Scope After Completion Of Certificate 3 In Childcare

Do you love to spend time with children? Do you love to help them learn and grow? If yes, then you can turn this passion into your career. You can spend time with the children, helping them to develop their cognitive abilities and make money for it. certificate 3 in childcare Adelaide from any reputed institute will open a gateway of opportunities in this rewarding industry.

With the rise in demand for qualified childcare professionals in Australia, more people are pursuing these certification courses to secure employment opportunities.

However, the question remains what are the scopes after the completion of this certificate course in Australia. In this article, we have briefly discussed the job profiles, scope, salary, and responsibilities you will experience after completing this course. So, check these career pathways.

1. Early Childhood Teacher

If you pursue childcare courses in Adelaide, you will enjoy some of the most rewarding job opportunities in the childcare sector. One of the jobs is early childhood teacher, where you will play a key role in developing the cognitive abilities of children aged between six weeks to twelve years.

This job profile will involve planning, organizing, and implementing daily activities in a childcare centre. The primary role of this job is to develop the emotional, social, and physical skills of the children to make their life happier.

If you want to become an early childhood teacher, you will need a lot of skills and patience.

  • This job profile is the best fit for people with great patience and a naturally caring attitude towards young children.
  • If you can understand the psychology of children, you can easily coordinate with their behaviour and guide them accordingly.
  • Also, you will have to make everyday lesson plans, run group discussions, and organize quizzes or interacting events.
  • The duty also involves attending staff meetings and talking with the parents for advice, recommendations, and reports.

Having a certificate 3 in childcare can directly fetch you this job position in the industry without any work experience. An early childhood teacher has to work in the early hours of the daytime and weekdays in schools, community centres, and day-care centres. This job position will enable you to spend time with your family or pursue higher studies by the side. Most teachers find this job comforting and relaxing, along with a good pay scale.

The average weekly salary of an early childhood teacher is $1530.

2. Child Care Worker

Certificate 3 in childcare allows you to become a qualified and trained childcare worker. This job position will enable you to work with young children from diverse cultures and environments.

The primary role of a childcare worker focuses on the care of infants and toddlers in the absence of their parents. If you love to spend time with children aged between 0-5 years, then a childcare worker is the right position for you in this industry. You will enjoy the mobility at work as you can work in private residences or be employed by multiple childcare centres. This job position will need you to spend quality time playing with babies, reading storybooks to them, developing their motor skills, and helping them with social and behavioural skills. If you’re working for 4-5 years old, you will have to teach them the basic lessons such as alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, etc.

If you have a passion for becoming a good childcare worker, you will have to be caring, patient, organized, hygienic, and presentable with your appearance to the parents. Also, you will have to look for the safety of the children or infants by ensuring a safe and clean environment for them.

Here, pursuing a certificate three-course will guide you with all these aspects and provide necessary practical training to make you prepare for the professional world. The average weekly salary of a childcare worker is $1340.

3. Child Care Centre Manager/Supervisor

Child Care centre manager is a well-paid job position in the childcare industry. If you have the leadership ability and caring attitude for the children, then you will enjoy this job a lot.

  • This job profile needs you to oversee the functioning and operations of a childcare centre daily.
  • The job also needs you to coordinate and supervise the team of early childhood educators.
  • This job will require a leadership role to look after the growth and smooth functioning of the childcare centre for the long run.
  • Also, as a manager, you will have to keep inspiring and boosting the morale of your staff to deliver excellent performance at work.

If you want to prosper your career as a childcare centre manager you will need skills. That includes observation, decision-making, problem-solving, patience, and good communication. Similar to managers of any organization, your duty will involve the utilization of resources to create successful results. If you need to improve or enhance any of these skills, then purring child care courses in Adelaide will be the best option.

The average weekly salary of a childcare centre manager is about $1530.

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4. Play Group Supervisor

Completing certificate 3 in childcare enables the students to pursue a career as a playgroup supervisor in this industry. You will have to look after the daily operation of the playgroup in the centre and lead the workers associated with the playgroup to create better surroundings for the children. The primary role of this job position is to ensure a creative, happy, positive, clean, and safe environment. You will also play a major part in developing the kids physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and intellectually according to your centre’s standard protocols. You will require the skills to deal with kids patiently and understand their needs and behaviour. The other role of a playgroup supervisor includes:

  • Maintaining a Healthy and safe childcare centre environment for the children.
  • Looking after the paperwork, ensuring deadline submission of your staff, and constant monitoring of the kids and staff.
  • Ensuring best development in the kids with adherence to the protocols of the playgroup.
  • Ensuring good customer care service to the parents with frequent communication.

The average weekly salary of a playgroup supervisor in Australia ranges from $17-$25.

Final Thoughts

So, get yourself enrolled for certificate 3 in childcare and enjoy the job position as mentioned above.

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