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Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Cool in Summer

Who doesn’t look forward to summer? It’s a memorable time of the year filled with dips in the pool, beach trips, and lots of BBQs.

However, it also brings soaring temperatures that make you sweat and high energy bills thanks to air conditioners blasting all day and night. Without a doubt, keeping the home, especially your bedroom environment cool is crucial during the summer months. However, it can take a toll on your wallet as it requires high energy to cool the rooms.

So, what if you can keep your bedroom cool and still save money? From bringing in house plants to using summer friendly custom curtains, check out these cost-effective tips to keep your bedroom cool in summer.

  • Tweak Your Ceiling Fans a Bit

Sometimes, you may feel that the ceiling fans in your home push the hot air around instead of cooling it in the hot months.

If you experience this, consider adjusting your ceiling fans. Usually, fans that are not rotating counterclockwise will circulate hot air instead of cool air. That is because it pulls up the cool air and pushes the hot air downwards into the room.

To resolve this, reset your ceiling fan to let it rotate counterclockwise, so it pushes air down to cool the room. You can set it again to rotate clockwise so it can pull the cool air up and disseminate the hot air to keep the bedroom warmer in winters.

  • Change the Light Bulbs in Your Bedroom

If you use an incandescent light bulb, you will experience heat in your bedroom. This type of light bulb generates heat, which can add up quickly during the hot months. So, consider swapping your incandescent light for energy-saving bulbs. These will maintain the coolness of your room and also help you save on energy costs.

  • Leave the Balcony Doors and Windows Open

If your room has an attached balcony or a door that opens to the garden, open the doors and windows in the morning and keep them closed in the afternoon. By late afternoon, open them again to let the air circulate across the space.

Ensure that opposite windows and doors are open to let the air flow freely. If you are worried about mosquitoes and flies coming in through the open space, get a net to cover the windows and door frames.

You can get the coolest air into your bedroom at night by opening the windows at night. You can also leave it open all through the night to create the most relaxing surrounding that enhances your sleep. If you have sash windows, open both the bottom and top equally to let the warm air go out through the top and the cool air come in from the lower opening.

  • Block out the Heat and Sun

If you can stop heat from getting into your bedroom, you are sure to worry less about cooling your space during summer.

So, instead of leaving the curtains open all afternoon to let in the sunshine; close them, especially for windows facing the west and north. You can even buy some blackout custom roman shades that completely block out light and heat to not only keep the bedroom cooler but also protect your furniture from getting damaged by the UV rays coming from the summer sun.

You can also invest in awnings, large potted plants, or other external coverings to block out the heat. If you have the budget, top up the ceiling insulation and tint the windows to prevent the harsh sun from penetrating with its heat.

  • Bring in Nature into Your Bedroom

House plants serve multiple purposes in the present day. Not only are they used to enhance the decor of the room but with this excuse you can also keep them as natural coolers in your bedroom. CO2, which is a component of warm air, is used up by your houseplants, making your bedroom significantly cooler and also fresher. These plants also perspire when the environment gets warmer, cooling themselves and their surroundings in the process.

Thus, these are a great addition to your bedroom for both their aesthetic and functionality, and are also very much in vogue.

  • Swap Your Sheets

Winter is gone and summer is here! So, it is time to stow away your heavy duvets and bedding.

In their stead, choose cooling cotton sheets. It is scientifically proven that cotton bed sheets enhance sleep during summer nights. Since the sheets are breathable, they help you regulate moisture and temperature levels as you sleep.

You don’t get the same clammy feeling that comes with synthetic fibers with cotton sheets. You should also consider wearing light, loose cotton clothing to bed to keep your body cool.

In the same vein, during summers, you can also consider changing the fabric of your curtains to cotton as it is a lighter fabric and they also make the room look bright and fresher. Sheer fabric curtains are also a great choice for summer as they filter in more air and light and for better control, you can layer them with cotton blackout custom curtains.



Following these simple tips, you can easily create a much cooler room that saves up energy, electricity bills and also works towards creating a healthier environment so the next summer is not hotter than the present one.

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