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Make your literature search effective and efficient. Research tips Find targeted search terms and get to know specific search options. Evaluate the information and cite your literature correctly Here you will find the research tips published in our blog “News from the library”. Search for topics or keywords.

Are you looking for suitable literature for a presentation, a scientific paper, or for your further education? And don’t you know how to go about it? Here you will find tips and tricks for the procedure and research.

Prepare for the research

Preparation is the be-all and end-all of research! Allow enough time for this. The best way to find information is to do the following:

What am I looking for?

  • First, write down your topic or question. Which key terms can be identified? Make a note of this.
  • Look for synonyms and related terms for the core terms.
  • Translate the terms into different languages ​​(for example, English, French).

Where do I search?

The ideal source of information depends on whether you know little or a lot about your topic.

  • To get started with a topic, we recommend that you use specialist reference works, encyclopedias, or manuals. It gives you an initial overview of your topic. You can get access to some reference works here.
  • In library catalogs, you will find introductory or further literature in paper or electronic form.
  • In specialist databases or scientific search engines, Cloud Surf Marketing you can find literature with specific knowledge that is suitable for in-depth research. You can find this electronic means of information here.

Approach to research

Now use the prepared search terms to search in the desired reference medium. Ideally, you will find relevant literature right at the start that you can borrow or download.

Stumbling blocks in your research

The search for the optimal literature does not always succeed immediately. Do not despair! We also know what to do here. The following problem cases can arise, which can be solved according to the recommendations below.

Can’t find the literature you want?

  • Analyze your hit list. For the promising titles, write down keywords or keywords that you did not take into account in your preparation.
  • Start a new search with these “new” search words.
  • Repeat this procedure until you have found the literature you want.

Too few hits or no hits?

  • Examine your terms for spelling mistakes. Also, watch out for special characters.
  • Perhaps you have searched with keywords that are too specific. Try researching with more general or fewer search words.
  • Did you search with “wrong” terms? Try researching with synonyms or translated terms.

Too many hits?

  • Did you search too general? Try to narrow down the topic by entering more or more precise terms.

All right?

If you have any questions or need help with your research, we will be happy to help you. You can contact the library staff at the information desk, sign up for a free individual consultation, or take one of our courses.

Orientation plan freely accessible stocks

The current orientation plan of the freely accessible holdings can be found 

Tips for solving case studies.


What strategy do you want to use to lead the company out of the crisis? – This question is asked not only of the managers of a company but also of the applicants for a trainee position. More and more companies are using so-called case studies as an element in the application process, for example as part of an assessment center. Trainee whispers give tips for solving a case study.


Definition and procedure: what exactly is a case study?

In a case study selection process, you have to put yourself in the shoes of managers and make important decisions for the company. Often there are also tricky – at first glance unsolvable – tasks to be solved that has nothing to do with the business world. In a case study, for example, you evaluate whether the company should merge, cut employees or restructure its product range – all with a ticking clock in the background because quick decisions are required in the dynamic business world. Estimation questions or tasks that require speed, logic, or creativity are also welcome.

Oftentimes, the situation is made even more difficult because you don’t get all of the information that you would ideally need. As a rule, you solve case studies alone, sometimes in a group – which has the advantage for HR managers that your ability to work in a team can also be checked at the same time. As far as the length and number of tasks are concerned, everything is possible – sometimes there is a big task, sometimes several small ones, you have an hour, sometimes the whole day. The solution is presented in writing or orally in dialogue with your observers.

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