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Tips to Boost Virtual Event Attendance with Social Media Marketing

By now, hosting virtual events has become a go-to norm. Over the past year, a drastic shift in event patterns has been noted. Marketing strategies around promoting the event and reaching the right set of audiences have been transformed completely. Digital mediums have become immensely popular to promote virtual events. Attendees around the world are active users of social media platforms. Thus, marketing events on social media channels results in reaching a diverse set of global audiences effortlessly. However, leveraging the power of social media marketing results in building excitement for your upcoming event and enhancing the event attendance and participation.

With the advent of the pandemic, the ways of hosting and promoting events have been transformed completely. Event planners are the quickest ones to adapt to the change and transform their live physical events into a virtual landscape. Additionally, digital marketers quickly grabbed the best social media platforms to market the upcoming virtual events to achieve the desired results.

Organizers host virtual events either to create brand awareness, introduce new products or generate business revenues. To achieve the set objectives, one needs to leverage social media marketing tactics.

In this blog, we have uncovered some of the most promising tips to boost virtual event attendance with social media marketing. Let’s get started!

Effective Ways to Boost Attendance with Social Media Marketing

1. Leverage the right social media channels

There are plenty of social media marketing channels available in the market, but not every channel fits your requirements. Be very particular while selecting a bouquet of social media platforms that best match your event niche to promote your upcoming virtual event.

Create an effective and different strategy to promote your event on various social media platforms. As each platform has its own distinctive specifics and set of attendees available. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube are some of the most popular social media platforms for social media marketing of your events and reach your attendees phenomenally. Leveraging the right social media channels allow organizers to build community, boost discussions, run marketing campaigns and drive traffic to their events effortlessly. Selecting the right platform for promoting your event is the key to success and making your event the talk of the town.

2. Use Hashtags to Promote your Event

Create the buzz about your upcoming virtual event with the use of effective and eye-catchy event hashtags. The posts on social media platforms with effective hashtags receive a lot of engagement while making your event reach the right set of attendees. Motivate your followers and potential attendees to use event hashtags while sharing or having any discussions about the event. Ensure that your event hashtag comprises your event name to attract potential attendees to the event. Additionally, promoting your event hashtags on social media campaigns makes attendees aware of the hashtags to be used while having discussions.

3. Influencer Marketing is in Trend

Today, there are hundreds of influencers available on social media platforms that have a huge following. There is something about those influencers that their followers love and follow them. Leverage social media influencers that best match your event niche to promote your event. The followers of influencers matching your brand requirements are likely your potential attendees. Influencer marketing helps in building community for your event. Additionally, you can even request your event speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors to promote your virtual event on their social media profiles. It will help in attracting a large number of attendees to the event.

4. Share Pics & Video Clips from Past Events

Posting pics and videos from your previous events on your social media page help in attracting attendees. Additionally, it gives a glimpse to attendees about the previous events. Thus showcasing them the value past events served. Sharing glimpses of past events helps in attracting new attendees who were earlier not part of the event.

5. Build Communities About your Event on Social Media

Build communities on social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin to engage attendees. Allow your attendees to have open discussions on social platforms about the event. It results in promoting your event via a social medium. Thus, resulting in enhancing event attendance and engagements. Take advantage of social media communities to engage with attendees and promote your brand as the leader, a step ahead of competitors.

6. Create an Organic Social Media Promotion Strategy

Brainstorm and create different types of posts for pre and post-promotions of your event. You can create posts surrounding event marketing campaigns, create excitement with giveaways posts, promote the event with the speakers and sponsor updates who are part of the event, or with the key stats of successful events. Create an effective social media marketing strategy for all the platforms and start promoting your event in advance months before your D-day arrives.

7. Run Paid ads on Social Media

Running paid social media ads for your event promotion on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, is one of the most effective tactics. It helps in grabbing the attention of your potential attendees effortlessly. Paid advertisements on social media allow organizers to run promotion campaigns keeping user preferences in mind. It helps in attracting users to the event and boost event attendance.

8. Add a Countdown Timer to Your Event Promotions

Creating a countdown for your event helps in boosting your event promotions and making your attendees excited for the final showtime. Set a timer on your Instagram stories indicating 2 days left or an hour left for the event. Do not miss out on any attendees in the last hour. Offer a chance to attendees to register 1 hour earlier to the event and boost the event attendance effortlessly.

9. Revel the Exhibitors, Sponsors & Speakers Participating in Your Event

The bonus tip to boost your event attendance is revealing the sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers participating in the event. It helps in attracting potential target attendees to the event by showcasing to them that the event holds much value.

10. Post-Event Promotion

Do not skip on post-event promotions. Once your event gets over, share your event success stories on social media platforms. It will help in attracting more attendees who were not part of your event. Thus resulting in enhanced reach and attendance for your upcoming events.


Leveraging the right social media marketing practices helps in boosting virtual event attendance effortlessly. The benefits of social media promotions are not only limited to enhanced attendance at virtual events but also result in generating better leads, revenues, and substantial ROI. Create a buzz about your upcoming virtual event by leveraging the power of social media marketing!

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