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Termite control in Brisbane is something you should consider at any time, not just after they have severely damaged your house and belongings. Getting a routine termite inspection in Brisbane can help because, as is true in most cases, prevention is always preferable to treatment.

Read on to learn more about termites as a household pest, termite inspections, and why it’s crucial to schedule them on a regular basis for your benefit and the good of your home.

Recognizing Termites

Given their similar appearance, ants and termites are frequently confused. Actually, termites and cockroaches are more closely related than ants. Similar to some species of cockroaches, termites moult as they grow and consume dead plant matter and timber.

Termites live in colonies that, depending on the species, can range in size from a few hundred to a million termites. Termites have six legs and separate body segments, and some species also have wings. Over the course of their lifetime, termites move through the egg, nymph, and adult stages, with various termites in a colony playing various roles. The termite colony is protected by soldier termites, worker termites, and the termite queen, who lays eggs.

As a residential nuisance, termites

Termites do not directly endanger your health by residing in your home, unlike other household pests like rats or cockroaches. Yes, some termite species can sting and bite, and termites can indirectly cause health problems by dispersing wood particles that can trigger allergic reactions.

However, financial loss and physical damage to property are typically the major issues brought on by termites. Every year, termites cost Australia up to billions in property damage.

A termite colony can seriously harm the interior framework of your house, causing extensive structural damage and ultimately making your home dangerous to live in. Loose tiles, drooping ceilings, damaged flooring, and holes in the drywall can all be caused by termites. They can weaken and hollow out your home’s walls, resulting in significant water damage.

Termite inspection as a preventative measure

Termite inspection can be seen as a wise and practical technique of termite protection in Brisbane, especially in light of the types of damage that termites can cause to your home. A team of knowledgeable and experienced termite treatment experts will conduct a termite inspection to check your home or property for indications of termites and termite damage.

This can be carried out as part of a routine inspection of the building you already occupy or as part of a pre-purchase process for buyers of real estate who want their prospective property evaluated for termite damage beforehand. The experts will examine all accessible timbers in your floor, ceiling, landscaping, and other areas during the termite examination. The report will be in-depth and thorough, with images and an explanation of the pertinent results.

The termite control specialists will advise the best line of action to get rid of the pests if it turns out that you do have a termite infestation. Reputable termite control specialists will always make sure that the treatment chosen is safe for both children and pets as well as the environment, from bait traps to fumigation.

Prevention and treatment of termites

A qualified termite exterminator will not only provide you with options for Brisbane termite treatment, but also with practical options for termite management and prevention in the future. This includes advice like taking away termite food sources like wood mulch, discarded wood, cardboard boxes, or firewood that is kept close to your property. The outside of your home should also be free of plants and other storage to prevent clutter from building up.

As termites are highly attracted to moist and damp conditions, you should next do your best to prevent moisture inside your home. By ensuring that ground water drains away from your home, you can improve soil drainage systems and lower the quantity of moisture that enters your property. Make that your roof’s gutters and downpipes are operating properly and directing stormwater to the appropriate drains. Additionally, make sure that any plumbing leaks in your property are rectified right away.

Plan periodic termite examinations

You should schedule a professional termite inspection once a year for optimal peace of mind and to identify any termite indications before they develop into a serious, protracted infestation. However, it can be better to schedule inspections more frequently if the architecture of your house or building is more prone to termite infestations.

When it comes to experienced termite inspections and treatment in Brisbane, EPM Pest & Termite Control is your go-to company. We have the experience and level of service ready to address all of your pest-related problems with ease thanks to our current knowledge of the sector and our affordable costs. To learn more about what we can do for you right now, get in touch with EPM Pest Control.

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