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Pros and Cons of Distance Education – Correspondence

What about Distance education a foreign language from the comfort of your home? I am sure you will like this idea because it allows you to receive formal training on a particular subject despite your professional commitments. Now you can earn degrees at the click of a mouse. All Online learners must also master specific abilities such as using computer systems. Internet systems to function successfully in school you need is a stable internet connection!

This is one of the many ways in which modern technology has brought smiles to millions of faces. Imagine learning something with the help of video lectures that you can rewind from time to time. This way you leave nothing behind and learning becomes more convenient for you. So welcome to the online class, dear friends. With the advent of web technology, the Internet has emerged as an important channel to provide distance learning to many learners worldwide.

Distance learning is a completely new alternative to the traditional classroom environment. This is due to the fact that it gives you direct contact with your teachers. While education like this seems keening, it would be a smart idea to read about both the pros and cons of correspondence education.

What makes distance education special

Distance education in Chandigarh is a method that provides tremendous benefits not only to the student population but also to the entire community. When a student attends a university, he gets a regular degree. The degree becomes more suitable for the student as well as for the society. Distance education offers programs in non-traditional places. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that it is a leftover school for students who do not get admission to any university.

Hands-on a Globe What makes distance education different from a physical university? There are three elements that make distance education different from any other study, that is, self-learning print material. This is further strengthened by audio-video packages offered through teleconferencing, Internet classes and counselling. Students appear in Internet degree programs with different levels of abilities, but success in college requires many different abilities. In addition to the basics, such as numeracy and literacy, some soft abilities associated with teamwork. Such as flexibility and group interaction, are critical to the success of an Internet college student. Online learners must also expert specific abilities such as using computer systems and Internet systems to work successfully in school. One of the most frequently cited reasons for college student drop-outs is the indecision of the profession in online and brick-and-mortar schools. Learners who have a clear education plan that suits the objectives of their profession should be an institutional priority.

There are many Internet resources available to help students choose an educational field that suits their strong points and objectives of the profession. One specific professional choice system that schools have implemented is the Idea Generator. The system provides a short internet test that connects learners to the professional field they have entered into their passions and strong points.

Benefits of Distance Education: First of all, let us understand the positive features of distance education in our daily life.

  1. Flexibility: Online learners enjoy a fixed amount of flexibility. After returning from work or personal work they can easily log on to the required websites and study the course material online. Since the lessons offered by online teachers are on a 24 * 7 basis, you do not have to rush for your classes. This happens because the courses offered in distance education are never scheduled for a fixed period of time.
  2. Anywhere, Anytime Study – The best thing about the online study is that you can participate from anywhere and often, whenever you want. No matter what part of the world you are living in, you can become part of the coursework.
  3. The flexibility of time – Generally, distance learning provides the versatility of your time and effort. This gives complete freedom to choose your own time frame to take the course.
  4. No commuting – I do not like travelling. If you are looking for online coursework, you will benefit from not having to travel in populated vehicles or local trains to attend physical class sessions.

Cons of Distance Education: Although distance education assists you in many ways, yet it has certain pitfalls as well:

  1. Absence of teacher: Since the teacher is not physically present in online tutorials, many students may have difficulty understanding the course material. In a traditional classroom, you are free to contact your teacher and clarify your doubts. However, in the case of online lessons, you may not find an instructor who is always ready to guide you.
  2. Lack of proper learning environment: After joining an online program you cannot expect a normal learning environment. In other words, if you join a distance learning course in any discipline, you will miss a ‘college spirit’. This lack of an official learning environment will not motivate many students to learn effectively. Also, if a teacher does not take the exam suddenly, you cannot feel obliged to revise your lessons!
  3. Limited Options: Although you can learn a lot of courses with the help of distance education, there are some programs that are not covered by these types of courses. Therefore, there is little scope for learning for all types of learners. For example, courses related to experimentation and practical applications are not taught by online learning programs.
  4. Isolation: I know that some of you may find regular classes a bit dull or boring. But do you know that traditional classes are ideal when it comes to imparting education? They help you learn your course content in a disciplined manner. On the other hand, when you are trying to master online concepts, the element of personal contact is missing. This is why students who are not self-disciplined cannot take their studies seriously after enrolling in online courses.

Just as a coin has two sides, distance education has its disadvantages as well as advantages. Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons of distance education before applying for any such course.


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