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Techniques to Teach Your Children Kindness

“Look what she is wearing. Can you believe this?” “Don’t you think he is so fat?” “Why would anybody want to be her friend?” “He is ugly.”

Such comments-or worse-aren’t unusual among kids or even with adults. We live in an era where photographs and online posts can garner almost instantaneous and anonymous comments from complete strangers and such acquaintances.

These comments are mostly hurtful, rude and even evil. It is significant than ever that parents teach moral values to their kids to make them understand that they should be kind to others.


Why there’s a Need for More Kindness

Nowadays, judging others appears to be an activity practiced by the way too many individuals.It’s very easy to post hateful comments on pictures of other people, whether they are well-known celebrities or common people. Unkindness is not something we are witnessing now; people have been cruel to one another for millenniums.  However, today the easiness, anonymity, and speed at which individuals can pass judgments and criticize each other is exceptional. Children who use too much technology and social media learn from the things that they see over these platforms.Children are also not able to look at the bigger picture about any particular topic or situation. Because kids generally concentrate on what is up in front of them and do not think too far ahead, they might not understand the complete ramifications of what actions such as meanness, bullying, or exclusion may have on other kids. And children are not unexpectedly egocentric, which indicates that they are not usually in a position to put themselves in someone else’s shoes or to think about how the other person might go through. 

That doesn’t imply, however, that kids are naturally mean-spirited.


Methods to Teach Your Kids to Be Kind

To foster kindness in children, consider implementing a few of these practices in your daily routines.


  1. Do Unto Others

Immature kids require to get reminded about attempting to put themselves in other’s shoes.Teach your kids to remember to consider prior to saying anything about anyone and take the opportunity to contemplate how they will feel is the same thing is said to them. How would they feel if someone will make fun of them for wearing a particular form of clothes or criticize them for not solving a math problem quickly? Would they want a person to praise them for making an effort or make fun of them for doing something wrong? If you want to teach kindness to your kid, teaching empathy is the key.


  1. Don’t Speak 

The saying about speaking nothing whatsoever if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone is a fantastic lesson to teach kids about kindness. Educate your kid to get into the practice of speaking only positive things- the kind of things by listening to which a person will feel good rather than bad. Teach them not to speak anything if they have a negative judgment about something. For instance, if their buddy asks them to give their comments for a drawing they made and do not like it, they can practice discovering something good about it. “I enjoyed the colors that you used,” or “You’ve drawn a nice, big house” or something like this would be good. They should not say exactly what they didn’t enjoy about it. Another example: When a classmate is not very good at sports, your youngster should encourage and give compliments to the classmate for attempting.


  1. Smiles and Kind Words

It would also be good if you teach your kid a good habit of being affectionate and saying nice things to other people.With this in mind, a kid ought to know the fundamentals of how to save themselves from strangers and should learn what to do if ever get lost.Always wish a checkout person at the supermarket to have a nice day to let your kid observe you saying that, thank a waiter for serving food, or compliment your neighbor for their efforts in maintaining their garden.


  1. Thank You, Please, and More

Educating good manners, like greeting others, respectfully talking to individuals, good manners and politely talking to individuals, is also a significant part of raising a kind-hearted child. And because you reside with your kids, you will definitely get the advantages of having kind-hearted and pleasant people growing up at your place.


  1. Guard against Spoiling

Good-hearted kids are also the kids who are generous, who understand their parents cannot buy whatever they want to have (and comprehend why they shouldn’t get whatever they need), and so are uncomplaining, grateful, and possess self-control. If you want your kids to be kind, make certain you don’t spoil them.


  1. Bullying and Cyberbullying

Be very well informed about the risks of cyberbullying, both by being cautious about what type of content your kid is consuming online and by keeping a close watch on what they’re posting and discussing. Learn what bullying is and what you should do to prevent and stop bullying.


  1. Be Nice To Your Kids

Even at times when you are frustrated and exhausted, especially when you are under a lot of pressure because of work, try to speak with your kids in a kind manner.Treat them with love and show them support when they are sad, and as usual, always be kind. 


  1. Kindness Is Contagious

Likewise, children who naturally do not favor bullying other children or being rude might join in if they see other people doing it. If your kids are the ones to set an example of kindness, they may also spread it in their social group.



By teaching kindness to your kid, you help your kid grow as a good person and help society by giving it a kind person.In today’s world, it’s very rare to find a kind-hearted person and our society definitely needs people to be kind to each other in order to give a good place to live to your future generations.For that, it’s important to know what are the essential moral values for kids that you should make your kids understand.

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