Tips To Stay Safe While Traveling

The point behind traveling is to step out of your comfort zone and live on the wild side by taking advantage of every possible opportunity there is to explore a destination to its fullest. But in all that you do, you have to make sure that you keep safe at all times so you don’t become a victim to scams and attacks that could happen while you’re traveling. 

So, just as NASCAR betting odds can be pretty helpful when it comes to placing new bets, we’ve decided to provide you with a guide on easy tips that you can follow to keep you safe and out of harm’s way while you travel. And even though we wouldn’t want you living in fear, because each destination will be different from the next, we urge you to always remain safe rather than sorry. 

Travel Tips To Stay Safe

Avoid Using Public WiFi

Access to public WiFi may seem like a convenient option in any facility, but while traveling, avoid using public WiFi because this is how thieves can hack into any information that you store on your laptop or mobile device. So, instead of using public WiFi, try traveling with a portable router so you can set up your own hotspot by using a local SIM card that you can buy at an airport kiosk or electronic store. 

Add Tracking Tools To All Your Phones And Keep Them Password Protected At All Times

Your phone contains a lot of confidential information like access to banking information, emails, contact details, and work documents. According to statistics, only 48% of travelers protect their smartphones with passwords and this makes them vulnerable to thieves that are able to access sensitive information. Another study showed that only 26% of travelers install and activate tracking devices on their phones. 

Even if your phone doesn’t usually have a password, be sure to activate one using a strong, unique password. Also, be sure to enable your device settings to allow for location tracking. 

Avoid Posting Your Agenda Or Location On Social Media

According to research, 68% of travelers post photos and status updates online, and only 20% disable geotagging on images. When you share your agenda and location on social media, you allow potential thieves to monitor where you are and this makes it easy for them to time you. Rather, take your pictures and post them once you are home. 

Only Bring The Things You Need

Passports are important for when you travel, but avoid bringing other things like birth certificates and Social Security cards. Also, avoid bringing all your debit and credit cards. Should you need to bring these important documents with you, then keep them locked up in a hotel safe or secure location. 

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Keep Record Of Important Documents

Should you happen to lose your wallet or get any important document stolen, be sure to keep a record of what exactly is missing. So, before going on your trip, keep note of all the important documents you’ll be taking along. This will help you make sure you can identify when something has been lost or stolen. 

Monitor Your Credit Card Statements

58% of travelers monitor their credit card and bank accounts, and 55% monitor their credit reports. When you monitor your accounts and statements, you’re able to detect any suspicious behavior in time. Though most travelers believe that it’s challenging to monitor their financial transactions, most travelers don’t see the need to check their accounts as credit card companies and banks are able to detect fraud in time. But it’s always advisable to keep records of your finances in case something out of the ordinary happens. 

Make Sure You Keep Your Home Protected While You’re Away

Before you leave for your vacation, remember to stop your mail delivery. When you’re away and your mailbox suddenly overflows, this is a sign to criminals that you’re not home. Also, by stopping your mail, you avoid getting your important documentation, like bills and tax statements,  stolen while you’re away. You can contact your postal service well in advance of your trip and request that no mail be delivered to your home until further notice.

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