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The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have — Terrarium Team Building

Ever dreamt of having an extremely relaxing day out with your colleagues in which you do not talk about work at all but do as you please and forget all your worries? Fear not, because the perfect idea for that is here — Terrarium team building

If you, like many others, are wondering what Terrarium team building is, how it affects us, what we can do while performing that activity and many similar things, read through the following text to get all your answers.


Why We Can Take Up Terrarium Building

Terrarium building is an extremely soothing pastime that allows persons who are tired or bored of their workspaces to build a small jar full of tiny plants to decorate their work or living spaces with. They can do this while partnered with their colleagues so that it allows them to understand their coworkers better, make new friends and enjoy themselves in the process.

How is it a team-building activity?

The question that arises is, how is terrarium building a team-building activity? The answer to that is that terrariums can be built in conjunction with other people who are mostly always coworkers and colleagues, and it is a soothing group activity that can be done as part of a team-building workshop.

What makes terrarium building interesting?

There are several things that make a terrarium building interesting, some of which are described below.

  • The instructor can tell you the different characteristics of all the little plants that you choose for your terrarium. This can be a good opportunity to allow the inner horticulturist in you to make an appearance.
  • You can also learn the different meanings attached to flowers and plants. And use them to your advantage to gift to a friend, lover or colleague.
  • Terrarium building requires a certain delicacy and grace that comes with practice. Learning how to build terrariums is a very interesting pastime.
  • You can also add little non-plant accessories like ceramic statues and pebbles. In your terrarium to make it more interesting and give it a more lifelike feel.
  • They make excellent gifts for people who enjoy handmade presents that show how much a person cares for them. You can add different notes and cards to the terrarium to personalize it according to the person’s needs.

Why is it a good team-building activity?

So, what is it about terrarium building that makes it a good team-building activity?

Well, there are several things that go to show that it is an excellent pastime. But the most important ones are highlighted below.

  • It is a soothing activity that is preferable in groups that suffer from physical tiredness due to their work. Tiring, noisy games such as paintball, etc. exhaust the person more than they make them happy.
  • If companies truly wish to make colleagues more attenuated to each other’s personalities and moods. This is the workshop for them as this allows them to work in close proximity during which they can also make conversation and understand each other better. This will serve to make them better coworkers who are empathetic and kind to each other.
  • It does not require the participants to be outdoors. Conditions such as the weather, allergies and temperature prevent people from fully enjoying themselves outdoors. 

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