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Possibility & Method for a Drywall Compound storage

Anyone who has ever used drywall compound for installation of drywall can relate to this question. That’s because it’s virtually impossible to install all of the drywall sheets in one go. You have to store the compound for a few hours at the least.

Some homeowners are die-hard home improvement veterans. They like to keep the compound for months or years for emergency repairs. Technically, you can store it for a long time provided that you are following the right method of storage.

Whether you need the compound for the drywall installation in  parts of your home or need it for fixing cracks and fissures in the wall, understanding the basic composition is a good starting point Read along to know more about the composition and shelf life.

Composition of Drywall Compound

Gypsum, also known as hydrated calcium sulfate and limestone are two main components of the compound. Other ingredients include mica, perlite, starch, and needle-like crystals of magnesium-aluminum silicate.

Some versions also include a vinyl polymer to improve the smoothness of the product. Installation of drywall generally requires three types of compounds. The taping compound is a heavy-duty mixture of clay and limestone so it dries up sooner than other varieties and hence needs careful packing.

The topping compound has a higher concentration of talc and vinyl polymer making it a perfect finishing product. Also it has a longer shelf life. Whereas hot mud is mainly composed of gypsum and can only be stored in powder form.

What Is the Average Shelf Life of a Drywall Compound?

Most of the manufacturers give a warranty time for all of the joint compounds. As time passes the mixture starts to lose its strength and potency.  The typical shelf life for wet compounds is nine months to one year as long as the product is stored in the right conditions. As far as dry compounds, they typically last over a year.

How Can You Store It for A Long Time?

You can make the products last for a long time by following these simple rules.

  • After drywall installation, make sure the container is completely airtight for later use. Store the packets of dry mixes in waterproof bags and store them in airtight containers.
  • Wet compounds or pre-mixed products have the consistency of peanut butter and come in buckets. Keep the lid airtight otherwise, the drywall dries up over time. Once it dries, there is no effective way to bring it back to the same useful consistency.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Any mixed and stored drywall compounds cannot be allowed to freeze. When the mixture freezes, it hardens into a solid and can never be restored. Even a single freeze and thaw cycle can render the warranty null and void making it unsafe for the installation of drywall.
  • Dry compounds are not affected by freezing temperatures.

So, if you want to store a pre-mixed compound for long, keep it airtight and never let it freeze.

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