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App Development

ReactJS App Development: Top 5 Reasons to Consider ReactJS in 2021

In the last two decades, JavaScript (JS) has emerged as a successful programming language. The reason behind it is the vast number of frameworks, libraries and technologies that appeared out of it having high-tech features that lead to robust web and app designing. One such web library is ReactJS that distinguished itself as one of the top-most contenders used in the web and app development process.

If you are new to the world of ReactJS, you must be wondering what is so great about it that makes ReactJS so popular, among others. In this article, we will let you know about the critical features of ReactJS due to which it turns out to be a leading app development choice. But before that, let’s learn a bit about this remarkable JS technology.

What is ReactJS, and why is it so popular in App Development?

There is no single reason to justify why ReactJs has surfaced its charm all over the market. First of all, it is a library developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, in 2011. However, Facebook open-sourced it in 2013 for ordinary people. Since then, ReactJS has traveled a long way, and today, it is one of the widely used frameworks for developing web applications. As Facebook developed this magnificent JS library, it was customary for ReactJS to gain popularity.

Secondly, you will be amazed to know that several famous websites, such as Netflix, WhatsApp, Feedly, Airbnb, etc., are running on ReactJs. It is another reason for the popularity of ReactJS in the market.

As mentioned earlier, ReactJs is a JS library that helps in building User Interfaces (UI). With it, you can create complex UIs and smash them down into simple tiny components for easy understanding, tuning, and configuration. However, this process is anything but simple as it seems to be. Hence, it would be better if you contact ReactJs developers for hire. They will design an elegant web app for you and help you understand the development process if you ask them about it.

Still, wondering how ReactJS is so good with creating robust and highly performing apps? Keep reading this article to get an answer.

Best 5 Reasons to consider ReactJs for app development in 2021

An Open-Source Library

Being an open-source library, anyone can access the benefits of ReactJS without paying for it. There will be no restriction when you use the readymade templates designed and submitted by experienced developers of the Facebook Community and other developing enthusiasts. Moreover, this community ensures that the resources and tools available in this library are always up-to-date with better web and app development assets.

Works on Virtual DOM (Document Object Model)

Do you know what Virtual DOM is? Well, as the name suggests, it is the virtual in-memory representation of the real DOM. It represents the UI in a more attractive manner. For quick updates and a clear understanding of the changes made by the developer, it is crucial to synchronize everything. It helps boost the updation process and make sure to sync things between the latter and the present updates of the ReactJs app development process.

Third-Party Plug-in Capability

Sometimes, for enhancing the performance of your application, you need additional third-party plug-in support. Most of the JS frameworks have the authorization to access these plug-ins. The best thing about ReactJS is that its library has various extensive plug-ins of its own to extend the app’s functionalities. These can help in making the app development process streamlined. Apart from these in-built add-ons, ReactJS also gets plug-in support from organizations such as Joomla, CentOS, Magneto, JBoss, and many more.

UI-Centric Library

Although we have already mentioned it, we are reiterating it as UI is something that can make or break the customer base of your business. ReactJS is UI-focused. It can disintegrate any complex user interface into simpler individual components. With ReactJs, you can develop a highly complex structured application and can easily display rich content to your users.

Time Saving with Component Reusability

ReactJS follows the rule of ‘Write once, Run anywhere.’ It means you just need to write a code once, and you can use it multiple times. Therefore, you do not need to write down the same code over and over. Moreover, many other components created using the ReactJS library are reusable. All these features help save time, and therefore you can have your app developed in no time.

Wrapping Up

With the features mentioned above and the capabilities, you have learned in this article. It might be clear why ReactJS is a sought-after option for web and app development. Whether small-scale or large-scale, most companies rely on app development to expand their business, and for that, there can not be a better option than ReactJS. If you are a product owner, do not wait, and hire ReactJS developers today to develop an interactive application that helps engage a vast customer base for your business growth.

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