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Third Wave of COVID-19

This quote outlines how fragile and short a human life can be. The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected this thin existence drastically. Many families lost their heirs. Many friends lost their best friends. The presence of COVID-19 is one of the biggest threats to the existence of human beings.

Timeline of COVID-19:

On 18th January, the first cases of pneumonia were reported in the city of Wuhan in the Hubei region. The WHO organization took no time in taking the issue under investigation and analysis. After various examinations and case study the world health organization issued its novel regarding the cases by naming the book and the cause “coronavirus.”

The cases continued to spread from china, and the first international case of the coronavirus virus was reported in Thailand. This alerted many countries, and Africa was the first continent to respond to this threat. Several training sessions were held by Africa, being affiliated with WHO.

On 7th March 2020, coronavirus reached its first milestone of 100 000 cases; responding to it, WHO increased the threat of COVID-19 from an epidemic to a pandemic. The cases continued to rise, and Europe became the epicenter of the virus. The virus continued to spread, and on 2nd April, many campaigns were started advising people to stay at home. By 15th March, complete lockdowns were initiated. Many strategies were revealed by WHO to protect the businesses and economy of the countries.

The cases continued to increase and initially reached the second wave of the virus. Clusters of cases were reported from the south-eastern region, putting the state and WHO in panic. Strict lockdowns were implemented on the public.

Third Wave of the Virus:

As stated by the senior medical expert and legislative advisor Professor Jonathan Van-tam; The third wave of coronavirus in the UK is declining due to the results of implemented lockdowns and precautionary measures.

Van Tam, the deputy Chief Medical officer of England, availed a COVID-19 vaccine dosage to the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock at a vaccination hotspot set up in the science museum in London.

After taking the dosage, Hancock, 42, stated, “it didn’t hurt at all.” Later on, he gave a briefing in downing street regarding the vaccine administration that has been booked after the expansion of programs all over-42s in the National Health Service (NHS).

‘We are at very low levels, similar to where we were in September of last year.’ When Van-Tam joined Hancock for the Downing Street briefing on Wednesday, he said, “We’re running at just over 2,000 people testing positive every day as a normal seven-day average.”

According to the doctor, there will be a third wave in the UK, but it will be “only a third upsurge and far less important” if the vaccination campaign continues at its current rate and is successful.

Van-Tam, on the other hand, cautioned of upcoming “twists and turns” and said he expects “some degree of bumpiness” on the path to recovery, which would most likely occur in the fall and winter months. In the previous 24-hour span, the UK reported 29 coronavirus-related deaths and 2,166 new cases, according to government statistics.

According to separate estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), nearly 70% of England’s adult population now has COVID antibodies. It comes as the UK announced a new COVID vaccine booster shot program that will begin in the fall, with an additional 60 million doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines ordered.

We Are in this Together.

“The fragility of the human is also their strength.”

A snowflake might be weak, but an avalanche of snow with millions of snowflakes is not weak. The third wave of the virus is stated the deadliest wave till now. It is expected to influence the population and economy grossly. But it is depended on us on how we tackle the issue, just as Successful Ph.D. Student help is for  dissertation research without initiating any close proximity confrontation.

We should also abide by the lockdown and precautionary measures implemented on us. We should maintain social distancing, avoid crowded events, and keep sanitizing and washing our hands.

Final Judgment:

Before you buy a research paper UK is known for or a dream car, you would make sure that it contains all the necessary and the required essentials; you would take precautions so that there are no complications in the future. In the same way, we should be just as mindful of COVID-19 as well. We hope for your better health during these tough times.

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