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SPA – Water Healing | Body Massage in Rigga

SPA – Water Healing

SPA – The name evokes pampered luxury and relaxed languor. It is about being soothed and weakened by massage and therapy. So far a decadent splendor; Have you ever thought about their origin? Body Massage in Rigga


The word SPA is an acronym of the Roman expression: `Sanus Per Aquam (water healing). It was originally intended as a recovery session for battle-scarred soldiers who soaked in “hot springs” and baths called “aquae” to relieve aches and pains.


Today’s hot tubs are not much different from the originals. They also aim to provide complete body solutions focused on relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul. Body Massage in Rigga


With increasing stress and increasing tension, it is even more imperative to detoxify the body from the built-up pressure. SPAs offer you the opportunity to de-stress and relieve your mind from the pressures of everyday life.

It is the most important day

For the bride, it is the most important day of her life: the wedding day. There are probably nervous nerves about the future. Plus, you absolutely have to look your best on this day. More reasons to enjoy a spa session. Get a reservation at a spa and let them take control of your senses and pamper you.


Spas have specific treatments for specific needs. You, therefore, have a spa scrub that eliminates fatigue and the massage exfoliates the skin. On the other hand, for a flabby person, a skin tightening pack is used and for people with a dark complexion a skin lightening pack is used, explains Sheela Srinivasan of Bubbles Spa, Chennai.


Most spas offer a variety of services ranging from facials to aromatherapy to wine therapy (the phytochemicals found in grapes help detoxify and improve blood circulation as well as reduce water retention in the body. body) to chromo heat therapy. . colors to harmonize the body lying on a bed of hot water!)


Foot reflexology is the ideal way to recover and enjoy good health. Since the nerves of the whole body are connected to the feet, paying attention to the feet, applying pressure, and massaging them helps to achieve total body rejuvenation. Thai foot reflexology is the most preferred treatment in this case. Body Massage in Rigga

Most spas use natural products

Most spas use natural products and exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and soft. It is precisely for this indulgence that you need ‘SPA’ yourself. There are several massages and reflexologies with glorious and exotic names that do essentially the same thing: cleanse, tone, and hydrate the skin.

But the basics to look for in a spa are the hygiene factors and the nature of the products used. It is also essential to observe the skill of the masseuse, the skill with which she handles her body. Since most spas are restorative in nature, it is in your best interest to pay attention to the quality of care provided by spas.

Body Massage in Rigga

However, it is reassuring that most spas have certified professionals who know their stuff. The next important thing is what to choose?


The spas offer their exclusive massages and are personalized according to the budget and the needs of the client. Most star hotels have their own exclusive treatments which are limited and extensive. The spa treatments being elaborate; it is necessary to make prior appointments at your convenience. To minimize disappointment, plan, and book ahead of time.


Day spas are ideal for those short on time. While weekend spas are great honeymoon getaways, destination spas are great honeymoon options.


How to give a massage and relieve that neck pain?

Neck pain is often among the top ten diseases that affect a doctor’s office and can affect any age and condition. By learning to massage, you will have the opportunity to offer welcome natural relief from what can be a crippling condition.


It’s important to recognize that regular massages can manage the problem, which is especially welcome for those who have suffered an injury and are still feeling the aftermath. And don’t forget that the disease is usually a symptom of problems related to the spinal region. Symptoms of neck pain can include muscle spasms, the stiff neck that will often result in a varying degree of movement allowed, and general discomfort ranging from an ever-present dull ache to sharp bouts of pain during unexpected movements.


The advantage of using massage for neck pain is that it has the advantage of being both natural and non-invasive.

The phrase Swedish massage refers

The phrase Swedish massage refers to a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, with Swedish massage being the most extensively available and practiced today. It can include a full body massage or focus on a specific area of ​​the body, such as the back and neck. Body Massage in Rigga

The techniques will help release the tension that has built up by applying pressure to the muscles on the surface. A big plus is a fact that such techniques can help reduce stress and emotional strain, which can be the root cause of neck pain in the first place.

A particularly effective technique

A particularly effective technique for neck pain is deep tissue massage, which focuses on releasing tension from deeper muscles and connective tissues in the neck and upper back. The process involved will be of greater intensity since the pressure exerted by the hands will be stronger to first identify and then resolve the adhesions that may be the cause of neck pain. Spa in Rigga

In addition to deep tissue, Trigger Point Therapy takes this method a step further and uses constant pressure to release neck muscle spasms and promote blood flow to the specific area in pain to aid the healing process.


Learning the back and neck massage process is actually easier than you might think by studying the basic techniques step by step and then slowly increasing your knowledge as you become more proficient. This is a great skill to have and you will surely have a supply of friends and family who will ask you if you can offer an alternative to mask pain using artificial medications.

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