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PTE Test Format for Students

The Pearson VUE PTE test has been around since

The PTE Test Format has two sections – English Language and General Paper.
The PTE test is designed to assess candidates’ ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken language. It consists of two parts: the English Language section (EL) and General Paper (GP).
Candidates who wish to take the PTE exam must first register online at pte.org.sg. Once registered, they will be able to access the PTE website where they can download the relevant registration form.

Candidates should note that there are two parts to the Pte test format – one for the English language section and the other for the general paper. For the English language section, candidates must answer 60 multiple choice questions (MCQ) and submit them within 2 hours. There is a total of 120 marks available for each question.

Candidates who wish to take the PTE exam must first register themselves at the official website of Pearson VUE. After registration, candidates must pay a fee of $150.00. Once the payment is done, candidates will receive a unique login ID and password which will be used to access the online platform.

The PTE Test Format consists of four sections: English language, general paper, science, and maths. Each section contains 100 questions and each question carries one mark. There are three different types of questions in the test: multiple choice, short answer, and essay.

The English language section comprises 50 questions and carries 40 marks. The first 10 questions are multiple choice questions (MCQ) which carry 5 marks each. The next 30 questions are short answer questions (SAQ) which carry 2 marks each. Finally, there are 10 essay questions which carry 1 mark each.

General paper section

The general paper section comprises 100 questions and carries 80 marks. There are three parts to the general paper section. Part A consists of 25 MCQs which carry 5 marks each, Part B consists of 25 SAQs which carry 2 marks each, and finally, Part C consists of 50 essays which carry 1 mark each

The English language section comprises 30 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) which carry 10 marks each. There are four parts to the English language section. Part A consists of 15 MCQs which carry 3 marks each, Part B contains 15 MCQs which also carry 3 marks each, and finally, Part C consists of 15 MCQs which again carry 3 marks each.

General Paper carries 50 MCQs which carry 2 marks each. There are five parts to the paper. Part A consists of 25 MCQs which carry 1 mark each, Part B consists of 25 MCQS which carry 1 mark each and Part C consists of 5 MCQs which carry 0.5 marks each.

There will be three questions per part

Each task has two parts. Part 1 requires you to read a passage and then select the correct answer from four choices. Part 2 requires you to write a response to the passage.

The test consists of three passages, each followed by four multiple-choice questions. You must choose one answer for each question. For example, if there were four possible answers for Question 1, you would pick one answer for each question, making a total of 12 answers.

Each passage has 4 questions. You should read the passage carefully before answering the questions. If you are unsure of what the correct answer is, you may refer back to the passage itself.

The first question asks you to identify the main idea of the passage. The second question asks you to explain the meaning of the word(s) used in the passage. The third question asks you to analyze the structure of the passage. The fourth question asks you to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the passage.

The first question asks what the main idea of the paragraph is. You should look at the sentence before the one underlined and try to determine if it supports the main idea. If it does, then use that sentence to answer the question. If it doesn’t support the main idea, then you should choose another sentence from the paragraph.

The second question asks you to identify the keywords in the paragraph. Look for verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and other important parts of speech.

The passage has two parts

The passage has two parts. Part one is about the importance of keywords. Keywords are important because they help readers understand what the passage is about. For example, if you were reading a passage about the history of the United States, the keyword “United States” would help you know what the passage is about because it tells you that the passage is about the history of the U.S. If you didn’t know what the passage was about, you wouldn’t know which keywords to use.

In part two, you will read a short story. You should pay attention to the details in the story. Pay attention to the characters, setting, plot, and theme. When you read the story, think about why the author wrote the story. What did he want you to learn? Why does the author write stories?

The first question asks you to identify the main character in the story. Think about what makes him or her unique. How would you describe the main character? What kind of person is he or she? What qualities does he or she possess? Does the main character seem realistic?

You have 90 minutes to complete each section

In part one, there will be three passages with four options per passage. There will also be questions at the end of each passage. These questions will ask you to choose the best option among the four given choices.

The test format has been designed to ensure that you get maximum marks from the test. Each question will have 4 options. You will be able to use the answer sheet provided to mark your answers.

There are four sections in the test. Each section will take around 30 minutes to complete. You will be allowed to use the answer sheets provided to mark your answers for each section. Each question has four parts finally, Part D asks you to explain why you chose the answer you did.

PTE Test Format

The PTE Test Format is designed to help you focus on what’s really important in the passage, rather than spending too much time trying to memorize every detail. In addition, the questions are designed to be challenging enough to keep you engaged without being too difficult.

The test has three sections: Reading Comprehension (RC), Writing & Language (WL), and Quantitative Reasoning (QR). Each section contains 10 multiple-choice questions. For RC, there are four passages, which contain five questions each. There are two types of questions: a short answer and a long answer. Short answers require you to choose one word from a list of choices. Long answers require you to write a paragraph explaining why you chose the correct answer. WL requires you to read a sentence and then select the best option among four possible responses. QR consists of two parts: one question asks you to solve a problem using numbers; the other requires you to use formulas and graphs.

The test is timed, so you must work quickly. If you take too much time to think about the questions, you could lose points. However, if you rush through the questions without thinking, you might miss some important details. To help you get the most out of the test, we recommend taking our free practice tests before sitting for the actual exam.

Different practice tests

We created two different practice tests to help you prepare for the exam. Each practice test has 30 multiple-choice questions, and you should be able to complete both tests in approximately 15 minutes.

The first PTE Test Format includes 10 questions from the English Language subtest, while the second practice test includes 10 questions taken from the Reading Comprehension subtest. If you’re looking for a comprehensive review of the entire test, we recommend taking our free online course, “PTE Practice Test” In addition to providing you with a detailed breakdown of the test format, the course walks you through the process of preparing for the exam step-by-step.

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