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TikTok notch to get more views and followers

Best TikTok hack to increase impressions. Learn what the platform wants and how you can use it. Avoid 0 impressions and one dead account.

More followers and views on TikTok

There is no magic to getting more views and followers. In addition to paying.
But by understanding how the platform works and what TikTok wants, you can create the best conditions for yourself.

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Why do I not get any views on TikTok?

There can be many reasons why you get 0 views on TikTok. It could be that your previous videos did not get many views, or that you did something that the platform does not want you to do.

Viewing time on TikTok

The first and most important factor that TikTok uses to distinguish good videos from bad ones is viewing time.

  • How many people watch the video from beginning to end
  • How long do those who do not see the watch?

If you have a low viewing time of your video in the test stage, the video will stop showing to more users.

How can you attract people to see the end?

  • Built into many trends is that you are tempted to see the whole.
  • Tell a story in some way.
  • Looped videos (beginning and end look the same).

You can have a display time higher than 100%. If all viewers watch your video from start to finish twice, you will get 200%. Therefore, looped videos can be a very good way to increase your viewing time.


  • Just upload good and thoughtful videos.
  • Create short videos (preferably under 15s).
  • Study viral videos and accounts

Likes, comments, and followers on TikTok

Next after the viewing time, TikTok measures likes, comments, and followers the video receives (so-called engagement). If the video performs well here, the video will be shown to more users.

How can you get people to like, comment, and follow?

  • Many people incorporate this into the video in a humorous way.
  • Spelling errors or other errors get people to comment (if you can handle the criticism).

New account

TikTok wants to distinguish fake accounts from real people. And so they do not trust the brand new accounts at first. Be sure to use the app as a regular user before posting your first video.

  • Watch some videos.
  • Like.
  • Add info to your cinema.


  • Create a new account and post your first video right away.

If you get more than 10 – 50 views on a video, you have come out of the first stage when the account’s possible views are limited.

The advantage of a new account

TikTok wants everyone to start creating a video on the platform so they have a reason not to make it too difficult for a new account.

Niche on TikTok

Let’s say you have a high viewing time and commitment to videos in a particular niche – for example, cat videos. And then start posting videos while doing dances.

Then these will get fewer views.

Therefore, it does not matter if you have an account with many views when you change niche.

When you start a new account (in the US), you get to choose your interests from these categories

  • Animals
  • Comedy
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Beauty & Style
  • Species
  • Gaming
  • Science & Education
  • Dance
  • DIY

See if you can create videos that are intended for any of these interests. They can be super-specific and subcategories to these categories.

You want to make it easy for the platform to find those who want to watch your video.


  • In niche per account

With a PRO account on TikTok, you can see and study this for yourself.

Your first 5 videos

There is information that TikTok decides how many impressions they will continue to give your Inflauncer account based on your first 5 videos.

  • Try creating a new account

If you went from having relatively many views to not getting any views at all, you may have done something that the platform does not want. Because your phone (IMEI number) is stored with your account, you should:

  • Create a new account with another phone

Inappropriate content

Most things say themselves. Nudity, violence, etc. will get your account banned fairly immediately. But you should also remember that TikTok is owned by a Chinese company. So they will be a little stricter with the type of content they want on the platform. Relatively harmless things can also limit your views. Try to avoid things that can be controversial

  • Policy
  • Religion
  • Swearing

Think about the content that goes viral and ends up for you. This is the type of content you can be sure TikTok approves of.

A TikTok account by phone

A regular user only has one account on their phone. To be sure:

  • Use an account by phone

However, it can work well with multiple accounts on one phone. Just keep in mind that your phone is stored with all the accounts and problems in one account can affect others connected to the same phone.

If you use a VPN

Getting your videos viewed in a country other than your own is not easy on TikTok. We tested VPN on an account we used without VPN and went straight from 20,000 to 0 views. To appear in another country on TikTok, you need:

  • A new account
  • Remove your SIM card
  • VPN

For companies and marketers, however, it is very useful to have a VPN on TikTok.

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