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Reasons to use Instagram for your business

All people with some notions in social networks agree on one thing: they know how powerful they can be as marketing tools. When it comes to promoting and spreading a brand, using Instagram for your business seems like the ideal option to do so.

It is obvious that people retain images more than text. In fact, 40% of customers respond much better to visual content than to written content. This is why Instagram is such a great window as a digital marketing tool.

To gain ground against your competition and create an impressive brand, you need to not only build a solid fan base, but also publish content that generates enough likes.

In this regard, the easiest way to get likes on Instagram is to buy them. But you must make sure you do it in the correct place, since you buy Instagram likes Canada that come from authentic accounts, you will be increasing the engagement of your account in a much more effective way.

Why is Instagram a powerful marketing tool?

Beyond the visual aspect, there are many reasons why using Instagram for your business offers a variety of benefits, at least from a marketing strategy point of view. Here is a list of facts to help you understand the power of Instagram as a marketing tool.

Why is it great to use Instagram for your business?

With the data we just gave you, there is no reason for a business not to have an Instagram account. Instagram allows you to reach a new world of customers and works as a route to your brand’s success. Buy Followers Instagram and you will see a visible growth for your business in terms of growth and visibility. These are some of the reasons why your business should have an Instagram account:

Instagram builds trust in users

There is no doubt that customers who are interested in your products will look for you on Instagram. Whether they do it through hashtags, the Instagram search engine or even by location. Not finding you on Instagram can generate mistrust, or something even worse; send your followers to your competitors account. In the same way, having few likes in your publications is not well seen and generates some mistrust in potential customers.

Once you have an Instagram account with a solid base of followers and likes on your publications, you will be confirming to those potential customers that your business is real, valuable and trustworthy.

It is a platform for virtual word of mouth

Let’s say a customer is excited to buy your product or a customer is impressed with your services.

This creates the possibility that this satisfied customer will review your product or service in your stories, perhaps by tagging your page. When this happens, and it happens frequently, you will appear in the stories and in the feed of people who could end up following you too. In addition to liking your publications and helping to build trust and visibility.

This is one of the many ways your brand can spread on social media. And it wouldn’t be possible without an Instagram account, why not take advantage of it?

Selling products and services becomes easier

A large number of users assure that social networks play a crucial role when it comes to making the purchase decision. About 38% say they are influenced by a brand’s social media and 35% say their decisions are based on the sellers’ social media. This makes saying that Instagram is one of the largest marketing platforms in the world and allows you to “sell” products.

If someone follows you on Instagram, there is a possibility that that user will buy your products, since if they follow you it is because they are interested in what you have to offer. And seeing the number of likes in your publications increases confidence.

Instagram’s layout allows users to browse their feed and come across segmented Instagram posts. Since the platform is tied to Facebook, they have quite useful advertising strategies. Which means that there is a greater possibility of reaching your target audience by having them press the follow button and also that you get more likes. If you’re interested in buying Instagram related services, then it is better to have a look at SuperViral Reviews.

Increase your engagement

Instagram has experience when it comes to increasing customer engagement. With an engagement rate 10 times higher than Facebook’s, it’s clear how great the possibilities for Instagram as a platform can be.

In fact, the platform is designed to make users spend more time on it. Because it is easier to consume content than on other social networks. This directly influences the likes and comments you receive.

Once you have created an Instagram account for your business. You can apply a variety of strategies to increase your engagement. Surveys, contests, sweepstakes, among many other possibilities that will allow you to generate traffic.

More interactions translate into greater potential to gain more followers and likes. Which will be reflected in the presence of your brand and in the conversions you generate from your Instagram account.

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Drive traffic to your site

A website link is an integral part of your Instagram account, especially your bio. Considering that your biography is the first thing that users will see when they reach your profile. It is important that it is complete and optimized and includes a link to your website.

You can even modify this as needed and put “Link in bio” in the text of your publications to encourage your followers to visit your website.

Once you have reached a good number of followers you can even use links in your stories with the “swipe up” function in your stories. This will take them directly to your site.


Is it necessary to have an Insta account for my business?

Yes. Instagram opens up a world of possibilities to reach a huge number of users. Which translates into more leads and more opportunities to achieve your business goals.

Is Instagram the only social network I need for my business?

Although Insta is one of the most important social networks today. However, combining your strategies with other social networks can be useful to increase the reach of your company.

Do I need a professional to manage my business’s Instagram?

Not necessarily. Although having professional help will be great, you can also learn different strategies to increase your reach on Instagram progressively.


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