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The custom printed donut boxes on Gina’s birthday

When we presented Gina with multiple beautiful custom printed donut boxes, she was the happiest person in the entire world. We a group of six friends who came to NYC from a small town. We grew up in the same neighborhood. All of us graduated from the same college and then moved to NYC to study further. It has been more than a decade that we have settled here.

Gina is the one who keeps us all together. She is the one who arranges get-togethers and makes sure that we all stay connected by hook or by crook. Most times, we plan our visit to our parents’ place during our vacations and travel together. Last month it was Gina’s birthday, and we all wanted to do something special for her. As we exchanged messages with each other, Linda came up with a brilliant idea. She suggested we give her customized donuts from around the world in beautiful custom printed donut boxes.

Custom Donut Packaging Boxes
Custom Donut Packaging Boxes

We got in touch with one of the best bakers in the town and provide him with the list of flavors we wanted in donuts. Also got in touch with expert print and packaging companies to complete our orders for printed donut boxes themed according to the donuts. We decided that information related to the donuts including;

  1. The country of origin
  2. Flavor of donut

Will mention on the respective printed donut boxes. The only thing left to do now was completing the donut flavors from around the world. At first, they decided we will meet up at a café to decide on the flavors. But then, each of us ended up research on our own because of our busy schedules. Apart from donuts, Gina loved chocolate the most. So, I opted for a combination of chocolate and a parmesan cheese donut, which is very popular in Indonesia.

Types of donuts boxes in USA

When we were completing the donuts boxes in the USA, we realized that there was over one type of box available for packaging the donuts. It was the first time any of us learned about luxury donut packaging using magnetic closure boxes. Jenny opted for a magnetic flap box for the mango pudding donut she wanted for Gina. This donut is very popular in China and includes a traditional donut glazed in mango pudding. The box that she chose had window-patching through which the donut was easily visible. As soon as Gina saw the donut displayed in this box, she got excited.

Sheila, our friend, selected two flavors. One was butter almond donuts that is a specialty of China. She opted for a single box with auto-close lids and internal separators. These boxes and separators were crafted from cardboard and printed in premium offset printing techniques. Its surface had Spot UV finishing giving the box a fluid like gloss. The other flavor she selected is a specialty in the United Arab Emirates. It is called a date donut.

Ordering custom printed donut boxes

When Gina saw the custom printed donut boxes in front of her, she was in the seventh heaven of happiness. She loved the idea of trying out donuts from around the world. The luxury packaging boxes mesmerized her that these donuts came in. We told her all we had learned about these boxes. It is interesting to see that the competition among the donut brands is ever increasing. If you are a donut brand searching for impressive retail boxes, look out for the latest customized options offered by Californian-based ClipnBox packaging experts.

Uses of kraft boxes in various industries

Custom Kraft boxes have a distinctly rustic look loved by their customers. Because of this reason, these boxes come in various industries throughout the world. The packaging and print companies operating in the USA have composed several options in kraft boxes, which are mesmerizing. They come in all shapes and sizes. Manufacturers of kraft boxes in USA have developed innovative layouts in these boxes that cater to the versatile needs of the products and their respective companies. Just a few days ago, I met a friend who works in the packaging industry. He informed me that now the retails and brands are looking up to manufacturers of kraft boxes in USA to design anti-theft custom Kraft boxes for their products. To discourage shoplifting, innovative techniques and layouts are used in developing layouts that are difficult to hide in folds of apparel.

Use of printed kraft boxes in bakery USA

Food-grade Kraft stocks are available for brands and business entities interested in packaging their bakery items. Mostly bakery items like;

  1. Assorted or individual donuts
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Pizza slices or whole
  4. Sandwiches
  5. Fries, etc.

are packed in printed kraft boxes. Many companies provide these boxes with their items as packaging boxes. They are ideal to present to a loved one as gift boxes. Just add a personalized ribbon and button to uplift its appeal.

Use of printed kraft boxes in the jewelry industry

The printed kraft boxes help in packaging the jewelry items and protect them well. Most jewelry brands and companies are searching for green packaging solutions for their customers. These boxes are an ideal solution for all such companies. Most jewelry boxes require inserts according to the product requirements. All the inserts and separators used in the Kraft boxes are hundred percent biodegradable.

Use of printed kraft boxes in cosmetic industry

The Kraft boxes packaging boxes are readily used as cosmetic retail boxes as well. Unique products like eye-shadows, lipsticks, blushes, lotions, and countless other items are packed in these boxes. These boxes are made attractive by adding custom-printed sleeves to them. These custom-printed sleeves have vital information related to the product printed on them. Most times, they select contrasting colors in custom printed sleeves to adorn these boxes. It increases the visual impact of these boxes and stops the target audiences in their tracks to check out the products. The cosmetic brands also craft counter display boxes from Kraft packaging boxes, which help their products enjoy a standalone display.

Uses in the soap industry

We use most Kraft packaging boxes for packaging organic and handmade soaps. These biodegradable and eco-friendly cardboard stocks go perfectly with the themes of these products. I am with the bath bomb industry also makes use of Kraft boxes to display their organic bath bombs. These boxes keep the soaps and the bath bombs safe from moisture and dust and deliver them safely to their eventual destination. These boxes play a significant role in storing, displaying and packaging the products inside.

Ordering custom kraft boxes

The Custom Kraft boxes come in various styles and categories. Their layouts have distinct names in the industry that the packaging and printing companies have given to them. Learn more about these boxes and get them tailored according to your products by getting in touch with the seasoned companies operating in the packaging world. Learn how to revamp the looks of your products by opting for impressive layouts and designs in boxes made from Kraft stocks. Even better, get in touch with a Californian-based ClipnBox packaging expert company that provides high-quality, at competitive rates. We promise you won’t disappoint.

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