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Skip Hire Misconceptions And Truth Which You Should Have A Clear Idea About

Skips have diverse applications, from small residential renovations to large-scale construction projects. It is known to be one of the most valuable tools for any building project. But, unlike in many other fields, misconceptions also prevail in skip hire. These misconceptions can restrict someone from utilising this fantastic tool, who could benefit from this.

Are you someone who is considering hiring a skip? If so, before hiring, you should have a clear idea about some of the most common misconceptions and their truth. The following section lists some of the most commonly believed fallacies about skip hire to help you better understand. We will also try to let you know about the truth so that it ends all your confusion. Now, let’s get started with our detailed discussion.

Skip Hire Bromley And London Services Are Expensive

One of the most common misconceptions is that hiring a skip bin involves a lot of money. But, this is not the case. Many people think that instead of hiring a skip bin, it would be a cheaper option if they dispose of their rubbish by themselves. However, you will find that skip hire Bromley, and London’s services are cost-effective.

So, you can choose them for getting your job done smoothly and more effectively. If you decide to carry out this job on your own, then, first of all, you have to collect all of your rubbish. Once you are done with the collection, you will have to hire a truck and repeatedly drive to the tip and back.

On the other hand, you only have to pay for the hire when opting for skip hire services. Hiring a skip saves your money, effort, and time. It can be said that skip bin hire in Eight Mile Plains prices are much lower than you may think. Thus, it is always a good deal to go for a skip bin, irrespective of how much of the waste you wish to dispose of.

Skip Hire Is Only Available For Commercial Usage

A misconception has prevailed that skip hire is only available for commercial purposes, especially for builders and tradespersons. But it is not at all true. If you are looking for domestic use, you can also consider hiring skips. Skips are often seen on construction sites or outside of houses where a team of builders are undertaking a loft conversion or home extension.

By hiring a skip, you would be able to easily collect and dispose of the waste which you have generated at your house. Whether you are giving a makeover to your garden space or clearing out your garage, opting for the services of a professional skip hire company will significantly help you in all these aspects.

Skips Come Available In Only One Size

It is another most common misconception that prevails surrounding hiring a skip. It would help if you considered selecting the right one as per your unique requirements. But, the reality is that skips come available in multiple sizes.

The size can range from three cubic yards to 16 cubic yards. If you need to hire a skip, only for a small amount of rubbish, then there is absolutely no point in choosing a bigger size. A smaller sized skip will effectively serve the purpose.

So, there is nothing called a “one size fits all” operation whenever it comes to skips. While deciding on which size of skip to hire, you should always discuss your requirements with the experts to get an accurate recommendation.

It Is Difficult To Fill Skip Bins

Several people feel that it is difficult to fill a skip bin. But, this need not be the actual case. There are some most common tips by following which you would be able to maximise the amount of space utilised in your skip bin. The first and the most important thing is to plan well.

It will help you get a good idea about what you will throw away. Your next focus should be to organise items based on their size, shape and weight. Placing all the heavier items in first and smaller items in between them will significantly help. Also, put all flat things before everything else.

You should also ensure that these face the same direction. In this way, these will take up much less space. Another thing which you could do is to break all the more oversized items into smaller pieces whenever it is possible as these objects tend to take a lot of space.

Waste From Skip Collections Ultimately Goes To Landfill

Another common misconception is that the waste from skip collections will be sent to landfills. But, the reality is the opposite of this. A majority of the skip hire providers send the waste to special facilities where it is being recycled. So, whenever you hire a responsible skip hire company like RMS Skips, you can be assured that your waste is being recycled and reused wherever it is possible to do so.

A Skip Bin Will Damage Your Garden Or Driveway

Many people believe that a skip bin can damage their garden or driveway. But, it is far from the truth. You can place skip bins anywhere on your properties as it does not cause damage. All that you need to do is to choose your skip bin carefully. It should not be an oversized one.
Otherwise, it can lead to many issues. Also, if you are planning to put heavy items into the skip bin, then it would be a safer option to place the skip bin on the road. It will ensure that any potential driveway damages do not occur.

Concluding Thoughts

Reading this detailed guide is an absolute must before choosing a skip hire service provider. We hope you have a perfect idea about some of the most common misconceptions surrounding hiring a skip from this. We have also let you know about the reality in the above section.

Are you in search of a reliable skip hire company? It will help if you look no further than RMS Skips, an expert in this industry. Contact them today to learn more.

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