Surface Web Deep Web Dark Web Internet Explained

Surface Web Deep Web Dark Web Internet Explained-Internet is the need of every social person nowadays. Peoples use internet according to their need. Many peoples are familiar with the usage, advantages, and disadvantages of internet. But the interesting fact is that peoples are usually unaware of the reality of internet.

Internet Layers

Let consider the internet as ocean so the first and the top most layer of the internet have assigned the name of “Surface web”. The second layer and the biggest one layer is “Deep web”. The third and the last one is “Dark web”. Surface Web Deep Web Dark Web collectively contains the 100% of the internet volume. Let discus further about Surface Web Deep Web Dark Web.

Surface Web

Surface web is the most familiar web in peoples. This layer is the upper most layer of the Internet ocean. It consists of about 4% of the part of internet. This is the normal web which people use in their daily life for normal browsing and searching purposes. This can be easily accessible by the normal search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. It contains Facebook, Google, YouTube, social media platforms(Twitter, Instagram etc.) and every content which can be easily accessible by Google. It usually doesn’t contains any illegal activities.

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Deep Web

The second on and the biggest layer of the internet is the Deep web which contains almost 90% of the internet volume. Deep web contains big organizations  data, bank details and data, university data, etc.

The deep web is completely anonymous. It provide users the facility of hiding their original identity. The politicians, criminals, mafias, government etc. use deep web to hide their identity and to secure their data from public use. Special browsers are used to browse deep web. The most common browsers are Tor, and I2P. These browsers change the users IP to hide their identity to avoid from cyber attacks.

The interesting fact is that the link to any website of both deep and dark web is not in the form of .com .org or .us etc. The link to these websites end at “.onion”. The .onion indicates that this is an onion service. Browsing the deep and dark web is also known as onion browsing. Onion indicates the proxy layers in tor browser like the layers of onion. Tor is an onion browser.


Deep web also contains many illegal services and activities. It contains disturbing and mysterious videos like Grifter. It also contains illegal content like gore, murder, pedophilic stuff etc.

Dark web

Dark web is the third and last part of the internet. It acquires 6% of the total volume of internet. Dark web is totally illegal to use because it contains really disturbing and illegal activities. Many assassinations are running on the dark web by hiding their identity. Dark web websites also ends on .onion TLD(top level domain).

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Services-Dark Web:

Dark web contains online hitman associations, assassinations, Drugs services, Weapons and armor, bombs, narcotics, weeds, human trafficking, illegal porn(child porn, gore stuff, abuse porn), fake identities, fake passports, fake credit debit cards, fake taxi licenses, fake pilot licenses, fake money of any country, Red rooms, aliens information, government leaked documents, rare animals to buy, rare books, corona vaccines, fake corona certificates, changing government services, paranormal activities, human experiments, zoophile, human butchering, human meat, human organs, human flesh recipes, telepathy, satanic net, rituals, black magic, black magic books, witchcrafts, mystery boxes, hackers, hacking tools, torcher, extreme fetishes, celebrity underground, games that can hypnotize you(e.g. Sad Satan) etc.

The interesting fact for these illegal websites owners is that they changes domain name of their websites regularly(after a month, after 40 days etc.). It is round about impossible to find their server information and to expose their location. But for extra high level security they changes their domain name as soon as possible to avoid any attack from cyber security agencies e.g. FBI.

Shadow Web-Dark Web:

Shadow Web is the part of deep web which also contains illegal activities. It is difficult to access then the dark web. And even if you access the shadow web, there is a small payment taken to enter in shadow web. Shadow web contains red rooms, hurt core, torcher rooms, blank rooms etc. which is totally illegal.

Red Room:

Red rooms are not red colored rooms in darknet dictionary. The Red Room is basically a website on dark web which provides facility of “online murders”. They offer service to watch a person’s murder and torcher or to bet on that person for torturing him/her.

The important thing is that all the services are paid on dark web. The transactions only held in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Marian Web-Dark Web:

Mariana web comes after the shadow web. It is also a apart of dark web. Also it is near to impossible to access Mariana web. It contains two things in general. Illuminate and Area 51. Mariana web contains information about both things.

  1. Illuminate: A secret society which is well known by its back ends secret missions. It covers all big industries like music, film, education etc. to spread their message to common peoples and to hypnotize their minds to make them ready for a “New World Order”
  2. Area 51: A secret area found in America where were a spaceship landed for the first time on Earth. It is narrated that the secret agencies of America use this area for aliens experimentation. Commons peoples are strictly not allowed even in the area near to it.

It is also said that Governments use it to store their most important data.


What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an online using currency also known as digital currency. The use of this currency is through digital networks. It is near to impossible to find the transaction address of cryptocurrency. That’ why it is very safe and reliable.

Final Words

The author has wrote this article just for information purposes. We will be not responsible for any of your illegal activity. Dark web is illegal and contains disturbing and illegal stuff. So keep away from it and try not to access this hidden part of internet otherwise law enforcement authorities will catch you and you will face very strict execution. The purpose of writing this article is just giving awareness about the whole internet.


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