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The various benefits of pets for humans

Having pet is good for the heart

In the literal sense, as in the figurative sense because our little ones protect us reduce our risk of developing cardiovascular disease: stroking a pet gives us a feeling of well-being, endorphins are then produced in our body. The levels of adrenaline and corticosteroids are lowered, the heart rate decreases, breathing slows down.

These processes reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Pets stimulate our immune defenses

Having a dog or a cat at home reduces the risk of developing certain illnesses such as the flu or the common cold. Children who have pets suffer less from respiratory infections and ear infections. They consume fewer antibiotics than others. Animals reduce the risk of allergy and asthma in children. Babies and children who are fortunate enough to grow up with a cat or a dog. Especially during the first year of their life, are at lower risk of allergy or asthma than others.

Having an animal is good for the mind!

Everyone knows that animals calm us down, reassure us, and promote our social life: they are often the subject of our discussions with neighbors, friends or acquaintances. They lower the risk of depression and help us get through life’s challenges. As a result, they make it possible to reduce expenditure on psychotropic drugs…

Having an animal is good for the line!

Dog owners have a reduced risk of obesity due to an increase in their physical activity to go for a walk with their companion. It seems that even people who have cats would exercise more than others: the cat would communicate its energy to us and give us the spirit to move and play sports. Animals also have a regulatory effect on bulimic behavior from which some people suffer.

Animals promote the good psychological development of our toddlers!

Caring for an animal, feeding it, walking it, petting it and giving it affection helps children to increase their self-confidence. The animal represents at the same time his confidant, his play partner, his accomplice. The pet is also an element of appeasement and safety for the little ones. It has a stabilizing effect on their psychological development.

Animals help the sick to heal and the elderly to feel better.

Rest homes that allow pets to have their medication reduced. In addition to the benefits on physical well-being, the presence of a cat or a dog soothes, reassures, and calms. It is undeniable psychological support for an elderly person.

For people with serious illnesses

Having a pet helps them fight to heal. The concept of animal therapy is also well known: it is about curing or improving the condition of certain patients through contact with animals.

The benefits of owning a pet

The pets bring a host of benefits and enrich the life of their owner. Here we’ll take a look at the benefits of owning a pet and why your dog or cat has become a full member of your family.

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 Fellowship with your dog or cat

Having an animal in your life means having company. Your dog or cat will always be there for you, without judging you without passing judgment on what you are doing. They have unconditional love for their masters.

Benefits for children of having a pet

The animals can be particularly good companions for children. If a child has difficulty expressing himself in front of a person, he will do so more easily in front of his dog or cat. Children have this reaction because they see pets as their peers and not just an animal.

In addition, children who grew up with pets at home are less sensitive to various allergies such as asthma or eczema.

Be responsible for your pet

The animals help to be responsible. Most animals have a routine, dogs wait for their bowl at a fixed time, as soon as it is time to walk, and they will be waiting for you by the door. These kinds of habits can give a purpose to the day and empower children.


Having a pet is very positive. Your dog or cat will always be there to put you in a good mood. Indeed they are affectionate and only want you to be happy. Stroking an animal is very calming.

Health Benefits of a Dog or Cat

Pets can also protect your health. Many people who are stressed, sad or angry for a period of time are susceptible to health problems. And since dogs or cats are calming, pet owners suffer less from heart disease.

Likewise for people who have had a heart attack will live longer if they own animals, especially a dog, because they are required to exercise to walk their dog or to play with.


Animals provide opportunities to meet new people, on walks, on a trip to the vet or at animal events.

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They make us in a good mood

The good humor of animals is so contagious! Having a pet has been proven to make you happier. Their company makes you feel less alone. They can even make you more outgoing and outgoing in public!

An animal that shares your daily life has only one goal: to see you happy! Even if you don’t speak the same language, know that what probably makes your pet the happiest is being in your company. 

They keep us fit

Well, maybe a little less for cats, but for dogs, they take you outside every day! Whether it’s going for a short walk or going to play catch a ball at the local park, the dogs keep you fresh and keep you moving a little more every day. Two outings a day with your pet probably won’t replace a workout at the gym, but it’s still a great way to burn off energy outdoors.

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