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The 72nd chapter of the Quran is Surah Jinn. Jinn represents the creature created by Allah, as the name suggests. In actuality, this reflects a historical event in which Jinn failed to transmit a word about Allah from the heavens. Those people were informed that a significant event had occurred in the world.

All went out to learn more about the incident. They eventually came face to face with the Prophet Muhammad SAW, who was reciting Surah Jin at the time. Those people grasped the significance of Surah Jinn’s revelation. They were content with the scenario. It is critical to learn about Surah Jinn and its advantages.

When did it come out?

Various famous personalities have told several accounts of the revelation of this Surah.

This was revealed, according to Abdullah bin Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him), when the Prophet Muhammad SAW was attending the Ukaz fair. Allah revealed this Surah to him when he returned and was offering the prayer with his companions.

Some prominent scholars think that the Prophet Muhammad SAW was going to Taif, a city about a kilometer from Makkah. This episode occurred three years before the Hijrah, yet various factors indicated that this was not the case. There is no convincing evidence to support this claim.

The verses of the Quran provide proof of the Jinn creature.

It’s obvious that we can’t see or hear Jinn. That is why the majority of us are perplexed as to whether Jinn is existent in the world or not. Some individuals recognize that this is due to folklore and superstitions. Even some current Muslims engage in this behavior, but they lack explicit awareness or guidance.

The Quran, the holy book, is a book of guidance. It is a remarkable fact about the Holy Quran that it describes every topic and gives instruction on secret matters, such as in this case; there are various verses of the Quran that clarify the existence of Jinn, about which man is perplexed.

Furthermore, the Quran urges us to conduct investigation and inquiry so that accurate knowledge is available.

There are several verses in the Quran that clarify our misunderstanding about the presence of Jinn.

The man was built of clay, and Jinn was created with fire, according to Surah Al-Hijr 26-27, Al-Araf 12, and Al-Rahman 14-19.

Jinn is thought to be the other type of human, according to some. There is nothing else than a man. Allah has invalidated this statement in the verses above. According to Allah, clay was used in the creation of man, and fire was used in the creation of Jinn. This is the visible proof that Allah has provided.

The creation of Jinn was completed before the creation of man, according to Allah in Surah Al-Hijr verse 27. Regarding the tale of Adam and Iblis, Allah provides additional proof. The Holy Quran tells this story in multiple distinct places. Iblis was present on Earth before man, according to the Quran.

It is described in Surah Al-Hijr verses 16-18, Surah Al-Malik verses five, and Surah Safat verses 6-10 that Jinn can get entrance to the sky but only within specific boundaries. If Jinn tries to push past these boundaries, they will be stopped. They are kept away from the heavens by fire and flames.

Allah describes Jinn’s ability to perceive human beings in Surah Al-Araf verse 27. Human beings, on the other hand, are unable to see Jinn.

Surah Al-kahf & Al-Baqarah

It is stated in Surah Al-Kahf verse 50 and Al-Baqrah verse 30-34 that Allah has entrusted a man with the vicegerency of the world and that men are more powerful than Jinn; however, it is undeniable that Jinn contains certain traits that demonstrate might and strength.

Similarly, Jinn, animals, and other creatures, with the exception of men, have the power to choose between obedience and disobedience, as well as between good and evil. The Surah Namal verse no 39, in which an incident attributed to ants is described, is an obvious example of this reality.

It is mentioned in Surah Al-Araf 27, Al-Nisa 11-17, Al-Ibrahim 22, and Bani-Israel 61-65 that the Jinn resolved to corrupt people at the time of Adam’s creation. Since then, the Jinn have been continually attempting to mislead man, although it is important to note that Jinn has no decisive authority. They do, however, have a firm handle on the idea of evil and appealing.

What topics are covered in Surah Jinn?

Several topics have been explored within this Surah. The following are some of them.

The first thing in VV 1-15 was a description of the impact on the Jinn group when they heard Prophet Muhammad SAW recite the Quran. In truth, Allah wishes to highlight the effect that the group of Jinn had in order to achieve the goal. Allah teaches us the value of faith by bringing the consequence to our attention. That is why Allah has recorded their entire dialogue.

Allah warned the believers in verses 16-18 that if they chose the route of Mushrakeen, they would suffer harsh consequences, but if they followed Allah’s will, they would be blessed.

When the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW addresses you, you encircle him and mob him, while the role of the messenger is to ensure Allah’s order reaches them, and he lacks the strength to benefit or hurt people.

In verses 24-25, Allah warns Mushrakken that you are attempting to overthrow our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW because he is feeble, but you, too, will be helpless one day. Indeed, Allah informs people that they would not be able to see what he sees about them that they are unaware of.

Allah tries to convince the unbeliever in verses 26-28 that Allah knows his secret. He’s keeping them away from you on purpose. Then Allah discusses the messages that the Prophet of Allah is attempting to impart to us.

This Surah reveals a variety of information. Some people are doing the following:

  • The Jinn creature does not question Allah’s existence. They recognize him as the lord.
  • There are various varieties of Jinn, including believers and nonbelievers, as well as those who are mischievous and malicious, as well as those who are good and honorable.
  • Jinn, like humans, can be of any religion.
  • They have the ability to deceive us. Satan is a clear example of this reality, as he is always diverting our focus away from the purpose of our faith and Allah.
  • In the days of ignorance, if any Arab remains in any woodland and between the steep areas, Ibn Abbas narrated. They used to seek the protection of the Jinn, who they believed to be the landowner. This Surah teaches that Allah is the exclusive owner. We must seek Allah’s protection since he provides protection from bad spirits.
  • Because we are divided into various religious groups, alike, Jinn is further subdivided into other religious groups. They also persuade each other, according to this Surah.
  • This Surah teaches us that Allah does not change his principles for anyone. As a result, we can readily predict that if we commit wrong activities in this world, we will undoubtedly suffer the consequences. If we have done a good job, we will undoubtedly get wonderful outcomes. For Jinns, the same idea applies. They do not make any exceptions.
  • Allah has used the phrase “the servant of Allah,” referring to the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.
  • It does not mean that if one does anything, he will spend eternity in Hell, but if we consider the context, we can conclude that if one does not embrace Touhid, he will spend eternity in Hell.
  • Allah Almighty is aware of the hidden knowledge. Jinn, without a doubt, has access to heaven or the sky, but they do not have complete knowledge.
  • Prophet Muhammad SAW has been granted unseen knowledge. He obtained the knowledge that he desired. Allah has conferred upon him required unseen wisdom as a result of his Prophethood effort.
  • No one, either human or Jinn, has been given the unseen knowledge.

We’ve seen that Surah Jinn is quite important, particularly from a historical and protection standpoint.

What is the best way to remember Surah Jinn?

Surah Jinn is extremely important for us to study because of its significance. We can learn this Surah in a variety of ways. The following are some of them.

To learn this Surah the conventional way, we can travel to a mosque or seminary. It is possible to improve our memory of Surah Jinn by collaborating with a teacher and scholar.

We can also learn Surah Jinn via the internet; for example, we can use YouTube to memorize this Surah by listening to it regularly.

It is necessary to emphasize that learning this Surah is not obligatory. A PDF version of Surah Jinn is also available. The Tafsir of Surah Jinn is also accessible.

Various Surah Jinn-related Questions and Answers

What incident Surah Jinn describes?

Surah Jinn recounts the story of the Jinn’s groups. This Jinn arrived to investigate the extraordinary event that resulted in Jinn’s failure to deliver news from the sky. Everybody came to Prophet Muhammad SAW in small groups. They listened to the Prophet recite Surah Jinn in this location. They returned and announced it by joining Islam. The opening line of Surah Jinn describes this episode.

What Surah of the Quran is about the word Jinn, and what are the reasons for it?

Jannat has several names, one of which being Surah Jinn. Allah describes the Jinn occurrence in this Surah. He urges us to prioritize faith above all else like Jinnat did in Surah Jinn. It contains 28 verses and is the 72nd chapter of the Holy Quran. This Surah protects us from Jinnat as we recite it.

What are the subjects of Surah al-Jinn, and how long is it?

Surah al-Jinn is made up of 28 verses. Allah describes Jinn’s incident. Indeed, Jesus wishes to explain faith to us. In other passages, he explains his principles, stating that if one does excellent labor, good outcomes will follow, and if one does terrible activities, good results will follow.

Who is Jinn’s biological father?

Jinn’s father, Iblis, is well-known. Iblis used to be the noblest person in the world. He could go to heaven whenever he wanted. Allah had already given him the command to bow to Adam, but he had refused. Allah gave him the command to depart paradise and return to Earth. He famously promised Allah that he would distract the believers.

What happens when you recite Surah al-Jinn over and over?

Surah al-Jinn safeguards us against evil and wrongdoing. The Hadith claims that reciting Surah Jinn repeatedly protects one from Jinn’s wicked activities. It demonstrates that Jinn is likewise capable of wicked deeds. They also have the ability to deceive humanity, but they lack the strength to control.

What is the most significant distinction between Satan and Jins?

Between Satan and Jinns, there is a significant distinction. Jins have believers and unbelievers. They are also honorable in the same way that humans are. They could be non-believers who engage in nefarious actions, despite Satan’s promise to Allah that he would divert believers’ attention away from Allah. He always will be involved in bad activities.

What are the benefits of reciting Surah Jinn?

There are a number of Ahadith that illustrate the advantages of reciting and reading the Quran. The following are Surah Jinn’s secrets.

In a Hadith, narrated by Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased upon us),

‘With his companions, Prophet Muhammad SAW traveled to Ukaz, which was ground. After a while, the devil broke the connection by reaching the sky, and Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions witnessed Allah’s fires. The devil was back. Why did you return, said the Jinn who was with the devil? The devil mumbled something about fire, and flames blocked our path to the heavens, preventing us from delivering the message. He also stated that we were unable to reach the sky due to flames. One of the devils there assured them that nothing had transpired between them and the news, but that something big had happened. He tells him to start on the adventure and try to figure out what transpired between you and the news.

The devils who were over there chose a different path to find out the important happening. One of the devils that set out for Thiama came face to face with Allah’s messenger in Nakhla (a location between Makkah and Taif), at a time when Prophet Muhammad SAW was offering the Fajar prayer with their beloved companion, at the behest of Allah.

Those people approached and listened to the Prophet Muhammad SAW recite the Quran. They arrived at a conclusion after listening to the crucial event for which they were trying to figure out how the Surah jinn happened between the news and us. All decided that this is why our fellow jins were unable to deliver the news.

They returned to the location where they began their search for the event and summoned their fellow Jins. ‘O our people, we listened to the amazing recital of the Quran,’ one of them said. It provides righteous direction, and we trust in it as well; we shall not be from Mushrakeeen.’

Then, in Surah jinn, Allah descends upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

‘Say (Muhammad SAW) to the people; It has revealed to me that some Jinns have listened to it and passed on what they have heard to others. In fact, we have just finished listening to a wonderful Quran.’

It leads us to the correct path, and we have preserved steadfast belief in it; we will never include anyone in our worship of Allah,’ Prophet Muhammad SAW added.

The current Hadith informs us of two things: the Quran is the source of guidance and success, and the Quran is the source of success. We should not associate anyone with Allah in our worship. It also explains the historical significance of the Surah Jinn.

In another Hadith, narrated by ‘Abdur-Rahman Ibn Laila. An Arabi came to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). And said to him, “My brother is ill. Prophet Muhammad inquired about his disease. He told the Prophet SAW that he was suffering from mental derangement. He requested the Prophet SAW to do something. Prophet SAW asked him to bring him here. He went to his home. After some time, he was with his brother before the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW stated recitation of Surah Fatihah, four verses from the beginning of Surah Al-Barqrah. Then, he recited two verses from the middle of Surah Al-Baqrah. Then,

Quranic Surahs

He recited Ayatul-Kursi, recited three verses again from its end; He delivered a verse from Al-Imran that stated, ‘Allah is witness that no one has the right to worship you then, Allah.’

Surah Al-Araf

Prophet Muhammad SAW then recited one verse of Surah Al-Araf of ‘Indeed, your God is Allah.’ Then, he recited a verse from Surah Al-mominun of ‘and one who worships other than Allah or any other god, he has no proof.’

The Prophet SAW then delivered this verse from Surah jinn: “And he made high from our Lord’s magnificence.” After that, he recited 10 verses from Surah Al-beginning, Safat’s three verses from Surah Al-finish, Hashar’s, and Al-Muawwidhatain. The Bedouin then stood up and felt him well. They were in perfect condition.

We all know that every word and verse in the Holy Quran has a significant meaning. There are a variety of Ahadith that describe their excellent purpose. In the aforementioned hadith, we can see its use in the curing of ailments.


According to a Hadith transmitted by Imam Jaffar Sadiq (May Allah reward him), and as stated in Sunan Ibn Majah, frequently reading, Surah Jinn protects us from evils and Jinns. Moreover, the reciter of this Surah will be with Prophet Muhammad SAW on the Day of Judgment.

We can’t dispute the existence of Jinn because Allah says in the Quran, “I created the Jinn creature like a human being.” The Jinn, like humans, engage in nefarious and evil deeds. That is why it is critical to repeatedly recite Surah jin in order to protect himself from victimization.

Jin can see and hear us, and this is the truth. It is also true that we are unable to see or hear them. Similarly, some Jin is noble, while others are evil. They dress and act like us, and they have children. They make a living or earn money.

There is a well-known narrative of the Prophet Suleman, who ruled over various things such as air, land, and jin. The construction of Bait-Al-Muqdas was one of Sulaman’s most notable episodes. Some jins were among the workers. They were getting along swimmingly with their human coworker. Prophet Sulaiman died while standing on the stick. After completion of the work, When they got close to Prophet Sulaman after finishing the work, they realized he had been dead for a long time. From this historical item, we can clearly deduce that Jinn was there at the time. They used to operate in man’s favor, but we haven’t found any more instances.

These Ahadith and experiences demonstrated that reciting Surah Jinn on a regular basis protects us from Jinn’s wicked deeds.


Surah al-Jinn is a well-known Surah in the Quran. It establishes itself on 72 numerals and 28 verses in all. Surah Jinn, when recited often, protects us from Satan’s misdeeds and ill deeds. Despite the fact that it is not a mandatory portion to memorize, we should do so. We can seek assistance from YouTube or a mosque or seminary teacher. We can also gain from the Wazifa of Surah Jinn in a variety of ways.

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