Solid Rigid Centralizer: Meaning and Types

DIC Oil Tools is a Solid Rigid Centralizer Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. We can also product it as per client’s casing centralizer specification and design. Built out of solid steel bar or cast iron with a fixed blade height and are sized to fit a specific casing or hole size. Mainly designed to minimize unwanted removal of well cake and to run the casing easily.

Types of Solid Rigid Centralizer:

  • Slip on Welded Positive Spirolizer:

DIC Oil Tools is a Slip on welded Positive Spirolizer Manufacturer Ajman, UAE. Specially manufactured for too many deviated horizontal wells and for use with liner hangers. It commonly used with liner Hangers. Steel Construction provides high toughness over other materials. These are reducing Drag Forces during the running pipe. The Powder coating in the last process gives the product a smooth finish and ensures stocking in the open for a long time.

  • Slip on Heavy Duty Welded Positive Spirolizer:

Designed for extra load in highly deviated or horizontal wells. Heavy steel construction is highly effective. These are provided for direct installation on the pipe by slipping on. Also can be provided with compatible Stop Collars beveled from one side positioned by a set screw. The boat-shaped spiral fins reducing drag forces at the same time as the running pipe. Vanes can be selected to meet any hole dia from an alternative of seven boat profile depths. DIC centralizers undergo special coating processes to restrict from Rust then coated.

  • Slip on Heavy Duty Straight Spirolizer:

Specially designed for horizontal wells and great deviated. The weighty construction provides superior toughness to other materials. Vanes can choose to meet hole dia from a choice of seven boat profile depths. Straight blades to allow moving through unexpected under gauge open hole. Shipped assembled condition only. This is available in all sizes ranging from 3 ½” to 20”. Any special sizes can available on request.

  • Slip on Stand Off Band:

We are a Slip on Stand Off Band Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. Mainly designed to provide a positive stand off the cashing for both cased and open holes. Mostly required where close tolerance middle the casing and the hole is being encountered. Especially designed for liner applications. Blades are formed by pressing the sleeves. These undergo a special phosphate coating process to prevent them from rusting; also coated with an epoxy powder.

  • Welded Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer Fixed:

These are also accepting rows of set screws on the outer periphery of centralizer to limits rotation. Simply changed from fixed to non-fixed by detaching set screws and positioning with stop collars. Fins designs also oppose high sideload. Fine create vortex flow to help mud displacement and reduce pressure drop across the centralizer. This Centralizer is available in all sizes ranging from 3 1/2″ to 20”. Wide symmetrical fins are simply beveled on one and the other ends to have a lower coefficient of friction.

  • Straight Vane Aluminum Rigid Centralizer:

Suitable for also cased or open holes. It performs many areas for deviated and horizontal wells, liner overlaps, and shoe joints. Made of high tensile, solid, cast aluminum. That has proven effective in responding to shock, impact, and corrosion resistance. These are also suitable to withstand high wellbore temperatures while providing maximum horizontal standoff. Also available in different material grades. These Centralizers is available in all sizes ranging from 4½” to 20”.

  • Aluminum Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer:

DIC OIL TOOLS provide a wide and superior range of aluminum Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer. Established in response to the need for better cementing in deviated and horizontal wells. Our Centralizers provide supreme drag and make it a choice option for horizontal and deviated wellbores. These are available in Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy, Thermoplastic, and Steel Alloy material. Designed with specially angled vanes with round ends overlapping the entire 360o open hole circumference.

  • Aluminum Spiral Vane Rigid Centralizer Fixed:

Made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant cast aluminum. Also used with corrosion-resistant alloy casing strings to avoid the effect of galvanic corrosion. Used on shoe joints, through production zones, and other areas where a good cement bond is essential. Sizes or combinations can be available on request. All Solid Rigid Centralizer Manufacturer in high Quality Raw Material.

  • Steel Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer:

Simply used with corrosion-resistant alloy casing strings to avoid the effect of galvanic corrosion. These Centralizers with a 360° overlapping solid vane to provide maximum wellbore contact and well bore fluid velocity. Made of softer material than wellhead equipment to avoid damage to the well head when running through. Suitable for wells where the rotating, and reciprocation of the casing is anticipated.

  • Zinc Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centerlizer:

These Centerlizer is provided proven torque and drag reduction to ensure any problem-free running with the low-pressure drop. These are simple and suitable for use for rough and polishing of metallurgical specimens. Tools is checked regularly, and used in different industrial applications. Sizes and any special sizes or combinations can available on request.

  • Thermoplastic Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer:

DIC OIL TOOLS is a Thermoplastic Spiral Vane Solid Rigid Centralizer Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. Designed to the ultimate in down-hole centralization. High abrasion-resistant proprietorship engineered polymer assures maximum stand-off. Mainly designed to increase hole proper cleaning using maximized flow-by area. These Centralizer are available in all sizes ranging from 3 ½” to 20”. Any special sizes are also available on request.

  • Aluminum Rotating Spiral Vane Centralizer:

We are an Aluminum Rotating Spiral Vane Centralizer Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE, which are special a purpose because of its designs. Mainly designed for running casing in unusually irregular well bores. It rotates up and down through the stop collar. It somehow works like a bearing and extremely reduces the torque which is essential to rotate the casing. Any Sizes or combinations are also available on customer request.

  • Low Torque Roller Centralizer:

Specially built to run in inclined or horizontal sections. Rollers’ outside diameter is kept a bit larger than the centralizer blade’s outer diameter. Low torque roller centralizer enables smooth rotation and running of the casing to the bottom. Torque roller reduction is provided by the vertical alignment of rollers on the periphery of the roller centralizer.

  • Low Drag Roller Centralizer:

Complete mechanical friction-reduction solution designed for extended-reach wells. It reduces torque, drag, casing wear, tool-joint wear. Arranged in the horizontal direction. Our Centralizer made from High-Quality material which provides superior high-temperature, high pressure performance, and reducing the cost of replacement.

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