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Supplements to improve circulation

To improve circulation

Smooth blood circulation is an important prerequisite for a healthy body and mind. It also ensures transportation of fresh oxygen and nutrients from food to all parts of the body and to improve circulation

Our brain health also depends on adequate blood circulation in it. Males with insufficient blood circulation in the pelvic area face erection issues. At the cellular level, erection issues are the lack of sufficient blood in the pelvic area. Though, the best way to ensure an optimal level of blood circulation is through food, there are supplements which improve circulation in our body. Here, we will study some of the best supplements.

Palmitoleic acid

It is a supplement of a specific omega -7 which lowers harmful cholesterol levels and raises good cholesterol levels. By cutting the risk of cholesterol formation in blood vessels, the supplement facilitates smooth blood flow through blood vessels.  Doctors also recommend sea buck thorn oil in capsule or liquid form.  Sea buck thorn is one of the richest sources of omega 7.

Fish oil

Fish is the source of omega 3 fatty acids that protect heart health by keeping blood vessels in good health. Omega 3 fatty acid removes any waxy substance formed in blood arteries. Fish oil capsules are prescribed to overcome the severe blood circulation issue. The fish oil also lowers inflammation; checks blood clotting and lower the triglyceride levels. Fish is a part of natural remedies, suggested to males with low blood circulation leading to erectile dysfunction.


Vitamin B relaxes blood vessels to promote blood circulation throughout the body. Niacin also raises good cholesterol levels HDL. Consultations are necessary to know the right dose because the dose levels can also have some impact on liver function.

L –arginine

L arginine is an amino acid that boosts nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide leads to relaxation of blood vessels. In other words, the size of blood vessels gets increased, which facilitates smooth flow of blood throughout the body.  Contraction in blood vessels reduces blood flow leading to erectile dysfunction in males. The chemical in Generic Levitra 40mg, doctors prescribe to males with erection issues, allows nitric oxide to work efficiently by suppressing the enzyme that controls nitric oxide.


It is a compound that is found in red grapes. It also plays a role in the release of nitric oxide leading to relaxation of blood vessels. The dilation in blood vessels pushes blood flow throughout the body. The compound restores the heath of inner walls of blood arteries.  In addition to push to blood circulation, this compound also lowers harmful cholesterol in blood nerves to improve circulation.


Nattokinase removes excess fibrin from blood vessels to promote smooth blood flow in the body. It also lowers the harmful LDL cholesterol formation in arteries. By lowering bad cholesterol, it improves the levels of good cholesterol, which leads to healthy blood circulation in the body.

Talk to your doctor, in case you are on blood thinner medicines, as this supplement may mix with blood thinners to increase bleeding risks to improve circulation.

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Systemic enzymes

These enzymes push blood circulation in the body by breaking down the fibrin in blood vessels. In addition to  improve  circulation benefits, systemic enzymes, protease and serrapeptase, remove toxins, allergens and excess mucus.  Systemic enzyme also shows anti-inflammatory properties.  Medical consultations are required to get the right dose.

It is important to have awareness of the signs that show low blood circulation in the body. Often low or less than normal blood circulation shows in muscle cramps, cold hands and feet, pain in legs in walking, dizziness, and shortness of breath.  In males, lower blood circulation is the main cellular cause behind erectile dysfunction. Sufficient movement of blood towards the pelvic area is an essential step for an erection. There may be other causes behind erection issues, but blood flow problems are always affected by any underlying health or mental issue.

When doctors prescribe Sildenafil Citrate 15mg to males with low blood circulation, they make sure that males have severe erection difficulties. Never take any supplement without medical approval. Also when you are already on erection boosting medicine, avoid taking any supplement, herbal based or without herbal based. Some medicines react strongly with supplements to cause medical complications.


Supplements are recommended when blood circulation levels are dangerously low and need immediate support. There are various foods as well to promote blood flow naturally. All green vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits, nuts, etc are natural blood circulation boosters, but supplements are prescribed for faster action. Consult a doctor to know the right supplement and right dose according to your health status.

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