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Post Graduate Medical Education In Germany

Post Graduate Medical Education In Germany

Thinking about doing post-graduation after MBBS. Hence, it’s always a worry point for Indian doctors. or they are looking for alternatives solutions. Therefore, they have to decide to pursue PG Medical, you can also choose to complete post-graduate Medical Education In Germany. You can choose to study MD / MS to settle down in Germany one of the most popular places for completing Pg, Post Graduate Medical Education In Germany

Pg Medical In Germany after MBBS is one of the most popular options overseas. Therefore, PG medical is complex. There are many Indians who are pursuing in Germany they choose a PG medical in Germany. Hence, all people are trying their best to crack  AIPGMEE / NEET-PG. Therefore, they are trying their best to complete their PG medical in Germany

You will face some challenges in order to become MD in Germany after completing your MBBS. Hence, you cant directly for education. Still, you should get in touch with an experienced, authentic, and knowledgeable overseas education consultant. He will fulfill your needs well. the steps are easy and well-defined PG medicine takes 2 years to complete in Germany and it ultimately gives an opportunity for completing PG in Germany.

German System for Medical PG in Germany

In Germany, you will be learning or completing your MBBS course completely free of tuition fees or with the lowest tuition fees However the roadmap to complete your Medical PG in Ger many is handled by the German medical council entire roadmap to Post Graduate medicine is simple & smooth only if already studied bachelor level in a medical university in Germany. and if your planning to complete MD directly after MBBS it may be challenging for you in terms of theory and language

There are two ways to pursue PG in medicine in Germany.

Preferred Roadmap for Medical PG in Germany

The doctor will need to depart in Germany 6-8 months prior. After all, during this period they can clear the level of language understanding A1 and A2 level of the German language.

  • Learn the German language Online for A1 and A2 levels for Free.
  • In order to join a medical course. Hence, you will need to get an approved admission letter from the government of language. After all, it is to confirm that you have learned the German language.
  • You must have to Study the up to C1 level German language in Germany.
  • You will need to get a confirmed observership from a german hospital. With that should be approved by the German Medical Council to attempt Medical PG in Germany and that will be only for 1 month only, and if required it may be extended by 6 months
  • Well you will need to go through the “Approbation System” it means you will have to register yourself with a german medical practitioner and that should be with German Medical licensing authorities.

once your observership is approved. After that, you must manage your residency on your own immediately and you should also have a completion of the “Approbation” application (Licensing) since now you have completed your 1 year of the master’s course now the students are eligible for 18 months of work search permitted buy don’t forget about residency you must find a residency there before you go there

  • achieve a good level of language proficiency.
  • You will need an observership letter which you got for PG medical
  • You would have to pass the Kenntnisprüfung exam (Noncompetitive).
Another Way For Medical Pg In Germany

There will be few advantages left. After all, if you take an alternative roadmap for your 1 year Masters’s degree in healthcare. You can even learn for TELC B2 And C1 level language program during this period (It is an updated program from MPH – Masters in Public Health since the financial and accounting sector to run a hospital is also taught). This roadmap gives them great contender as well as provides an opening for them to live connected with various hospitals.

Alternative Roadmap Steps

Therefore for Medical PG in Germany in the first 2 years

  • Learn A1 language level (preferably A2) in India allowing yourself to appeal for Visa.
  • 1 year Masters (If you are sure to learn the language) /
  • 2 year MBA in Healthcare Management (only if you need or want more time in medical study).
  • You will have to learn the German language up to C1 to for learning in german For PG in medicine
  • as per German Medical Council Observership in a German hospital
  • You will have to convert your temporary license for that you will have to get an Approbation Application to convert the temporary license to a permanent German medical license providing you to avail of the residency for MD / MS.
  • The residency period is something like 3 years on a minimum basis. After that, for a maximum its 5.5 years (for Neurosurgery).your stipend can be affected by this EUR 2,300 per month (Around Rs. 1.80 Lac) it is paid to the Indian doctors who are pursuing residency or clinical PG in Germany. After that, you will also have to look for residency and that may cost you around EU 700 saving almost. Therefore, the learner saves around Rs. 15 Lacs per year throughout the period of residency.

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