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Sexual Dysfunction in Men in United States | Updated 2021

Sexual dysfunction is a physical or psychological problem that prevents a male from getting full satisfaction from the intimate aspect of life. Dysfunction is often in the form of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, or lack of desire.

Males often face these problems in adult life from 18 years onwards. But the risk increases after 40 due to physical, medical, or psychological causes. There is no problem that could prevent full exploration of one’s sexuality, it came to due to the development of scar tissue on the male organ leading to pain in an erection. There are treatment options available. Sildenafil citrate 150mg is recommended by doctors to treat severe cases of erectile dysfunction, but permanent treatment is diagnosing the underlying cause and medical treatment of the same.

Type of sexual dysfunction in men

Erectile dysfunction 

The most common sexual dysfunctions in men are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.  Former is lack of erection and difficulty in sustaining the erection. The erection is often too soft to allow full satisfaction from the intimate act with the partner. Latter is ejaculation before the desired period or without intending to ejaculate.

The ejaculation happens within the first minute of the beginning of the act with the partner. Both these deficiencies rob the pleasure of the intimacy leaving both partners totally dejected and frustrated.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is different from erectile dysfunction but a type of sexual dysfunction. In the former, a male is able to get the erection, but cannot control ejaculation till the desired levels. In later, there is difficulty in achieving an erection and sustaining it for the completion of the session.

Low libido

Lack of libido makes it difficult to get stimulated for an erection. Without stimulation, there is no desire to get engaged in an intimate session with the partner. Low libido ensures that desire never takes place in the mind.

Without the involvement of the mind, there is no trigger to the central nervous system from the brain. Without a trigger, there is no blood flow into the male organ, which causes erection problems/ sexual dysfunction.

Delayed ejaculation

Ejaculation should happen at the right time at the end of the session to give complete satisfaction to both partners. The delay or inhibition in ejaculation leads to pain. It makes the intimate session difficult to bear.

Retrograde ejaculation

It happens in males with diabetic nerve damage.  Retrograde ejaculation is a backward movement of semen at the time of ejaculation at the end of the intimate session. Weak bladder or problem with bladder neck causes backward movement of ejaculation. Side effects of some medicines or post prostate surgery issues may also cause sexual dysfunction.

Reasons behind Sexual dysfunction in men

A sedentary lifestyle with higher consumption of junk food is one of the major causes of sexual dysfunction. It creates a conducive environment for obesity. Obesity heightens the risk factor of diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, and lethargy.

Diabetes and blood pressure damage the inner line of blood vessels. Cholesterol formation in the form of waxy substances in blood vessels blocks blood flow. Damaged blood vessels cannot support the flow of blood that is needed to get an erection.

Excess smoking and alcoholism also enhance the risk of sexual dysfunction in men. Smoking creates plaque in the blood vessels, which interferes with the smooth flow of blood toward the male organ. Insufficient blood flow leads to erection difficulties.

There are emotional issues as well. Constant stress, anxiety, depression, and a disturbed mind will never create a relaxed body and mind. Both are essential ingredients for a smooth erection process to take place.

Causes behind Premature ejaculation

These are different from erectile dysfunction. stress, lack of confidence, fear of underperformance, nervousness in presence of the opposite sex, temporary depression, excess alcohol, excess excitement, lack of communication with the partner, etc. are some of the causes behind premature ejaculation. A male who takes antidepressant drugs may also experience a sexual dysfunction problem.

Doctors say that the breakdown of serotonin, the chemical behind mood, can also lead to premature ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculation causes

Chronic health issues, misuse of drugs, recreational drugs, side effects of some drugs, and use of higher doses of erection boosting drugs may lead to delayed ejaculation. It could also be a result of antidepressant drug side effects which cause sexual dysfunction. Experts say that nerve damage to the spinal cord also leads to a delay in ejaculation.

Low libido causes

Depression, constant anxiety, side- effect of anti-depressant medicines, relationship issues, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. are some causes behind low desire. Poor diet and loneliness can also lower the desire for intimacy. 

Data on sexual dysfunction in men in the United States

Data on sexual dysfunction in men

Prevalent data in the United States shows that issues are also common in women and are associated with demographic characteristics. The racial background, education, and socio-economic status define the causes.

The data also revealed that unmarried male, divorced male or male without a partner is twice as likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction as a married male. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study data revealed that close to 40 percent of males above 40 have moderate to higher erectile dysfunction.

The risk of sexual dysfunction in men is higher in groups with a higher incidence of drug abuse. Some groups in Chicago use recreational drugs and erectile boosting drugs to get higher pleasure. They initially get the same, but in the long term, they destroy their nerves and capacity to get a natural erection.

Old age males are vulnerable to any kind of sexual dysfunction. The aging process reduces interest in sex and causes difficulties in getting an erection.

An interesting fact emerged that blacks are more likely to experience one of these sexual dysfunctions than white or Hispanic. And these finds are common across states of California, Virginian, etc.

Treatment options

treatment options

Medical experts from advanced clinics in the state of California provide options like injections, plasma therapy, and besides traditional cures like tadalafil 60mg for severe sexual dysfunction issues. But diagnoses of underlying factors are the first step towards the treatment. Both medication and non-medication options are available. 

Vacuum tubes, inflatable implants, and shock wave therapy have also emerged as treatment options. Counseling sessions help a client deal with emotional and psychological issues.


sexual dysfunction in men is common as male ages. There are treatments available easily to get both permanent and temporary relief from erection issues. The permanent treatment is curing the underlying cause. At a broader level, a healthy diet supported by a healthy lifestyle cuts down the risk of sexual dysfunction in men.

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