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Step by step: replace a broken iPad screen

In the event of a fall, the iPad’s large screen usually ends in a thousand pieces… Replacing the damaged screen on an iPad is quite difficult, but not impossible if you are really motivated and when you know that a new glass is only worth $ 85, and which can change the color of your tablet along the way…

Before any intervention, discharge static electricity by touching a grounded metal object. Opening an Apple product without approval voids the manufacturer’s warranty and is the sole responsibility of the speaker. This tutorial is produced in collaboration with Maya Cellular Parts. Maya parts deals with each and every product of Apple, apple watch series 3 38mm, apple 12 pro max, iPad pro, you name it they have it. Visit them to know more about it.

This guide is performed with an iPad Retina (iPad 3 / iPad 4), but it also applies to the iPad 2. To facilitate the removal of the glass, the glass can be covered with adhesive tape to secure the parts between them.

After protecting the back of the iPad, use a hair dryer to soften the glue and a wide-bladed razor to cut it off. You can then gradually remove the pieces.

Be careful not to overheat so as not to damage the plastic gasket around the edge. The condition of this seal depends on the final condition after repair: if you do not damage it, your repaired iPad will look like new.

Near the buttons, it is best to use a plastic tab to avoid cutting a tablecloth (this is real life).

Once the edge is removed, it is quite easy to separate the glass by opening the iPad like a book. You can cut the glass wire (which also includes the touch layer) – it is replaced.

Often a corner of the iPad is rubbed as a result of the impact.

It is preferable to mill the shell with a Dremel mini drill so that the new glass rests perfectly on the shell. Straighten the cutter to avoid soiling the screen.

On the broken disc, download the start button and its disc as well as the webcam disc. These are glued but come off easily.

The glass cable is located below the screen. Therefore, it must be removed, which is simple as it is only fastened with four screws.

Wear gloves to avoid fingerprints. Carefully lift the monitor by turning it counterclockwise, taking care not to cut the cable.

Disconnect the monitor by turning the plug flap up with a spatula. This connector is fragile, so be careful: its breakage will necessarily lead to repair of the motherboard.

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Do the same with the glass connector located just above.

Carefully loosen the cable, being careful not to damage the plug.

Connect the new window cable in two steps: Insert the plug first, then lock it by closing the hinged flap.

Reconnect the monitor in the same way: the same if not touched, a new one if not.

Put the monitor back in the cabinet, then tighten the four screws.

Place the home button card in the space provided for this purpose below the screen.

Temporarily replace the glass, and then turn on the iPad. Tap an icon until it “moves”, then move it across the screen – it should follow your finger seamlessly without slipping away from you. In that case, everything is connected again and the glass is of good quality. Turn off the iPad.

Remove a piece of plastic from the glass, and then replace the start button.

When the joint is dry, remove all the plastic wrap and be careful not to leave fingerprints on the inside.

Make sure there are no scratches or dust on the screen.

Perform a new blank installation to check that the window rests properly against the gasket.

Be sure to place the tablecloth between the screen and the box. The cable must not be stuck between the screen and the glass.

Glue the glass with a slow-drying glue – the amount of glue should be small but even. Be careful not to get dirty on the screen.

Check the perfect location of your set, the absence of dust, try the different buttons. The best way to adjust things is with clothes buttons – it is rustic but effective.

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