Some Interesting Facts About Genuine Emerald Beads

Emeralds, the gemstone is one of the most popular and valuable stones in history. They are a unique shade of green that has been known to captivate people from all over. You may be wondering what is it about emeralds that makes them so special? It turns out there are some fascinating facts on this stone that are even more stunning than mere green hues. This article, which includes some fascinating facts about genuine emerald beads, is sure to fascinate you and satisfy your curiosity.

1. High Demand Among People

Despite the high cost of emeralds, there are still a good number of people who want to buy them. Especially, when there is a shortage, they are highly sought after by those who want to have even more for themselves. They can be very difficult to find though there is still a demand for them. This scarcity is one of the reasons why finding good fake emeralds is so hard as well.

2. An Exotic Stone With Mythological Ties

The word “emerald” comes from the French word “émeraude”. This word was originally the name of an ancient Roman goddess called “St. Emerantia”. It is also said that this stone is mentioned in the Bible as well, particularly in Revelations 4:3 where it was written “the city of God has a wall that is studded with gems, including emeralds”.

3. Its Hardness And Color

Emeralds are often mistaken for being a sapphire due to its remarkable green color. The fact that it is very close to sapphire in terms of hardness makes them easily confused with one another. However, there are still some differences when it comes to their chemical compositions too. The hardness of sapphire is about 9 while emeralds beads for sale are 7.5-8.

5. The Most Popular Color

When we talk about emeralds, one of the first things that comes to mind is the color green. This is a given considering how popular this shade is among any kind of gemstone. Just like emeralds, jadeite stones are also green in color and they are also listed as precious gems. However, these jadeites are less valuable over other varieties of natural gemstones because they have less accuracy in terms of their color. In fact, there are some that are even purple or blue in tone.

6. More Than The Color

The beauty of emeralds is not only limited to the color. In fact, it is also one of the most valuable stones when it comes to clarity and transparency. There are even some that are included in the list of gemstones with distinctive clarity and transparency that are very rare. This is what makes them have a high price tag compared to other kinds of natural gems.

7. A Versatile Stone

Emeralds beads for sale can be used in a number of ways no matter what its size or design is like. From rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets to necklaces and brooches, emeralds can be incorporated into most sorts of jewelry. In fact, genuine emerald beads are one of the most versatile gems in the world.

8. The Magic Numbers

There is a common misconception that the larger emerald beads for sale are, the greater value it has in terms of market price. However, it is true that bigger stones are worth more than small ones but it does not necessarily mean that you will get a much better price for them if you have a larger stone instead of a small one. It really depends on whether they are real or not.

9. A Person’s Perspective Of The Gemstone

People who see this treasure for the first time are sure to be mesmerized by its beautiful green color that is so unlike anything else. With its unique charm and captivating quality, genuine emerald beads are a favorite among many. However, what some may not know is that there are various other varieties of this stone in the world. For example, there is also a yellow and blue variety that has been found in certain parts of Asia but they were never as popular as their green counterpart as well. There is also a green and white combination called “verdelite” which can be found in Brazil and Mexico. This stone is much like the genuine emerald but it possesses a different shade of green.

10. Some Work To Be Done

The only disadvantage in buying and selling authentic emeralds is that there is usually a lack of knowledge regarding the evaluation of such stones in the market. This leaves many people prone to buying other versions that are inferior to genuine emeralds. For this reason, you should always purchase from trusted sources and have them examine your gemstones for quality before sending them out for sale. This makes you avoid selling inferior or fake stones that do not measure up to your standards and may leave you open to high prices later on.

11. Unique Properties Of Emerald

The green color is what makes emeralds stand out from other kinds of natural gemstones but it also helps them to have an excellent and beautiful value. Emeralds are often used as a symbol for power as they are believed to bring peace to the wearer. It is also believed that they are good for stimulating the chakras. They have been described as being able to calm the mind and body. Emeralds can help one to take on more challenges but this does not mean that you do not want a break once in a while.

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