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Tips for Choosing Aluminium Doors for Your Office

Doors and windows are a very crucial part of any property irrespective of whether it is a residential home or an office. When it comes to interior designing, doors are among the important elements that help in making the property look and feel better. While designing an office, this is even more important as the aura of the workspace goes a long way in setting the right work environment for your employees. Without an iota of doubt, aluminium doors have always been and continue to be the top choice for offices. This article serves as a reader’s guide to choose the perfect office aluminium doors.

Quality of Aluminium

Ensure that the aluminium that is used for making the office doors is thick enough. Generally, high-quality aluminium is more than 1mm thick. Poor quality aluminium, on the other hand, is only 0.6-0.8mm thick as it has a large amount of non-compatible and inferior materials. Such doors will not be able to stand the test of harsh weather and time. After a few years, it will start cracking and deforming. So, it is important to check the specifications and profile of the metal to ensure that its strength and thickness meet the required standards.


Aluminium, as a material for making doors, has come a long way over all these years. Today, doors made of this metal can be customised to meet the modern specifications. The frame itself can be made thinner than that of their wooden door counterparts. Such narrow frames are unobtrusive. So, if you want to your employees to work in a well-lit workspace, thin-framed aluminium glass doors that can let in maximum sunlight should be your go-to choice. Doors with slim frames and large glass panes are trending right now as they suit both contemporary and traditional office settings.

There are different opening options for office aluminium doors, including aluminium sliding windows designs, sliding doors and casement doors. Consider the space available in your office and choose one of these styles as per needs.

Colours and Finishes

When it comes to aluminium doors for offices, it is available in various striking colours; choose one according to the mood that you want to set at your office. You can even consider different colours for the inside and something else for the outside so that it suits the interior and exterior accordingly. The door’s finish is very important. Most people choose a natural looking aluminium finish, though aluminium doors are available in glossy finishes, wood-grain finishes, and more. Opt for a finish that goes well with the rest of your office décor. Selecting the right colour and finish can compliment your office perfectly.


Security is a very important aspect to consider when choosing aluminium doors for your office. Look for doors that come with heightened levels of security features so that your office assets are safe. You can also consider adding extra security features and multi-point locking systems to these doors during the aluminium fabrication process.

Energy-Saving Glass

Most offices prefer to install glass aluminium doors. While choosing this kind of doors, ensure that you go for the right glass. For instance, tempered glass offers more security, while high efficiency glass helps in regulating internal temperature, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Hardware Accessories

The hardware accessories of an aluminium door generally include locks, hinges, levers, and handles. If you think these are not so important, you are wrong as these accessories are the core of any aluminium door. The doors cannot be assembled without them and poor quality of these accessories can lead to underperforming doors. Malfunctioning accessories will affect the door’s durability and result in defects. After a few months or years, these parts will rust, wear out and become loose, leading to poor sealing performance, water leakage, inoperable door, rattling sound and instability.

Good quality hardware accessories can lengthen the lifespan of these doors. So, make sure that you invest in aluminium doors with high-quality hardware accessories.


After taking the above tips into consideration, prioritize what is important when it comes to the design, security, quality, and efficiency of your aluminium doors. Factor all these into your budget when finding quotes. Also, consider the cost of installation and maintenance. Another vital factor to consider is that you should remember is that if the quality of doors you opt to install is higher, it will add more value to your office.

In a nutshell, aluminium doors are constantly evolving. You should consider installing them at your workplace to give your office a different feel and style. They are not only durable, strong and low maintenance but also have many colour choices to suit your office environment. With the above tips, we hope you can make a well-informed choice and get the ideal aluminium doors for your office space.

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