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The Dangers of Weight Loss Shortcuts

The problem with weight loss shortcuts The Dangers of Weight Loss Shortcuts is that they attempt to go against the real science behind weight loss, health and nutrition. There is only one real way to diet, and that is to burn more calories than you take in. 5e drow names

A single pound of weight is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Losing weight in a healthy way is all about taking in the right amount of calories, but then burning or outputting more calories than what you take in.

There are numerous ways to accomplish this. For example, if you normally consume 2,000 calories a day, and you cut that back to 1,500 calories, you will have a deficit of 500 calories.

By the end of the week, this adds up to 3,500 calories or the loss of a lb every week.

When you take weight loss shortcuts, you are undermining the basic principles behind diet and weight loss, which really are not difficult principles to follow. People frequently turn to diet pills and other weight loss shortcuts,

which can not only undermine your success at losing weight, but can also be dangerous to your body. Diet pills, for example, usually contain substances that are not good for your help, The Dangers of Weight Loss Shortcuts

especially in combination with exercise and diet restrictions. Most diet pills actually wreak havoc on your body, and can cause more harm than good making them a complete waste when you are trying to improve your health.

Another popular diet shortcut is fast fix diets like the cabbage soup diet, fasting, even the Alli diet can be extremely unhealthy when done incorrectly. Unless you have a legitimate reason for trying such a diet,

it is better to avoid these fast fixes and weight loss short cuts because they can cause a lot of harm and can be much more trouble than they’re worth.

When you follow an extreme diet like the cabbage soup diet that requires that you eat a lot of a specific type of soup and not much else, you may lose weight but only temporarily. You can never go back to eating regularly again without gaining back all of the weight you lost.

The Dangers of Weight Loss Shortcuts
The Dangers of Weight Loss Shortcuts

Plus, starvation diets like these are not wholesome or good for you in any way. They essentially trick your body into losing weight, but your body is very rarely ever getting the nutrients that it needs.

Diets like the Atkins diet and the Alli diet seem sound, but they are depriving your body of nutrients that it needs. Weight loss shortcuts like these are touted as sound and sane,

but they will only put your body into starvation mode, causing you to plateau your weight loss after a period of time. You cannot completely cut carbs or fat out of your diet, because you need those nutrients in order to live.

So by cutting carbs out of your diet with Atkins or cutting fat out with Alli, you are simply taking weight loss shortcuts that are bad for your health as well as the progress of your diet.


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