SaaS vs. Cloud Solutions: Essential Parts of Digital Transformation

The most popular two terms in the technological industry comes in SaaS and Cloud Solution. If we belong from the IT Industry we must have somewhere heard about these two powerful terms. These two technologies are gaining high access into the market to cater all your business needs with ease. However they have many things in common but there are a lot of differences too among them. Knowing these differences will help you to make the right decision while selecting a service for your needs. 

Before knowing the differences we should firstly know the basic definitions of these two terms. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the technology that uses the cloud to deliver computing services. It means by using the internet (Cloud) you can access any software anywhere, anytime and also on any device as well. The only thing is this service works on internet.  

Technically, it is an on-demand availability of server or computing resources such as storage, database, network and much more. 

As cloud computing uses internet for its working operations its does not require any hardware or software which saves the cost for same. The most attractive benefit of cloud computing is the availability of its services by the use of internet it can be access 24*7.   

Cloud Computing generally comes in three different models that are IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), lastly SaaS (Software-as-a-service). And if we talk about cloud computing solutions they are also divided into Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud. As the name suggest Private Cloud is only accessed by single organizations hosted by the service provider. This type of cloud is preferred by the organization who wants a proper control and high security of their data for example cloud private clouds are mostly used by government Organizations. On the other hand Public Cloud where the service provider makes the server resources available to the user and these users can access and use their particular accounts. Lastly, Hybrid Cloud is the combination of private cloud and the public cloud where a user has a choice to select between the two as per their own needs. 

Cloud computing has been a cost-effective solution at a present date as now companies do not need to install and maintain any physical resources with them. 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Saas is a part of cloud computing. SaaS is a software licensing model where software is on a license that is based on a subscription. Just like cloud computing, SaaS is also known as “On-Demand Software’ this s because they are ready-to-use software and do not require any installation and maintenance. 

 They are hosted by SaaS service providers who are accountable for the data security of the users. And they are the only one who performs software updates and other SaaS support activities. 

SaaS vs. Cloud Solutions

Both SaaS and Cloud Computing Solutions relate to each other to a high extent but they do have some major differences. By using cloud computing services you can access the data and also manage apps via a cloud server. With Cloud computing, you can customize the software applications present on the server.  On the contrary SaaS service model comes with prebuilt software where you need to pay a subscription and afterward you get access by license and you are restricted to customize or configure according to your needs. The entire software maintenance tasks are performed by the SaaS provider and they are liable for the data security and updates. 

Hence, Both Cloud Computing and SaaS are easy to access and cost-effective solutions for all types of users. 

SaaS and Cloud Computing Solutions: Essential Parts of Digital Transformation 

There is huge potential in both the technology that can help in digital transformation. The core of digital transformation is to use the latest and advance technological trends to drive more business which ultimately helps in the growth and expansion of that particular business. SaaS helps you to deploy pre-built ready to use business models and software which have the capability to cater to all your business needs. SaaS is a part of Cloud Computing and here we will discuss why this powerful technology helps in powering digital transformation.   

Using the Internet for Benefits

Technology has become an essential part of the business. There are a huge number of business enterprises that cannot think of doing their business operations without the internet. People highly rely on internet technology. With the increase in digital transformation technology these businesses now prefer in using the services like SaaS. 

Size of Enterprise

Nowadays technology is the most important element of the business. No matter if you own a small company or an MNC SaaS and other cloud computing services are available to fit in your budget. Both SaaS and Cloud Computing provides different subscription plans for all the size of business so that they can grow with ease. 

Competitive Advantage 

The business enterprise always dreams to grow and works to attain the goals. In order to survive in the market and face the competitive world a business has to follow and adapt to the new market trends. SaaS giving more advance featured software comes with more new opportunities. This digital transformation service offers you regular technological updates and support to help your business grow. 

 The new way to deal with valuable Clients

SaaS technology especially if we talk about the salesforce helps in determining customer behavior insights. Your sales team avails more features and opportunities to generate more business to the business. This also provides the right information of the request to the clients which helps in customer satisfaction as they get what they demanded quickly.  


In Conclusion, when it comes to Digital Transformation it includes a lot more strategies and technologies. However, choosing the right services like SaaS and Cloud Computing can be the initial step of getting high performance.   

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