The latest trend in the Cricket world: Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a game that allows its fans and enthusiasts to put their cricket knowledge to the test. Beyond enjoyment, these competitive games also present an option for users to earn money.

The introduction of Fantasy Cricket in itself has grown in importance, with lucrative income opportunities and time-saving innovations for anyone involved in fantasy leagues.

The craze for Fantasy cricket is getting more and more popular, thanks to the T20 format and various engagements worldwide.

The Fantasy genre has grown exponentially.

Here are 10 of the newest trends and takeaways to get you caught up to speed on how popular this genre has become.

1. Fantasy cricket game sees increased traffic

Online fantasy brings in large revenues across the globe. These games are constantly changing with unique formats, new team rankings, and unique approaches to scoring points.

It has seen tremendous growth rates in the past few years, especially in India.

With estimates predicting 50 million players in the next few years, it is inevitable that this trend will continue to experience success.

2. Females can be just as passionate about cricket

With the proliferation of numbers of female cricket followers, the challenge while playing the game is just not met.

It has allowed females to maintain their interest in the game, and enjoy it online through competition and prize money.

3. Playing Fantasy cricket games on mobile phones & tablets

More people are now turning to their smartphones & tablets to play Fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket is a common, exciting game for many fans of the sport.

While many play the game online with a laptop or computer, among the latest trends are those that can be played on our phones & tablets.

4. Helps people get a daily gaming experience

Fantasy sports, like fantasy cricket, are on the rise. With the well-known AIO Games, serious participants are playing more– there has been an increase in players to almost 12 million.

Fantasy cricket also offered the opportunity for participants to accumulate cash prizes and other freebies, enticing them to devote their time.

5. People are now playing online versions of the popular Fantasy cricket instead of playing the standard offline version.

Cricket Fantasy league is an exciting way to experience a relaxing sport. Two of the most popular Fantasy Cricket variants are T20 and ODI.

Daily fantasy gaming is also a timely trend. One of the latest Cricket Fantasy leagues is the Indian T20 League and BBL (in Australia).

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6. Players are familiar with their experience and the insights gained through their game.

All of us love cricket. Fantasy cricket has become the fastest growing online sport because it lets gamer use their abilities to manage their favorite players in a game where risks are rewarded, through social media posts and posts on blogs pertaining to their favorite players. It’s seen as more than just mere daydreaming.

7. Apps make gaming easy

Discover the top fantasy games in phone apps for brighter, more intimate gameplay with its popularity increasing due to games being introduced.

However, the trend is not prevalent in areas with poor internet connections and slow smartphone processors.

With gaming apps like AIO Games, developers are at the giant scale of getting upgrades to make games accessible worldwide.

8. Get in on the fun with different Leagues

It is an internationally popular game with millions of players worldwide.

The game features a variety of leagues and matches; furthermore, there are several contests to choose from which make this game one of the most current trends.

9. Get a rundown of the rewards

With an hour of cricket played, the players will become much better (or worse) at play. They can compete at a level with other players who have spent hours playing the game.

Players who start playing for fun have a higher likelihood of winning BIG with their skills and passion versus players who are just doing fantasy games.

As an added bonus, joining the AIO Games platform is safe, secure, and trusted.

10. Applications for Fantasy games are on the rise

Understand how people are using new applications to play cricket. To create an effective Fantasy Cricket application that attracts visitors, there are certain features that the application must contain.

By following the latest trend of an engaging Fantasy Cricket experience.

AIO Games, a company that develops a variety of online games, has come a long way with the improvement of sound effects and animations for players to feel on their screens.

Conclusion –

Fantasy Cricket is slowly growing into one of the most likeable games across India. All one requires is a bit of skill and tactical know-how to ensure he/she wins aplenty as far as real money is concerned.

A gamer should have a sound judgement and calm personality to play fantasy cricket.

When forming a fantasy XI, make sure you have understood the rules of the game and the players itself, to go far in the contest.

Plus, while creating his/her cricket team, one should keep in mind that a maximum limit of 6 players from one team can be selected & the remaining from the other.

Make sure to pick players that have been form in the current games as well as choose all-rounders that can have an impact with the bat as well as the ball.

The Captain & the Vice-Captain are the ones that will land you the maximum points and it’s imperative to pick the notable names for the same.

About AIO Games

At AIO Games, we have introduced Fantasy Cricket for users that will get assimilated in the game.

With a friendly interface and simple UI experience, AIO Games’ users should feel at ‘home’ whilst playing the game.

Moreover, we have a 24×7 customer support and easy withdrawal process as well.

Also, the rise of Social Media has to given Fantasy cricket a much needed boost.

One cannot forget the role the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Telegram play in influencing gamers to come and try fantasy cricket.

With Fantasy cricket’s rapid rising, there’s one thing for sure, Fantasy cricket apps would take some stopping especially in a one-billion populated country who follow the game with passion.

As long as the game of cricket is alive and kicking, fantasy cricket will continue to live in the hearts and minds of the gamers.

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