Protect the cervical spine! Get rid of these eight habits

The cervical spine affects our height and life

Wrong standing or sitting posture

1) Keep your back straight regardless of whether you are sitting or standing

2) Those who need to work at the desk for a long time, it is best to get up and walk every two hours

3) Talking and reading are to face and watch, as much as possible to maintain a natural upright sitting, keep the vertebral column upright, and maintain the normal physiological curve of the neck and chest.

4) This good cushion is optional for sitting, that is, the middle is protruding, the upper and lower are arc transitions, and it must have a certain degree of hardness. If there is no cushion, the buttocks must be seated so that the cervical spine has support. Don’t hang

Half-lying and playing with mobile phone

In the semi-recumbent position, the gluteal spine will not have enough support, which will cause the original curvature to change, causing the intervertebral disc to degenerate and protrude.

Suggestions for playing with mobile phones while lying down

If you are reading in bed, you should sit upright, don’t rely on your back, it’s better not to lie down to read, not only hurt your eyes, but the cervical spine will also be pulled to a certain extent, causing cervical discomfort

Wrong shoes

When walking in stilettos, the body leans forward, and the curvature of the back increases. The flat shoes without roots without shock absorption or arch support will make the gait very unstable, and the weight cannot be evenly divided on the cervical spine, which may cause the Interzone disc to be damaged, muscle spasm and pain are spread all over the body, and even chronic headache or migraine. Buy Shoes and don’t miss Foot Locker UK discount code at Foot Locker NHS Discount Code at NHS Discount Code

Advice for wearing the wrong shoes

Wearing flat shoes without a heel should have a thick insole on the inner side of the shoe, with a bulge in the middle to fit the depression in the middle of the foot. Studies have shown that when you need to walk or stand for a long time, it is best to choose shoes with a heel of 2 cm

eat too much

If you eat too much every meal, you will gain weight over time, and the excess weight will increase the burden on the cervical spine.

In addition, if there is too much fat around the upper abdomen when the body needs to maintain balance, the pelvis will be tilted forward, and the cervical spine must be tilted backward. It cannot become a straight line, which may cause excessive tension in the lower back and cause pain.

My advice on eating too much

Every meal is controlled at seven minutes full, and the gastrointestinal tract has enough power to chop, digest, absorb, and excrete food. The body is in a virtuous circle, otherwise, the strength needed for support will be reduced. Colleagues, controlling the weight within a reasonable range can reduce the burden on the lumbar spine Shop now using Bargain Fox coupon code, Charles Bentley Coupon Codes, and Amazon Promo Code NHS at NHS Discount Code


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