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Property in London: All the Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know as a Non-Native


The UK and more specifically London have always remained one of the favorite locations for real estate investors from all over the world. Due to the recent disturbance in the country because of Coronavirus and Brexit, property prices faced a bit of a downfall but recovered quickly afterward. London is the epicenter of major financial activities and home to most of the billionaires in the world. Besides, it proffers exceptional infrastructure to both the residents and tourists. Unquestionably, London is an attractive and great option for both property buyers and sellers.

Property Investment in London as an Alien

Foreign investors often compare the process of buying properties in their home countries to what it is like in the UK. It is a good practice to always conduct thorough research beforehand and unload the burden of all the misconceptions. Many property investors find it interesting to make real estate purchases in London to add more to their existing assets. But unfortunately, they don’t get the right assistance who can guide them before buying the best off-plan properties in London.

For a vivid understanding, there are no restrictions for alien investors to close attractive property deals in the UK. However, they are not eligible to apply for any of the property lendings. So if anyone wants to get details concerning property purchase, here is a complete guide to clear your queries and doubts about good investing plans.

Property Investing Factors to Consider

Property purchase is not an easy task to accomplish. There are many aspects concerning the cost involved in the whole process. Such as:

1. Income Tax

Buyers with a monthly income of around £12,550 or more are bound to pay this tax.

2. Capital Gains Tax

It does not depend on whether or not you live in the UK, but if you have been involved in selling or buying a London-based property then you’ll be needed to pay the Capital gains tax.

3. Stamp Duty Tax    

Properties that are priced under £500,000 are stamp duty taxed.

Besides, there are some other charges including a solicitor, valuation, survey, estate agency, land registry, revamping (if required), other regular taxes, etc. to be considered while planning to go for a real estate deal to get done.

Steps to Take

Being a national citizen or a permanent resident it is quite easy to buy a residential or commercial estate on the premises of the UK capital city. The British govt. also offer a lot of favors to the non-residents when it comes to making a property purchase. Following are some key steps that are required to be taken:

1. Budgeting

If you are dreaming to own valuable property in London, don’t forget to analyze your budget first. The prices fluctuate for several reasons, but they generally remain on the higher side as London is the hub of major financial ventures. Therefore, the foremost task to accomplish is to scan your budget and then go for it.   

2. Type of Property You want to Purchase

Properties can be made for many purposes. Decide if you want an independent residential unit for the family or want to rent it out shortly. It is totally up to you. Opting for commercial investment is also a good idea.

3. Start Searching

Looking for properties while living outside the UK can be a bit challenging to figure out which one would be the best option. You can find millions of websites online but contacting the local agents will be more instrumental. They tend to guide in a much better way making clear all the doubts. Plus, their sole purpose is to get the investor to the right property.

4. Put forward an Offer

Having completed all the above tasks, it’s high time to make an offer to the seller before he puts something forward. Nobody is certain about the property rates in London that confront ups and downs daily or due to any unprecedented happening such as the pandemic or European Union referendum.

Pros and Cons

Even though Covid-19 hit the overall economy very hard, still the property dealing business was sustained. The London-based real estate market somehow managed to continue to grow in a better way. According to a recent survey carried out by the Guardian, January 2022 remained the strongest month to see an 11.2%  rise in housing prices. All these factors make London the best of destinations for investors to take advantage to put their money into the real estate business that is certainly going to grow in value per annum.

Facts Concerning the UK Property Market

Although you are not planning to invest in the UK property market it’s good to go through some facts and figures to have a much clear understanding of what it’s like to be an owner of the property located in London.

Generally, people think that the property prices are constantly rising at a much higher rate specifically in London. But that’s a bit far from reality. According to research, the prices are uplifting with a factor of 4.9% per year since 1979. Indeed, home values in London have certainly risen to an exceptional level in recent years. According to the Land Registry, prices in Oval have increased by a staggering 938 percent since 1995. This means a property that cost £100,000 during the 1990s  now costs well under £1 million.

Final Words

If you need a mortgage, you’ll need a value survey. You’ll also need to hire an attorney or conveyancer to handle the required documentation and move the estate’s titles into your name, after which you and the seller will exchange legal agreements. Getting your foothold on the UK property ladder is frequently fairly simple if you’re from another nation wanting to invest in London real estate.

As a consequence, it’s crucial to understand how your asset will perform over the year, taking into account all British property taxes. It’s also worth noting that the British government has started imposing a new tax on foreign ownership in UK real estate. Multiple nationalities or property in both the UK and your native country may result in more complex taxation.

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