Quick Glance over the top cities in New York

The Biggest Cities In New York State are indeed the most populated cities in the nation and perhaps in the world. With a combined population of eight million, New York state and its suburbs comprise the biggest metropolitan areas in the entire country. The Biggest Cities In New York state and its suburbs are home to some of the most densely populated areas in the country and around the world.

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New York state largest cities all experienced rapid population growth over the past fifteen years. In addition, these cities now both encompass a wide range of residential and business areas. The average family income is close to the national average and many families live well above the federal poverty line. However, while there are many positives to living in one of the New York state booming communities, there are also many challenges to consider.

Top cities in New York


One of the newest and rapidly growing cities in New York State are Syracuse. Known as a city with a “big-business” culture, Syracuse boasts one of the nation’s largest “creative industries,” including several prominent colleges and universities. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Syracuse ranked ninth in the State of New York for its per capita income. As was previously noted, one of the main factors contributing to this ranking was the city’s ability to attract and retain a high percentage of high quality businesses.

A key component in the city’s ability to attract and retain businesses was the city’s ability to attract and retain an increasing number of high quality, low cost homes, many of which are located in the sought after southern neighborhoods of uptown and downtown.


Buffalo, New York, is another rapidly growing community in the Empire State. Home to an abundance of natural wildlife and a wide variety of landscapes, Buffalo’s population continues to increase at a steady rate, especially in economically depressed areas of the Buffalo area.

As was previously noted, Buffalo’s population continues to grow at a steady rate, thanks in large part to its natural environment and the highly diversified and technologically advanced set of industries that are located in the Buffalo area. One of the biggest contributing factors to Buffalo’s success is its ability to attract and retain a high percentage of low cost, high quality businesses.

 New York City

The New York City continues to enjoy an influx of new businesses and residents every day. Despite some of the challenges inherent in being one of the biggest cities in the Empire State, the benefits that New York City offers to residents far outweigh any disadvantages that may be associated with being its largest city.

Located between two rivers – the East River and the Hudson River – Manhattan and Brooklyn provide residents with a beautiful natural park, a world-famous subway system, shopping districts and other popular destinations. The cost of living in New York City is much higher than in other cities across the country, but it is still one of the most livable places to live.

It is also home to a number of important government and privately owned agencies, all of which contribute to the vibrant cultural and economic life in New York City and surrounding areas.

The above three New York City metro areas each have more than one million people that call the area home. The combined populations of these cities make up what is considered the “Metropolitan Area of New York.”

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