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Food and Drink

The Food Pyramid Conspiracy

The Food Pyramid Conspiracy
Introduced in 1992, the USD

A food pyramid gave American Pool Team Name

s a general guide to how they should eat. Growing up in the United States, I personally was blasted severe

l times with this so called “food

pyramid.” We were told that a he

althy diet should include, 6-11 se

vings of grains per day, and only 2-3 servings of meats, nuts, or beans. So, g

reat, now that all americans know

how they should eat, we should be

come a more healthy country as a

whole. We all know how that’s turn

ed out. In this article, I hope to rev

eal the conspiracy of the food pyra

mid, as well as explain (and prove

with data) why it is an ineffective d

iet plan. In addition, I will suggest

a much more effective diet that actually makes sense.

In 1992, the US Department of Agric

ulture (USDA) published the Improved Americ

an Food Guide Pyramid to supposedly give people a general idea about how they should eat. This pyramid put

an emphasis on grains, with vegetables and

fruit as slightly less important and dairy and

meat even less important. At the very top the

ere was the “oil” group that contains fatty fo

ods and sweets. The general guide for serv

ings of each group was as followed: 6-11 see

rvings/day of grains, 7-9 servings/day of ve

getables, 2-4 servings/day of fruit, 3 cups/day of dairy, and 3-5 servings/day of meat, a

nd little or no food from the oil group.

So great, now Americans have

e a general diet plan to follow that

was designed for optimal health. Not. This plan was developed by the US Department of Agriculture, n

ot the Department of Health and Hu

man Services. So the plan wasn’t developed with human

health in mind, it was developed to be an ade

quate plan that would benefit the A

merican agricultural business. Lobbyists for the food

production industries of America highly influenced the

e food pyramid that they US

DA finally published. In fact, the USDA actually o

riginally had a panel of nutritional experts advise them on how

they should structure this diet plan, but they decided to

disregard their advice to please the lobbyists. That’s

right, the published version of the food pyramid was more

of a product of corruption than of real advice. And it

s worked, as Americans are eating more grain than ever before.

But I’m not just going to make such a bold claim about

the uselessness of the food pyramid without some

evidence to support it. In a recent CDC report, the trends

of changes in macronutrient (protein, carbs, fat) ratios and calorie consumption in

the United States from 1971-2000 were analyzed, with s

ome fairly interesting results. In the very first sentence of

the report, it mentions that “the prevalence of obesity i

n the United States increased from 14.5% to 30.9%.” In the heart of the report, 3 key trends were unvieled:

Mean percentage of calor

ies from carbs increased (42.4%-49.0%)
Mean percentage of

calories from fat decre

ased (36.9%-32.8%)
Mean total calorie con

sumption increased (2450-2618 calories)
If you don’t un

derstand what this data means, I’ll explain it to yo

u. In 1971, people were eating less carbs, as

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