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Private Desert Safari Dubai – Luxury is Everywhere

Don’t want to miss the city glitz even at the nomadic place? We’ve got you covered because here we are about to mention how you can account for hotel-like luxuries at desert safari Dubai keeping the Arabian tradition alive.

The amenities at private desert safari Dubai await you whether you want to arrange a grand celebration, or just want to indulge in the sand activities in extravagance fashion. A private tour to desert safari is a great deal for families and a large group of friends who want all the perks and benefits of being together with a separate protocol. Discover what a private desert safari Dubai offers keeping all the fun and entertainment top-notch.

What Luxuries a VIP Desert Safari Dubai Offers

A Luxury Pick And Drop


Usually, a private desert safari Dubai tour begins in the afternoons and goes on till night entertainment sessions and dinner. The professional drivers make a quick pickup from your residential place or hotel in a 4X4 luxury car, say a land cruiser, which is an air-conditioned vehicle with comfortable seatings for 6 to 7.

Watch the first glimpse of the spellbound conservation land and continue flabbergasting at it till a minimum span of six hours. The VIP desert safari ends with a similar kind of comforting drop-off.

Extended Time For Dune Bashing


Dune bashing is the most opted sand sport of all the sand activities at a desert safari in Dubai. If you love the thrill and don’t want it to limit to a 15 minutes ride, go for a private safari tour which allows you to enjoy dune bashing for up to 30 to 40 minutes. Or you can simply book a private landrover or other luxury dune bashing vehicle like a Toyota land cruiser to unwind the door to a blast on dunes.

Hummer is another great means of crossing the high Arabian dunes with complete safety and buoyancy. Enjoy rolling over the top-heavy crest and troughs of the sand sea while capturing the dusty leftovers in the air.


Private Bedouin Camps


Chase the lifestyle of folk Arabs in the Bedouin-style camps telling their preserved stories. The royal camps are set to provide the VIP guests with privacy, comfort, and a touch amalgamated rural and urban style. Being on barren land is arduous just in fiction now.

Here in Dubai, the hosts will accompany you to fully-fledged camps instilled with air conditions, comfortable couches, and supreme ambience reflecting majestic Arabian tradition. Enjoy an insight into the regal lifestyle of old Arabs by having a stay in the private Bedouin camps which are a perfect caravansary for families. 


Other Enthralling Sand Sports


The dunes of Arabia are known for their jerky sand sports. Indulge in other enthralling sand sports like ATV biking and sandboarding. In a private tour, you’ll be offered a 30 minutes quad bike ride and unlimited sandboarding. -Quad bikes are wide, tired SUVs that are made for thrill lovers who want to get their hands on the thrilling vehicle solely.

You’ll get a set of instructions. -Surfing over the sandboard is total madness, like the surfer is celebrating his presence on the dunes. It’s not only fun-filled sand activity but also safe which you can enjoy free and without any time boundaries in a private desert safari in Dubai.

Camel And Horse Riding

Camels are the symbol of the sovereignty of ancient Arabs. If you want to explore the dunes far and wide, we suggest you opt for a camel ride. Discover the enticing golden dunes of Dubai and soak up the dreamy ambience of a desert’s farthest limit on a camel ride. Like sand boarding, camel ride is also free and unlimited in a private tour.

On the other hand, setting your pace with the gallop of horses is another adventure this golden barren offers. You can take silhouettes while riding on the horseback, make it run at the fastest pace to enjoy the kinetic speeds crossing high dunes. Horseriding is equally enthralling as that of other sand activities and also a heritage jockey.  

Insight into Arabian Culture

The window to explore the Arabian culture by the closest perspective is built nowhere else but in desert safari Dubai. Here, you get to live like bedouins but through a modern age frame. People who love exploring the art and culture of different attractions would love to get inspired by the entertainment resources at desert safari.

Beautiful Henna imprinting is quite attractive to women. Also, people enjoy dressing up as Arabs and celebrating them by photography. Sitting in Arabian Majlis and listening to folk stories while smoking shisha also converges a trance over you. Another heritage preserve of the Arabian culture is falconry in which you get a chance to take a click with the national bird -falcon and know about how Arabs used to hunt their prey by training falcons.

Live Shows and Eatery


Enjoy limitless fun as the sun sets and the stage of entertainment grabs attention. The cultural live shows at desert safari are so overwhelming and keep the power to stay in the long-term memory. Stepping out of your private camp to the cultural shows like the mystical Tanoura dance, energetic fire show, and jaw-dropping belly dance, is fascinating.

Take the heavenly bites of the best veg and non-veg cuisines that await you on the buffet after a tiring day full of sand activities. You unlock unlimited access to lots of refreshing drinks by opting for a premium desert safari i.e. a private accommodation. The available free beverages are Arabian coffee, tea, juices, and soft drinks. Take the greatest advantage of a divine eatery served on your private table in a VIP desert safari.


Private camping at desert safari is boundless of any limits like running late or paying extra. Just pick the activities of your choice and you are covered. Desert Safari Dubai is a paradise for every sort of traveller and a private tour to this magical land multiplies the adventure ten folds.


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