The Importance of Enterprise Visitor Management System in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic

Gone are the days of using primitive visitor management in your enterprise! Electronic devices for capturing visitor details are the preferred mode nowadays. Areas with a large number of guests adopt the services of this system to keep the track of individuals checking in & out of premises. Schools use the visitor management system to prevent crimes against children. Highly secured government offices install the device to control unauthorized access to sensitive data. Prison authorities are also resorting to the utilization of the biometric visitor management system and meeting room booking software. Friends & relatives who come to visit inmates can be simply monitored with this tool. Its demand is increasing day-by-day because more & more institutions opt for the programmed system.

  • Introduction
  • What about the Technology?
  • How the visitor management system works
  • What makes the enterprise visitor management system work?
    • Permissions
    • Accessibility
    • Convenience
    • Synergy
    • Traceability
    • Automation
  • How to use the visitor management software?



What about the Technology?

When considering premises’ protection, it is significant to get a system that can provide safety throughout the premises efficiently. In a business office where professionalism is one of the needed factors from reception up to the lobby, everything should be secured by safety systems so that individuals visiting premises can relax in terms of security requirements. How will you judge the best security system or visitor management system? But, the obvious way that one will not go on is the looks. Based on the look of the devices the security systems for premises can never be decided.

Therefore, what could be your selection criteria? Possibly selection criteria can be based on affordability, reliability, & efficiency. Therefore, one needs to go for the security device that should meet the above-stated criterion. To get a cost-effective, reliable, & efficient security device is not a problem anymore with the biometric visitor management system. The system is a biometric solution that is based on capturing the facial details of your guests on your premises. The details that are captured using a face recognition system are stored inside the database so that they can be referred to later.

How the Visitor Management System Works

After the first-time enrolment procedure, when the individual visits your premises for the next time, the system again captures facial details. With the help of the matching algorithm biometric device matches the newest captured patterns with older patterns. When it finds the appropriate match it grants the authentication to the individual. Apart from the looks & features, the most significant is the technology it is based on. The visitor management system is established on face recognition technology.

The face identification software works by capturing the facial details of the guests on the premises. The facial details are stored inside the database. When the person re-visits the facility then the facial identification system again captures facial details & then it performs a matching procedure using a matching algorithm between older & newest captured patterns. When visitor management software finds the match, it grants authentication, or otherwise, it denies authentication. Depending upon this procedure security is maintained at your premises. With a visitor management system, one can even set the lower priority individuals so that they can be strictly prohibited from a particular area.

What makes the enterprise visitor management system work?

The complexity of the visitor management software facilitates the need for different resources in your premises. The system is a must-have, & is usually supplemented by both software and hardware. Access control badges, way-finding software, tap-to-click resources are some technologies prevalent at every stage of your guest’s experience – from check-in to their follow-up. Technology is only the means to different features which make the visitor management system successful. Moreover, modern technology helps facility managers to craft the whole processes which define the total visitor experience. Let’s have a look at some of the most vital features of the large-scale visitor management software & why they’re significant –


Visitors need strict ‘yes/no’ access at different areas of facilities to keep them safe & to limit disruptions or distractions. Proprietary engineering lab? No. The company cafeteria? Yes. There are some key attributes of the visitor management software, i.e., access control & permissions-based technologies.


And, the flipside of permission is accessibility. Your guests won’t want to feel like they are in the prison! Ensure they know exactly what they have access to, and where to find these areas on the map. In the enterprise visitor management system, this needs to extend from location to location, as well.


The visitor experience needs to be more convenient. Even for the largest business enterprises, visitors should feel quickly welcomed & at ease thanks to the visitor management system that is seamless. With numerous resources governing it, the enterprise visitor management system should anticipate & meet the visitor needs proactively.


Make your guests’ experience the best from their entry to exit. If the smooth check-in procedure culminates in someone wandering premises aimlessly, the visitor experience suffers. At the enterprise level, this means more touch points between the visitors’ check-in & check-out process, so visitors can simply get their bearings. There are key features such as way-finding & digital resources.


Especially nowadays, during the COVID-19 pandemic, traceability is the key factor of visitors’ experience. If there is a viral outbreak, you need to understand how your visitors at your premises are affected or if they are responsible for bringing it to your premises. It also helps with contact tracing.


Large business enterprises have visitor management systems that need automation to reduce the burden of oversight on the facilities managers—particularly when the managers have to manage multiple locations via single cloud-based software. You can automate the system wherever possible, including guest badge permissions, welcome & departure emails, way-finding routes, & more. These all are meaningful automation that improves accessibility & saves time.

All such variables are what take the well-designed visitor management system & turn it into the enterprise-level. More moving parts might bring complexity to the system itself, but they should preferably make the visitor experience more frictionless. Furthermore, keep in mind the visitors expect more from the business enterprises. The sign-in sheet & verbal directions to the destination would not impress guests. The visitor management system for enterprises instantly improves the experience of the business & reflects positively on the enterprise.

How to use the visitor management software?

It is easy to use visitor management software program. All you need to do scan the visitor’s ID to get the information about the guests. You can use optical character recognition scanner & one which reads a 2-D barcode on the back of a driver’s license. Additionally, by capturing information in ID & driving license you should also capture other important information like the intent of visitor to visit your premises. Once you have collected the essential information which you need to know, you should now print the customized visitor badge. When printing badges, you have to ensure that they are professional & cannot be copied easily.


Whether your workplace sees 1-100 guests each day, or you welcome dozens of guests across several locations, the enterprises need a way to ensure guests have the appropriate experience at the enterprise level. It depends entirely on the system’s structure & features, and how it is set up to support the needs of visitors. Use enterprise visitor management system by Veris to create the integrated, immersive visitor experience—one which is stringently controlled yet broadly useful. Infuse it with the features above & make sure it works the way you need it to. Then, roll it out to every location & every guest to ensure their interaction with your facilities is the best experience possible.

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