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Skincare Routine: At What Age Do You Need To Follow

Do you take regular skincare? Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, regular facemasks, nothing is left out? However, have you ever wondered if your skin care routine fits your age? As you grow older, your skin type changes, so the pattern of care needs to change if you do the same skin exercises without keeping in mind the age, you will not get the expected results at all for your convenience, we have given a rough outline of what kind of skincare should be done at any age. Adhere to it; the impression of age can no longer come close to the edge

Starting From Twenty

Those who have just set foot in the quota of twenty should follow the daily routine of cleansing-toning-moisturizing. With the right, sunscreen lotion needed. Choose ‘Broad Spectrum’ lotion, which has the ability to trap both ultraviolet ‘A’ and ‘B’ harmful rays. The skin of those who are in Twenty20 and Late Twenty is a little oily due to natural causes.

So, most of the girls suffer from acne at this time. Those who have acne will get better results if they use products containing retinoic acid. There is no substitute for cucumber, lemon juice, white sandalwood, glycerin, honey, and rose water as effective ingredients for oily skin. Those who are in their early twenties can safely use a pack mixed with egg whites, honey, and cider vinegar once or twice a month.

Remember, the first stages of skin aging begin at the age of twenty. Rely on what is normal, what is natural. As soon as you hear about aging, do not jump up and forget about bleach, steam facial, or any chemical treatment. Do yoga and exercise. Eat healthy food. If the skin is oily or acne-free, use an oil-free face wash, mild scrub, toner, and sunscreen with a matte finish.


Fine lines and dark circles under the eyes usually appear after the age of thirty. Most cosmetologists suggest that under-ice cream with niacinamide and enzymes should be applied after 30. Moreover, after forty, you have to keep under-eye cream in your list of daily-use products. Use peptide-containing ice cream every night. You can massage it with rosemary oil or almond oil. This will give new life to the skin and return the radiance. Fruit extracts as if sesame oil, olive oil, and peaches or apples can also be used.

Confidence In The Fifties

Almost all women go through menopause when they are in their fifties or 50 year old women. Menopause means the folds of anxiety in the forehead and the risk of low or high hormones. Lots of wrinkles, sagging, and swelling under the eyes also seen. What is the way to get rid of these problems? According to many doctors, following the routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing started from the age of twenty. Be sure to apply sunscreen outside with it.

At this time, you should choose a cream or serum rich in antioxidants. Apply moisturizer on the skin occasionally to maintain skin moisture. When you have spent, half a century of your life laughing, live a happy life with an open mind without so much pressure. Sleep well get used to the green tea. Eat lots of fruits juice powder drinks and vegetables. Open your heart, chat, and come out to the mountains or the sea. You will see that the age has already stopped outside the square.


Thus, in all these three stages, everyone needs to take care of their skin with the right things to have healthy and gorgeous skin. You have to be very careful about everything.

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