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The Tips for Lightening Hair Treatment and Other Various Hair Related Treatments

Have you all undergo the lightening hair treatment? If no, then give a try. There are plethora of factors have been associated with this treatment that gives unexpected benefits to your hair growth.

If you’re a natural blonde or a stunning brunette, you’ve already considered changing your hair color at some point. Depending on the procedure you use, you can lighten your hair a little, a lot, or dramatically. However, the outcome is determined by the color of the foundation. Lightening any or more of your strands is a great way to give your mane a sunkissed dimension without going too dark for your hair dye. So how do you go about doing it?

Here are few ideas about the lightening hair treatment from the professionals like whether you’re applying highlights, opting for a chic ombre, or planning a complete beach-blonde transition.

Selecting the base color 

The first move in lightening your hair is to figure out what color it is naturally. This is achieved with the aid of a “tone map,” which varies from black to very light blond on a scale of one to ten. Every number has a tonal difference of one tone:

  1.  black
  2.  dark brown
  3.  darkest brown
  4.  dark blond
  5.  medium brown
  6.  light brown
  7.  blond
  8.  light blond
  9.  very light blond
  10.  very very light blond

Choose the right method for your hair

There are many different options to lighten the hair, including bleach, paint, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice. If your hair is dark or you want a more dramatic change, bleach would almost certainly be needed. Bleach can be very harmful, and if your hair is naturally black. It is possible to end up with undesirable red or orange tones. A skilled stylist may create the ideal approach for lightening dark hair without adding artificial warm tones.

Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, chamomile tea, cinnamon and honey, and other natural bleaching agents can lighten hair softly and naturally with minimal effect. The effect would be amplified by the sun’s rays, resulting in faint, sunkissed highlights.

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Lightening hair treatment for every hair and look

If you have a brown base color and choose to go bright blond, the only option is to use all-over bleach. It’s the only method for lightening natural hair by up to six-color tones or removing a prior color treatment before recoloring.

  • Super-lightening color therapy allows you to lighten your foundation by 3 to 5 tones and replace your brown hair with light blond or even very light blond hair for a less drastic transition.
  • Balayage provides an enticing sun-kissed appearance in hair by interplaying very fine, translucent highlights in the hair for a much more subtle look. This technique is best used for light brown or blond hair.
  • If you want to add dimension to your hair, highlights enable you to change the strength of which it is lightened. Depending on the degree of contrast required, they may be more or less pronounced.

Will you lighten your hair without bleaching it?

The interior of the hair fiber is bleached. The amount of lightning is determined by the amount of time the substance is left in after application. After that, a polish or stain cream should be used to achieve the perfect blond hue. But can you lighten your hair without bleaching?

Super-lightening color care makes it easy to lighten hair without resorting to bleaching: it’s smoother and faster, and it allows you to go 3 to 5 tones lighter with a single stage.

Super-lightening color therapy is less drastic than bleaching, but it also changes the texture of the hair. It’s a decent alternative to bleaching if you want blond hair.

Where do you get it done?

There are several brands on the market today that sell lightning formulas, highlighting, and balayage kits that can be used at home. If you’re a brunette, you’ll need the help of a hairstylist or colorist if you want to go blond. If your hair is either bleached or natural white, a home kit may be worth trying.

Care your Lightened Hair like a baby

Your hair will require some extra TLC if you use a toxic bleach and peroxide solution or a natural lightener like lemon juice.

Purple shampoo can prevent brassiness from appearing in your freshly lightened locks. Blonde hair is more vulnerable to dryness and breakage, so use a repairing mask for blonde hair after washing it to help reinforce and secure broken strands for a smoother, healthier blonde.

Dial-up for an appointment

We the Dominics Hairdressing are here to treat your hair and turn you into a beautiful princess. We have the best-certified lightening hair treatment specialist who stays with you in your hair lightening journey and brings out the dream hair for you. Just call for an appointment through our website link Dominics Hairdressing.


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