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Tips and tricks to refine your videography skills with a mobile phone

The videography (video production company) scene has seen a stratospheric rise in appeal over the last few years. This has been due to the significantly sophisticated camera phones launching every year, making using bulky video cameras to record videos a distant memory.

In the last year, videography using phones have ended up being much more popular because every single video production business shut its doors forever to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and the unmanageable increase in its cases every day.


Increase in at-home DIY projects

The coronavirus pandemic has led the whole of the world’s population to stay at home for practically a year now. While this led quite a great deal of people to rely on DIY tasks to kill time, other individuals decided to learn brand-new abilities such as cooking, painting, baking, dancing, etc. Phone videography has thus seen a recent boom in interest because of all the people newly finding out to shoot videos and edit them, either for work or for fun, while staying at home.

Videography At Home

Videography at home is something that has been delighting in a renewed popularity ever since the totality of the world’s population became confined to their homes. However, with a lot of video device stores closed and no video production company open either, most people have resorted to discovering some hacks to enhance their videography skills while remaining at house.

Hacks To Improve Your Videography Skills

There are some tricks of the trade that can help you be a much better videographer. Whether it is for work or satisfaction, being a great videographer by using family items or employing simple techniques to get remarkable results has its benefits. A few of these hacks are listed below.

  • Getting good lighting

Lighting that is utilized while shooting with a movie is incredibly pricey. Budding videographers can utilize any lamp they have lying around as light by putting a lampshade on it. This will permit the light to end up being more diffused and produce a more consistent lighting result.

  • Getting a dramatic background

Aluminum foil is an outstanding choice for getting a beautifully hazy background for your bokeh effect. The great thing about aluminum foil is that it is cheap and easy to use!

  • Diffusing a stark light source

Using any plastic curtain to spread the lighting so that it does not appear focused on one point only can be done by the use of plastic drapes used in showers. Positioning any light behind such a curtain can make any severe light seem smooth and diffused.

  • Making a camera dolly for your phone

A cool hack for phone videography includes utilizing 2 clips that are used in binders and a towel. The trick is finding a smooth surface where you want to have your phone positioned. Spread the towel on it. Then balance the phone after clipping it with the two binder clips. Then, with your give-out of the shot, slide the towel towards you to offer a smooth slide throughout the frame.

  • Shooting through a keyhole

For the dramatic result of shooting a video through a keyhole. All you need is to cut out the shape of a keyhole through some dark material such as black chart paper and then position it in front of the cam while shooting videos with your phone.

  • Blow-dryer for dramatic wind

This one is an old trick; however, if you are shooting a sequence that involves windy weather conditions, you can use a blow-dryer to attain the effect while your phone is fitted in a video camera stand. Adjust the clothes dryer speeds to get the impact that you long for.

  • Kettle to get steam

To get a blurry shot that does not look like it is totally out of focus, try the kettling technique. Bring a kettle to boil and after that put it directly under your phone camera. As the steam increases, it will release a subtly fuzzy impact that will make the video appearance very professional.

video production company

The function of these hacks is to convey that creativity is the only thing one needs to accomplish the effect that one wishes for while making videos with a mobile phone.

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