Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Bookkeeping Services

As business gets more and more competitive each day. Outsourcing Bookkeeping responsibilities and services have not just proven to be financially viable but, in the long run, has proved to be an effective long turn investment.

With more time and money in hands, companies both well-established and budding start-ups can vest more energy and resources in better-planned projects, bringing in the more beneficial future prospectus.

What Is The Role Of A Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper keeps track of a company’s financial activities, such as post debits (costs) and credits (income).

A bookkeeper, unlike an accountant, is only responsible for documenting your company’s financial activities. Also they does not provide financial advice or provide any help in evaluating data.

The task of accounting and bookkeeping Perth that most organisations outsource is significant and is on the rise. This occurs for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, The business owner’s bookkeeping skills may be lacking sufficient knowledge of all accounting procedures. Secondly, Bookkeeping can be a monotonous task that requires excellent efficiency and precision. Which is feasible to do in-house if you are willing to invest the time and money in hiring a team. Like most owners, outsourcing or hiring the best agency that provides good services in Perth or any other location is a logical alternative.

Here are eight questions you must ask your potential bookkeepers in Perth that you would hire for outsourcing your services.

Know The Candidate

Question to ask: Tell me something about yourself

This question can help the candidate open up during the interview by acting as an icebreaker. With this question, you may obtain a sense of the candidate’s personality and assess their abilities, expertise, and originality.

Understanding what inspires a prospect to work can also help you assess how well the applicant will perform in your company.


Question to ask: What are your qualifications in this field?

Check to see if a bookkeeper is legally competent for the position before hiring them. The criteria for becoming a bookkeeper differ from country to country. Bookkeepers who charge a fee for BAS administration services in Australia must first register with the Tax Practitioners Board. Bookkeepers must also have obtained a Certificate IV level certification, the most frequent of which is a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping or a Diploma in Accounting.

The standards for qualification and registration vary per country. Make sure to inquire about your bookkeeper’s qualifications. Also you should confirm whether they are registered to lodge/file sales tax in your country.

Keep in mind that some bookkeepers are experts and others are generalists. When it comes to hiring, you must first evaluate your company’s specific needs to guarantee that anybody you hire can meet them before considering outsourced bookkeeping services.


Question to ask: What is your level of Expertise?

A decent bookkeeper conducts transactions accurately, but a great bookkeeper can evaluate their work and spot flaws.

You want your hired bookkeeper to handle your accounts precisely and on schedule and to communicate with you in a time-efficient manner. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to pay your accountant to clear up a mess at the end of the year. As you are unlikely to be an excellent bookkeeper, determining the level of knowledge of the bookkeeper you are hiring might be difficult.

Check for client testimonials, a portfolio or speak with past clients to know more about your potential candidate’s work experience and style. Some people want a more detail-oriented bookkeeper, while others prefer someone who is more strategic and ushered towards technology. As a result, depending on your business style and requirements, do your research and dig into their levels of experience and past work referrals to make a good choice of a candidate that matches your every requirement starting from MYOB bookkeeping services to daily accounting.


Question to ask: Tell me about your charges?

Considering the average cost of a bookkeeper will assist you in determining whether or not employing one is a worthwhile investment. The cost of bookkeeping is mainly determined by the primary need service provided – data entry or accounting software.

A simple data entry bookkeeping service is usually less expensive than one that includes accounting chores. Whether your bookkeeper works independently and remotely or at a bookkeeper firm, there may be cost variances.


Question to ask: What sets you apart from other candidates in terms of service and delivery?

Punctuality can be a critical deciding factor when hiring or outsourcing essential services when choosing good bookkeepers in Perth.

Make sure you and your bookkeeper are on the same page when it comes to deadlines and scheduling. Because freelance bookkeepers who are used to working on their own may be unfamiliar with your company’s schedules. It’s critical to establish and agree on deadlines before you begin working on projects.

Inquire about what you may expect from them each week or month, as well as how long it often takes them to respond to your queries and inquiries.

This will assist you in making a quicker decision on a suitable individual.


Question to ask: Do you guarantee protection and security for confidential documents?

Since you’ll be sharing your financial information with a bookkeeper, you need to trust them. During the first scoping process, you’ll probably acquire a sense of this. Remember to inquire about internal controls and job segmentation.

The term “segregation of duties” refers to the division of responsibilities among multiple people rather than having one person responsible for all parts of a function.

It is suggested that you create a separation of responsibilities between the person who completes bank reconciliations and raises invoices or pays bills.

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Question to ask: What are your methods for communicating with your clients and customers?

So that they are never left in the dark, bookkeepers should maintain open and honest contact. It’s crucial to inquire whether the candidate communicates with clients by phone or email.

Check to see if the candidate or your agency for outsourced bookkeeping services can communicate well with the business owner.

Check For Zeal

Question to ask: Why should you be chosen as our bookkeeper?

By asking this question, you can tell if a prospect has done some research on your company before coming in for an interview for bookkeeping in Perth. This allows you to judge the candidates’ dedication and commitment. As well as if they will continue to complete their homework carefully in the future.

An interview is an opportunity for you to assess the personality and competence of bookkeepers in Perth to evaluate whether or not they will fit into your company’s culture, so make the most of this time. Always hire a candidate who is not only qualified and skilled but also capable of working in a team, cooperating, and coordinating in your organisation.

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