink City of Jaipur” is the last place for those who want to get married to royal royalty. In the city there are authentic, decorated palaces such as the royal palace, Jai Mahal and Rambagh Palace.

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