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Top 10 Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers in Pakistan

There are many different kinds of ceramic tiles, and they are all made up of clay and other natural materials. The most common way to use them is for bathroom walls and kitchen floors in houses, restaurants, offices, and shops. Their convenience and affordability, along with the ability to clean and maintain them, make them the ideal option for numerous homeowners. Look no further if you are looking for information related to these ceramic tiles and their manufacturers in Pakistan. In this article, we will list out top 10 ceramic tiles manufacturers in Pakistan.

Back then, the most common place to find tile flooring in Pakistan was the bathroom and kitchen. Currently, the most common flooring type in new homes is ceramic tiles, rather than mosaic or marble, which was once the favourite choice. The reason is the prices of floor tiles in Pakistan and trends of people towards home renovation. It is generally less expensive to purchase these tiles when compared to other renovation materials. Therefore, the trend is on the rise of using ceramic tiles in Pakistan.

List of Top 10 Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers in Pakistan

Although there are various major suppliers of ceramic tiles, here are the top 10 famous suppliers that are holding a major market share of the tiles industry in Pakistan.

The City Tiles

The City Tiles is one of the major ceramic tiles manufacturing companies in this region. This company has four retail outlets, three of which are in Karachi and one in Lahore. City Tiles is home to a variety of architects, interior designers, builders, developers, and resort operators who entrust them to build beautiful apartments, commercial buildings, resorts, and high-end homes throughout the country.

They are well connected to leading tile manufacturers not only in Pakistan but across the world. It means they are able to provide valuable insight into the vast range of product options, which can mean the difference between an average and outstanding finish. You can specify the ideal tile for your wall or floor, indoors or outdoors, regardless of which colour you prefer, which texture you prefer, which industry innovation you want, or what durability you want from The City Tiles.

Pakistan Tiles & Ceramics (Pvt.) Ltd. (PTCPL)

At the end of 2016, Pakistan Tiles & Ceramics (Pvt. ) Ltd. (PTCPL) was conceived and founded. Here, the plant commissioning process has been assigned to the world’s experienced technical experts. This is why they are committed to delivering high-quality ceramic tiles and other products.

Modern manufacturing technology has enabled them to produce both wall and floor tiles that meet European Quality Standards. With PTCPL’s modern Technological Process, ceramic tiles will become stronger, tougher, harder wearing and durable, with a thick glaze, and so are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

STCL (Shabbir Tiles and Ceramics Limited)

This company was founded by “House of Habib” in 1978. This company was the first private sector enterprise in the Ceramic field in Pakistan. The Company is primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of tiles and trading of allied building products. In addition to its membership in the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, All Pakistan Ceramics Tiles Manufacturers Association, and Landhi Association of Trade and Industry, the Company is a shareholder.

The company manufactures, markets, and sells ceramic and porcelain tiles as well as other building materials. Its mission is to maintain its position as a leader in the Pakistani tiles industry by offering a wide selection of sizes, colours, and designs for both ceramics and porcelain tiles.


Time Ceramics manufacture ceramic tiles in China, Nigeria, and now Pakistan through a multinational group known as Time Ceramics. “Innovation, quality, and customer service” have remained our core values since 1995. Having looked at the Pakistani market in detail, this group has recently established a facility in Pakistan to fulfil the needs and satisfy the requirements of ceramic tiles in the Pakistan market. You can count on their dedicated professionals to help you create the perfect room from start to finish by discussing your tiling ideas and offering suggestions concerning arrangement, materials and maintenance.

Frontier Ceramics Limited 

It is a public company that is listed on the Karachi and Lahore stock markets, also known as FORTE. Ceramic Tiles under the FORTE brand have gained market recognition. Their network of authorized dealers in Pakistan numbers more than 60. Markets for ceramic products in FORTE have become highly competitive on national and global levels. The company makes industrial ceramics and refractories as well as floor and wall tiles.

National Tiles & Ceramics Ltd.

National Tiles & Ceramics Ltd has established a highly advanced manufacturing facility to produce split tiles created from a single, extruded tile. I is the first company in Pakistan to produce split tiles. TELES NATIONAL follow the Garman Standard as specified in DIN – 18166. National Tiles & Ceramics Ltd. continues to make innovations to the Ceramic Tile industry despite being a market leader and a productive innovator.

Karam Ceramics Limited

This company is located at BC-6, Scheme No.5, Kehkashan, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi. In Karachi, International Standard Ceramics Limited established in 1979 as an independent public limited company. On May 24, 1979, the company obtained a certificate of incorporation. Those looking for a complete range of floor and wall tiles can find it in Karam Ceramics Limited. Karam Ceramics Limited strives to deliver superior quality and affordable tiles to its valued customers in keeping with the brand’s focus.


A small facility was established at the Imperial Electric Company (Pvt.) Ltd.’s offices in 1951 to create electrical accessories. As porcelain insulators, chemical porcelain and certain kinds of customized ceramics evolve, EMCO strongly believes continuous research and development can meet their needs. It is not normally possible to allow large performance tolerances on insulators due to rigid quality control.

White Horse Ceramics Pakistan

Providing you with the most beautiful ceramic and stone flooring options is their goal at The White Horse Ceramics. With more than 50 years of experience in the ceramic tile industry, White Horse has created over 50 shades of colour and countless ceramic tiles.

Mughal Tiles

Clay Roof Tiles in Pakistan from Mughal Tiles Pakistan are famous for their excellent quality. Additionally, they manufacture and supply Ceramic Floor Tiles. Do you know why they are included in the Top 10 Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers in Pakistan? Because they make the best roof tiles and house building products by grinding the material into smaller particles and firing them at high temperatures for a longer period of time.

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