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Things You Should Know About Consumer Unit Replacement Services

We all know a consumer unit is a distribution board that controls the electrical supply throughout the building. It has 3 major components: – the main switch, the residual current devices, and the circuit breakers. This part is the main unit and taking care of it is our duty. The consumer unit replacement services in London are really good and efficient, especially at our Electric Works London. Make it a point to check all the connections and cables of the consumer unit of the building you stay in whenever possible.

There are many reasons why homeowners change the consumer units. It can be that the consumer unit is old and cannot comply with the present regulations. Or maybe it needs rewiring or refurbishing. Moreover one should replace old consumer units at least once in a decade. Whatever the reason may be, call the consumer unit replacement service for better work.

Whatever may be the reason there are few things which electrical contractor should consider and they are: –

  • Clients do not have the proper training to be an electrician: your client might work for a giant company or is an intelligent person regardless of how intelligent he is he is not a professional electrician and do keep this in mind. He may not be aware of the consumer unit and all its issues. Hence the Electric Works London always encourages our clients to have an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) before we start off with the consumer unit replacing work. This is because we get to know that the latest regulations of the local authorities are met. Educating the clients is a part of our duty.
  • Replacing the consumer unit: all the electricians know that at least once the consumer box is upgraded for any reason. It is not possible to continue with the same box for years. Every human being has a tendency to change their electrical fitting once in a while. So, it is always advisable to call the same person for doing this work, then he will remember what he had done previously. Most of the time electricians of London explain to the client before starting off with the project that the consumer unit will serve for a certain period of time and clients should be comfortable to handle any addictions of changes in the circuit layout in the coming years.
  • Good circuits and their separation: in order to specify the circuit protection which will be better for the client’s property it is really important to ascertain which circuit needs consideration with respect to the RCD. Some of the high-priority circuits are the security systems and the smoke alarms but for every client this is different. For some clients, it may be the freezer or the computer he is working on.

What kind of consumer unit is used all the time?

Few factors every electrician remembers before installing a consumer unit and that is the circuits, different types of circuit and also the budget of the client. The 3 main models of consumer unit are: –

  1. Fully loaded consumer unit
  2. Main switch consumer unit
  3. High integrity consumer unit

Most of the time consumer replacement unit work happens during the odd hours, mostly when we do not expect it. This is the time you can call us, immediately we will send our staff to your place. Our staff carries all the necessary items to finish the work quickly so that the family members stay comfortably.

Maintaining the electrical consumer unit of your property: 

much like all the devices this also requires regular maintenance so that it is free from any kind of danger. People should consider this part as of utmost importance. If the consumer unit of the building is in plastic then there can be warning signs which will indicate that danger can arise soon like regular tripping. Another sign when you should call for professional help is when you can hear crackling sounds coming constantly from the consumer unit. This sound happens due to arcing. Arching is a process in which electricity jumps from one connection to the other. Do not touch the consumer unit at this point. You might think you can fix this issue but please do not try it on your own. Wait for a professional electrician to come and solve the matter. Many times, the common man tries to fix it and they fail. On top of that, they hurt their body parts, get electric shocks, and so on.

Check for visual defects: take time to see every few months whether the consumer unit is in good condition or not. This will not be possible for a layman to do so please call an electrician in your area for help.

See these points for your own safety: –

  • Check whether the cover is secure or not
  • See whether all the parts of the consumer unit it covered properly
  • Are all the electric wires in good condition?
  • Is there any burning smell coming from the plastic?

If you think you are staying in an old property before shifting kindly check the electric connection. You might want to fit some extra lights or devices so it is better to check the wire and cords so that there can be no problem in the future. If we try, we can save ourselves and our property from catching fire. For this, the best person is a professional electrician who will guide you accordingly.

We provide extensive training to our employees on consumer unit replacement and this is because very frequently the government changes its rules and we feel that all our electricians should know about it. We maintain a good relationship with all our clients. They blindly trust our work as they know we are not going to fool them by charging extra. Our electricians never add extra accessories to earn more money. They purchase what they need as in what will be good for the property’s electric connection.

Nicholas Hartley

Nicholas Hartley is a very professional writer. Aside from blogging, he also gathers knowledge about health, home improvement, lifestyle, education and many more. He loves to bring all that valuable data together on his blogs and serve to make people conscious.

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