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Rudraksha Beads Meaning and It’s Health Benefits


Rudraksha Made of the tears (Aksha) of Shiva (Rudra). In Asia, including India, Nepal, and China, Yogis, Sages, and Mystics have used these beads for centuries. Those who practice them say they balance the mind and emotions as well as allow for peaceful actions, including meditation, to help them achieve their goals. Having been proven to be beneficial for meditation, stress relief, and healing the body, rudraksha seeds are found on the planet.

Rudraksha seeds are a blessing to have and to wear. They protect against negative energy and influences. It protects you from radiation and stress caused by modern technology. Throughout the process, the seeds are harmonized with the environment in which they are stored, balancing out their bioenergy.It can protect the wearer and the environment from negative energy up to 100 meters away. This protective energy radiates at home, or wherever you keep the Rudraksha.

This will give you a feeling of calm and, after some time, less disturbances in your environment. This is very beneficial for meditation, studying, and other areas that require concentration or focus. Keeping rudrakshas close to your skin or wearing them constantly is recommended. It is a sacred plant that emits powerful protective energy which allows you to reach your full potential.


Traditional Rudraksha Gold malas were dealt with by those who considered it a sacred duty. This is what we do at Shivoham. This was the way people have done it for generations. They also made a living from it, but it was fundamentally a sacred duty to offer it to others. Once the demand was so great, commerce emerged. Badraksh, a poisonous seed that grows in Uttar Pradesh today, is also available in India. Both these seeds look the same. You won’t be able to tell the difference if you hold them in your hands and are sensitive enough. Seeds like these are found more easily and are cheaper than the actual thing, but they should not be worn.

You should only purchase your mala from a trustworthy source such as an ashram, holy person, or directly from the Himalayas. Shivoham Malas come from a trusted family that has shared the magical gifts of the Himalayas for generations. Shiva treats you with respect and reverence by using extensive processes and a blessing ceremony.


In India, the Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras, published one of the most well-respected and renowned studies.

Dr. Roy’s research has shown that Rudraksha beads have healing properties due to their electro-magnetic qualities. Rudraksha beads act as a stabilizer for the heartbeat when placed on top of it. The beads function on the principle Dynamic Polarity, which is similar to magnets. Blood circulation and heartbeat create the magnetic field. It is especially strong around the heart area. Rudraksha beads are a means to achieve the “relaxation response”, which is the ultimate goal in meditation.


As well as absorbing positive energy, Rudraksha is a mediation tool. The mantras are repeated in the right hand and the vibration of liberation is carried (through beads) wherever we are at any time.

Long-lasting and more powerful, this jewelry emits positive vibrations that counteract any negative energy and are beneficial to meditation (repeating the mantra), since they are capable of neutralizing thought energy and settling any other vibrations that might interfere with meditation. If it isn’t worn for a while, it can feel a little bit missing.


The different planetary constellations can have an impact on one’s emotions. Doctors often say that full moon nights are a busy time for emergencies. They also fear full moons on weekends or holidays because of the number of patients they bring in. If managed correctly, this can work in a spiritual person’s favor and offer greater opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation.

Many subtle but powerful influences influence our lives. However, looking back, we can see that there were many instances when we lost control over our emotions and reactions to certain situations. Unfavourable outcomes can be a result of letting our emotions run wild. One is advised to wear Rudraksha to harmonise their energies and to guard against the various changes and situations in the universe and beyond. The act of wearing Rudraksha Mala slowly releases oneself from fluctuating emotions and protects them against psychic disturbances. An Rudraksha is a great luck sign and blessing.

Rudraksha Malas

The beads are usually strict together in a mala. Traditional malas have 108 beds and one bindu or Guru beads. The mala must always have a bindu. Otherwise, energy can become cyclical. The Bindu beads channel the energy back into japa malas and give the wearer the benefit of the positive energy. Whenever you want, you can wear a mala.

The Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha mala

Rudraksha provides a great support system because it helps you to create a cocoon out of your own energy. It harmonizes your environment so you can feel relaxed, comfortable and able to express yourself.

Rudraksha protects you from negative energies

It acts as a shield from negative energies. Some people may use negative energies to harm others, or in some places there might be very bad energy. Rudraksha acts as a shield and prevents you from feeling the negative effects of any situation, person or environment.

Panchmukhi (five-faced) Rudraksha seeds

A bead may have one face or more. The panchmukhi five-faced beads are safe and beneficial for all. It promotes general well-being, freedom, and health. It lowers blood pressure, calms nerves, and gives you a sense of calm and alertness in the nervous system.

When you are balanced and live a meaningful life, prosperity will be yours. When energies are well-functioning, it happens naturally. Using Rudraksha malas can be a good choice if you are determined to cleanse yourself and find balance in your life. If someone is on the spiritual path, they want to use every support possible to help him. Mala beads are a great support.

Rudraksha is a very Important to our health and life.


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